Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Evidence Malkin Crew Set-up Alex Jones

Calling into his nationally syndicated radio show today from the DNC in Denver, Alex Jones provided more evidence that Michelle Malkin and her dirty tricks crew attempted to set-up him up. Alex revealed that he has video footage documenting the set-up and this will be made public upon his return from Denver.

Malkin and company leave the scene on August 25. Note the "photographer"
wearing a white ball cap at the left.

As we reported yesterday, several people associated with Malkin and apparently taking orders from her people attempted to claim Alex threatened the neocon blogger by chanting “Kill Malkin,” a lie parroted by neocon bloggers. As it turns out, two individuals not associated with Alex Jones, described as “frat boys,” were responsible for making the threatening comment and then attempted to claim Alex made the comment. Several videos of the confrontation provide conclusive evidence that Alex did not make the comment. Fox News commentator John Gibson tried to claim Alex had “mind controlled” the crowd into calling for the murder of Malkin.

Additional video shows a man associated with Malkin, posing as a photographer, telling the police that Alex had threatened her. On the following day, this man, wearing a white ball cap he wore the day before, was confronted on camera over his participation in the orchestrated event. He quickly went over and talked with the police and was caught on video leaving with two cops mounted on bicycles.

As the photo here shows, Malkin left the scene with her body guard, who bumped Alex during the confrontation, and the photographer in the white ball cap. The photo was posted on the Face the State website. “Instigated by Alex Jones, a Texas conspiracy theorist and radio show host, a crowd quickly swarmed around Malkin after she was discovered taking photos of the event,” FTS staff claims. “As the crowd of agitators grew in numbers, at one point up to approximately 25, Malkin began to move her way out of the mob and fled to her car for safety.” In fact, she “fled” because she was unable to debate the fact she has called for putting Americans in concentration camps.


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