Saturday, August 30, 2008

DNC Cops Refuse To Stand Down After Ordered To Threaten Iraq War Vets

If you're like most Americans who watch one of the mainstream media channels for coverage of the DNC, you'll be hard pressed to see fair coverage of the anti-war protesters. Thanks to the Internet, we are no longer limited in our ability to learn the facts.

Enter IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) - A group of our service men and women dedicated to bringing our families home from this illegal war. Their presence at the DNC was met with hostility by baton wielding police that also could very well be war vets.

What do you get when peaceful war veterans are surrounded by police with tear gas weapons, shields and batons? Well to most, the death of liberty. Liberty isn't a big deal to the Zombies of America, so long as they drive a car, talk on a cell phone, and watch reality TV...

The real question is, why did these police show up to harass war vets in the first place? For taking a stroll outside of the communist free speech zone? The police should be ashamed of themselves for not refusing to execute orders. Where is the common sense now a days?

Those who ordered these stormtroopers to corner Iraq war vets exercising their first amendment right, should be removed from their position of power. A disturbing trend has emerged out of 911 where those who bare responsibility for disaster are promoted and never reprimanded, even when people have lost their lives.



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