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Sarah Palin 9/11 truther controversy makes hypocrite of Glenn Beck

Sarah Palin 9/11 truther controversy explodes days after Texas Gubernatorial hopeful Debra Medina outcast as ‘pariah candidate’ for 9/11 comments

Days after Debra Medina’s rising bid for Texas Governor was stung by controversy over comments about 9/11 on the Glenn Beck Show, it has emerged that former Vice Presidential candidate and “Tea Party’ darling Sarah Palin has done her one better– stating her support for a new 9/11 investigation just before the 2008 election, and going far beyond Medina’s mild statement.

Yet, it isn’t the audacity to admit there are remaining questions about 9/11 when scientific polls have found that 84% of Americans do not believe the official story and at least six of the 9/11 commissioners think their own report is flawed, or worse. Instead, it is the hypocrisy of Glenn Beck and the media cretins who followed his lead in dismissing and defaming Medina outright for not immediately belittling 9/11 truthers while ignoring similar statements by GOP darling Sarah Palin.


The Statesman reported that Glenn Beck even grilled Medina on whether or not she would ‘disavow’ any advisers known to hold certain beliefs about 9/11. Medina responded. “I’m certainly not into mind control or thought-policing people.”

Furthermore, Medina’s GOP challengers– incumbent Rick Perry and Sen. Hutchison blasted her in the media within mere minutes of her 9/11 comments. Surely, they were fearful of Debra Medina’s sharp rise in the polls, and seized on the opportunity to harm her politically.

Sitting Governor Perry, who was endorsed by Sarah Palin during a recent stump appearance at the Texas capitol, stated that Medina’s comments were an “insult”:
“Today’s comments were an insult to the thousands of Americans who lost loved ones on Sept. 11 and the military men and women who are overseas protecting our country. President Bush worked tirelessly to protect our nation from additional terrorist attacks and anyone who would suggest Sept. 11 is a conspiracy involving the Bush administration should be ashamed.”
Will Gov. Rick Perry also rebuke Sarah Palin, his top endorsement, for her potentially “insulting” statement? It is doubtful, and until he does, arguably hypocritical.

Further, Medina is not the only gubernatorial candidate to question the events of 9/11. Democrat Farouk Shami went quite a bit further than anything Medina had said when he stated:
“People have talked about it. Professors have written books about it. People overseas talk about it. Whenever I go overseas, people ask me these questions about it. Why are we questioned about it? Do they know something we don’t know, the public? But you know, look, we still don’t know who killed JFK– whose behind it, let’s put it that way. Would we ever find the truth about 9/11? That’s a very dangerous subject to get into, you know? So it’s hard to make judgement. I’m not saying yes or no. Because I don’t know the truth.”
Yet no fuss is made about these individuals. Debra Medina is attacked, however, because she truly is a threat to the political establishment. Perry, Hutchison, Beck and others pretend to want limited government, pretend to defend the 2nd Amendment and property rights, but really support new taxes, look the other way at corporate looting and otherwise refuse to stand for true Texas sovereignty and the rights of individuals. When Medina proves that she really will change things and challenge undue Federal powers, she is attacked and cast aside as a pariah.


Glenn Beck, who has stated that he “hates the 9/11 victims’ families” for asking questions, who has called 9/11 truthers “dangerous anarchists”, who has called Ron Paul and his supporters ‘domestic terrorists’, has gone out of his way to politically assassinate anyone even loosely affiliated with questioning the official government account of September 11. Now that Beck has underhandedly tried to sabotage Debra Medina, will he also call out fellow FOX News personality Sarah Palin for daring to broach the subject that makes him come unglued?

And, if Debra Medina is guilty of association with 9/11 truth, Sarah Palin is by definition more guilty. She has stated support for an all-out new investigation of 9/11 (the valhalla of the 9/11 truth movement) All the more threatening because Beck and Gov. Perry have already branded themselves with Palin- agast, a truther in disguise?.

After all, Glenn Beck went so far as to say that Medina’s comments about 9/11 not only urged him to ‘cross her off the list’ but constitute to make her a “Flat Earther.” Yes, Glenn Beck made an astounding appeal on his Feb. 16th program about the 9/11 truth “takeover” of the Tea Party movement. He referred to Debra Medina as a “flat earther” and implied that she, like once White House Czar Van Jones, is somehow a cryptic-9/11 truther who holds her beliefs in secret while attempting to infiltrate the halls of government.

This, Glenn Beck deduces, in an air reminiscent of McCarthy and HUAC, is why he felt the need to flush out Medina’s true attitudes via a surprise question on Sept. 11 orthodoxy. Since when did TV pundits decide what people are allowed to think, anyway? Beck “The Inquisitor” made an example out of Debra Medina and– in true Orwellian fashion– put his boot down firmly, demanding that those ‘dangerous truthers’ be purged or damned.

He then lectures on why the NY Times is linking the Tea Party with “violence.” Why? Because of 9/11 Truthers who have ‘infilitrated’ the Tea Party he pretends to speak for.

Despite what Beck has alleged, the 9/11 Truth movement is committed to non-violence. The only danger posed is in the questions it has raised.

Actually, the Tea Parties of the last decade were first those of 9/11 Truth, then Ron Paul, and only after the election of Barack Obama, hijacked by the Republican Party and FOX News as a vehicle for a party resurgence.

By contrast, Glenn Beck gave Sarah Palin a worshipful welcome to the FOX Network only weeks ago, embarrassingly comparing her to George Washington, reading aloud his diary entry anticipating their interview together, putting her on the “most admired list” and otherwise urging her to be a ‘reluctant’ candidate in 2012. (See below or Jon Stewart’s lambast of the awkward interview)

But do not despair. Debra Medina has not lost her potency in the race for Governor. It is precisely because of her unforeseen quickening in the polls that the establishment media and candidates raced to shut down a viable candidate that stood for true issues. Her campaign dies only if you let it. They are afraid of a true Constitutional office holder; don’t let attack dogs like Beck practice duplicity– writing off Medina for 9/11 and praising Palin in spite of it. Let Glenn Beck know that the thought police will not tell us what to think or how to vote.

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Chris Matthews Mimics Glenn Beck’s Talking Points

Proving once again that the left-right paradigm is completely phony and that the real battle is between the establishment and the people, MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who admits that he analyzes politics “from a Marxist perspective” and whose idol is Communist ideologue Saul Alinsky, echoed the exact same talking points about Debra Medina that were uttered during Glenn Beck’s attempted character assassination on the Texas gubernatorial candidate last week.

While Glenn Beck poses as a populist conservative and Matthews as a liberal, they share the exact same attack dog ambush journalism tactics and smear campaign methods in service of their corporate media bosses.

The fact that Beck and Matthews, while claiming to come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, sound almost identical, proves that they are both establishment frauds whose job it is to target real Constitutionalist leaders like Debra Medina, who is being attacked as a consequence of a neo-con dirty tricks campaign at the behest of Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry.

During an interview segment with Tea Party activist and Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack on his MSNBC Hardball show yesterday, Matthews made a transparent effort to ape Beck’s 9/11 truther ambush when he asked Mack, “You‘re backing this woman Debra Medina in Texas for governor. Fine. She‘s something of a—she‘s something of a truther. Are you? Are you a truther?”

Mack responded by saying no, but that he had talked with Medina about 9/11 truth and later told Matthews that he too had questions about the official story.

“She just gave the speech the other day. She just gave the speech,” sniped Matthews. “I‘m sorry, sir. We have the tape. We will play it again tonight. She gave a speech the other day saying that she wants to know what happened on 9/11, whether the government was involved. She thinks that‘s a fair question.”

“Do you think there‘s a question about whether the federal government blew up those buildings? Is that an open question to you?” Matthews barked, clearly trying to ambush Mack by shouting over him and then accusing him of “talking like a politician”.

Matthews relentlessly pursued the ambush, “I‘m asking you a yes-or-no question. Is there an open question whether the federal government had something to do with 9/11? Is that an open question to you?”

Mack reminded Matthews that he wasn’t on the show to talk about 9/11, clearly illustrating that Matthews had merely thrown in the topic in a desperate attempt to mimic Glenn Beck’s smear on Medina.

Mack later told Matthews that Beck was out of line and owed Medina an apology.

The transcript of the interview can be read here.

Matthews’ pathetic attempt to regurgitate Fox News and Glenn Beck talking points about Debra Medina and 9/11 truthers gives us a clear insight into how the establishment coordinates its smear campaigns, as well as acting as a startling reminder that there is no difference between the establishment left and the establishment right – both employ the exact same tactics in their efforts to marginalize, discredit and tarnish the reputation of the real grass roots liberty movement.

Glenn Beck’s portrayal of Medina as a nut job merely for saying Americans have a right to question 9/11 has blown up in his face after it was revealed that Beck ally and Rick Perry advocate Sarah Palin went even further than Medina back in 2008 when she called for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. In addition, Beck himself said that people had a right and a responsibility to ask questions about their government during an episode of his show last September and even asked some of his own about 9/11, proving that he is a total hypocrite for grilling Medina about making similar comments.

Beck and Matthews are not only parroting each other’s talking points, they are both attempting to prop up the crumbling edifice of the mainstream media’s delusion that it can still dictate reality by lecturing us that merely questioning the official 9/11 story is an indication of mental instability, when the vast majority of American citizens, along with six of the ten 9/11 Commissioners themselves, do not believe the government’s version of events.


Is Biden’s Terror Attack Warning Related to a Possible Assassination Attempt on Obama?

VP Joe Biden is not worried about a concerted al-Qaeda attack against the United States. He is concerned about a lone individual. “Am I less worried about an attack? No, I’m worried. Am I less worried about a catastrophic event? Yes,” Biden told CBS News.

“We have made more progress in dismantling the hierarchy of Al-Qaeda central. … and evidence of that is, now they’re going to lone bombers as the means to get there. … I’m more worried about, and harder to detect, and I’m very concerned about a terrorist attack in the United States along the lines of the ‘Christmas Day bomber.’ You get a disgruntled student, someone who has some relationship with the United States who is — able to be recruited quickly, able to be indoctrinated quickly. And they say, basically, ‘Here’s a bomb. Go do it,’ as opposed to the kind of planning that’s needed to pull off — a very complicated 9/11,” explained Biden.

Earlier this month, top intelligence officials in the U.S. warned al-Qaeda will attack within three to six months. “Al Qaeda remains a significant threat to the U.S., the officials said, and the group’s recent evolution in tactics includes dispatching individuals who can enter the U.S. without arousing suspicion, such as the man accused of attempting the Christmas Day attack,” The Wall Street Journal reported on February 3, 2010.

MI5, infamous for creating terrorists and would-be terrorist patsies, knew Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was connected to so-called Islamic terrorists in Britain.

It is said U.S. officials did not know about the underwear bomber until he was on the plane and en route to Detroit. “U.S. border security officials learned of the alleged extremist links of the suspect in the Christmas Day jetliner bombing attempt as he was airborne from Amsterdam to Detroit and had decided to question him when he landed,” The Los Angeles Times reported on January 7, 2010.

In fact, not only did the U.S. know about an impending terror attack, it had specific details. “The US was aware that ‘a Nigerian’ in Yemen was being prepared for a terrorist attack — weeks before an attempted bombing on a US plane,” the BBC reported on December 30, 2010.

In addition, an Israeli company allowed Abdulmutallab to board the plane. “A Haaretz investigation has learned that the security officers and their supervisor should have suspected the passenger,” the Israeli newspaper reported on January 10, 2010.

The Israeli company, ICTS, also allowed the dim-witted shoe bomber, Richard Reid, to board a plane and handled security at Logan International Airport, from which two of the supposed 9-11 hijacked planes departed.

Coincidence? Ineptitude? Or a covert intelligence operation?

Earlier this week, Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson warned that Obama may be the target of a staged false flag assassination attempt that will be blamed on either the “extreme” right or left, in order to silence dissent in America and blackmail Obama into launching a military assault on Iran.

The corporate media, Watson points out, and its operatives like Glenn Beck on the phony right-wing side and establishment liberals on the phony left were busy manufacturing ready-made patsies upon which the false flag would be blamed.

Beck has said al-Qaeda will “work with anybody” in order to attack America, including white supremacists and 9/11 truthers (see video below). Beck has consistently characterizes the 9/11 truth movement as a dire threat to the United States. He claims truthers are ensconced in the White House and will attack Obama.

It remains to be seen if Joe Biden’s warning is merely more hyper-inflated propaganda and terror attack mongering for political purposes. It is worth noting that he believes the next attack will be carried out by a lone wolf and not al-CIA-duh proper.

Recall Biden’s hysterical warning during the election that Obama would be tested by an international crisis within six months of becoming president. “Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he’s going to need help . . . to stand with him. Because it’s not going to be apparent initially; it’s not going to be apparent that we’re right.”

No such international crisis occurred within Biden’s time-frame.


Neo-Con Hierarchy Launches Dirty Tricks Campaign Against Real Constitutionalists

A prominent insider has told Infowars that Texas Governor Rick Perry [left] and other establishment neo-cons have decided to deliberately target grass roots constitutionalists with dirty tricks campaigns in an effort to derail and hijack the growing liberty movement whose influence is threatening to blow the Texas gubernatorial race wide open.

Our office was contacted by a national personality, a household name, who told us that they were in a green room at a national public event a few weeks ago with Rick Perry. The individual was shocked when Perry said directly that there were three people who ‘got under his skin’ and who ‘had to be dealt with’ immediately.

One – Debra Medina, two – Alex Jones, and three – Ron Paul.

Perry told the individual that these three people had to be targeted and stopped in order for the Republican establishment to shut down any real voices of opposition that were threatening to have an influence on the Tea Party movement, which has been blatantly hijacked by the neo-cons in recent months.

Perry made it clear that these individuals and their supporters were the number one target of the neo-con hierarchy because the grass roots was threatening to regain control of the Tea Party movement that was first created by Ron Paul supporters back in 2007, but has since been hijacked by the Republicans.

The insider expressed their shock that Perry would be so open with his comments, suspecting that Perry must have considered the individual to be a fellow neo-con. The insider’s deep concern about what was said prompted them to contact our office.

Perry made the comments just a couple of weeks before gubernatorial challenger Debra Medina, the only true constitutionalist running for Governorship in Texas, was set-up by Fox News’ Glenn Beck, after the duplicitous talk show host smeared Medina and generated a fake controversy merely for saying that people should be free to question the official 9/11 story, a view shared by the vast majority of Americans.

Perry, who was subsequently celebrated by Beck as the only remaining credible candidate after the smear attack on Medina, must have been in on the ploy. Within an hour of her appearance on the Glenn Beck radio show, Texas residents told the Austin-American Statesmen that they had received robo-calls on behalf of the Perry campaign demonizing Medina as an unstable “9/11 truther,” echoing Beck’s manufactured talking point aired just an hour earlier.

There can no longer be any doubt that the RNC establishment is running a targeted smear campaign against real grass roots conservatives and libertarians because they are terrified that such individuals will be able to steer the Tea Party movement in a genuine national revolt against big government, thereby massively diminishing the power of establishment Republicans.

This dirty tricks campaign is most likely being steered by Karl Rove, master Republican political strategist and former Rick Perry campaign manager. Rove cut his teeth in Texas, using his “uncanny ability to manipulate federal prosecutors into going after the officeholder his client was trying to unseat,” reports Harper’s Magazine writer Scott Horton.

Horton reveals how Rove, in his capacity as Perry’s campaign manager for the powerful Texas office of Commissioner of Agriculture, eliminated Perry’s political opposition by using his influence to launch aggressive criminal investigations into their past and then hyping allegations of misconduct in the media.

Rove is a kingpin of smear and dirty tricks campaigns, and his fingerprints are all over this latest assault.

We now have confirmation of everything we have been witnessing from the likes of Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and even establishment leftists like Chris Matthews, who have all been echoing the same talking points about grass roots constitutionalists and “9/11 truthers” being terrorists and a threat to the President – this is all part of an orchestrated campaign to target real patriot leaders for character assassination and it is being directed from the highest levels of the Republican power structure.

While Medina and Ron Paul are being attacked from above by the establishment, since this would be too obvious – Alex Jones is constantly being attacked from below by phony patriot groups in a ploy to make the smears look more organic and genuine in their nature.

Ron Paul is setting the example of how the liberty movement can have an impact at the national level, while Medina is showing people that it’s possible to take back control at state level. Alex Jones is setting the example of how Constitutionalists can take back control of the fourth estate, the media.

The burgeoning success of this combination has the establishment running scared, which is why they have resolved to sick attack dog media whores like Glenn Beck on any individual who poses a threat to the controlled left-right paradigm that Beck upholds while marginalizing any real voices of opposition to big government. As we have exhaustively documented, Beck poses as a grass roots libertarian and yet he is a virulent neo-con, constantly hyping an attack on Iran, supporting the bailout and calling for more new taxes.

Beck is following the precise methods laid out by Obama White House regulation czar Cass Sunstein in his 2008 white paper. “Conspiracy theorists,” ie real Constitutionalists and grass roots activists, have been targeted as the number one threat to the power structure and Beck’s job is to neutralize their influence by using a mixture of infiltration, in claiming he is a libertarian yet leading his followers astray on key issues, as well as demonization, by claiming people who question 9/11 are an extremist fringe on both left and right, when in fact they make up no less than 84 per cent of the population.

The revelation that the Republican dirty tricks machine is targeting Constitutionalists as the real threat to their power structure, and the fact that they are using the fake neo-con, the Benedict Arnold of our times, Glenn Beck, as their primary mouthpiece for this assault, speaks volumes about the level of influence the real liberty movement is now having on the body politic in America.

Internally, while the likes of Perry and Beck dismiss the real grass roots as “fringe extremists,” with Beck claiming earlier this week on his show that they make up no more than 10 per cent of the country, their constant attacks illustrate just how worried the neo-cons are about the growing liberty movement, which comprises far more than 10 per cent of politically active Americans.

The phrase “As goes Texas, so goes the U.S.” has never been more appropriate. If Medina were to win the Governorship, Texas would become the bellwether trend setting state and provide massive impetus for the liberty movement to run candidates and win in other states across America. A Medina victory would send a big message to the country and grease the skids for true Constitutionalists to take over state houses, governorships and legislatures nationwide.

A Medina victory would also legitimize the Tea Parties as a true organic movement of the people, and not as an astroturf offshoot of the Republican party, as the neo-con hijacking of the movement has allowed it to be characterized by the establishment media.

A victory for the liberty movement in Texas would also completely derail funding for the North American Union, the Nafta Superhighway, cap and trade measures being enforced at state level, and a whole host of other unconstitutional initiatives that are being pushed by globalist and Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry.

Watch the video below in which Alex Jones explains how Rick Perry, Glenn Beck and the neo-con establishment have resolved to target the true liberty movement as the number one threat to their power structure, as well as how Sarah Palin’s comments on 9/11 expose how the Debra Medina “9/11 truther” controversy was a manufactured hoax.


Why should Americans believe anything coming out of Washington?

Washington is the largest publishing center of war rhetoric and sword rattling the world has ever seen. It eclipse’s even the war rhetoric of The Soviet Union and the U.S. combined during any point in the cold war. Today’s rhetoric is more pronounced than President Kennedy’s Cuban Missile crisis. The rhetoric and threats really do not make any sense when you look at what is being said and the promises that have been broken by this President.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to be the mouthpiece for this verbal diarrhea when she traveled to Doha, Qatar and on to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to make slimly veiled threats and war announcements. She was asked, by reporters, if the U.S. had intentions of attacking Iran where she answered, “NO”. Since she is known for saying the opposite of what is really happening, my feeling is that they do have plans for an invasion without true negotiations and their minds are made up. Statements from The White House have indicated this also. This feeling is also due to interviews with several people, including people close to Obama, who have said that Obama needs to attack Iran to be reelected in 2012.

During the first week in February, the Treasury announced the freezing of assets from an Iranian construction company that is said, by the White House, to being used for weapons of mass destruction. Where have we heard that excuse before? Just before the invasion of Iraq maybe. This again has no basis of fact or evidence.

An Iranian researcher for The Council on Foreign Relations, Ray Takeyh has said, “the revolutionary guards are increasingly represented in all aspects of governance”. This is a statement that I will visit again.

The Council on Foreign Relations is a secret organization that was founded by John D. Rockefeller when The United States Congress would not join the European Council because of concerns over the reduction of National sovereignty of the United States. The same reason a large number of European nations would not join the European Council, which by the way has become the European Union, EU. Showing that those Countries that did not join were right.

Barrack H. Obama has held and this reporter is not sure if he still does or not, hold a seat on the Council on Foreign Relations being appointed by Henry Kissinger.

Takeyh’s statement sounds ominous but when you factor in the fact that U.S. troops are also being used in the United States for operations unrelated to military service. DUI check points and other random duties also unrelated to military service not including natural disasters. These are the kind of beginnings that our founding fathers warned us about including the ability for a military take over of not only the country but it’s people. This would mean that the U.S. is also increasing the military’s representation in aspects of governance. I see little difference in what Iran is doing and what the U.S. Government is doing.

The Obama White House tries to tell the American populace, depending on which day of the week it seems to be, that Iran is the real enemy because they are enriching Uranium. On other days the real enemy is still Al-Qaida, I wish they could decide which is the real enemy. The enemy seems to change depending on what it is that they are trying to promote.

The fact of the matter is that Iran does not have the enrichment capabilities yet, to make weapons grade uranium. Weapons grade enrichment is an enrichment of 90%. They have only recently become able to enrich at all. The medical enrichment is an enrichment level of 20% that they haven’t gotten to yet. These levels would, by all accounts, be used for x-ray machines and other devises that we in America take for granted. Iran, at this point, seems to be interested in improving the lives of their people. If Iran gets to a 50% level then we could start thinking about what their motives are but this could take years yet.

Why did Osama Bin Laden go to The American Hospital in Dubai, when he met with the CIA Middle East section chief during July 4 – 14, 2001? It is because most countries do not have the medical capabilities as American hospitals. It has been reported that Bin Laden had bladder cancer and was receiving treatment as a CIA asset named Tim Osman. At that point in time, Saudi Arabia had already closed his bank accounts and was on their “wanted list” by the Saudi Government and had his passport declared invalid. He could not have traveled on regular commercial flights. We still do not understand how he traveled to Pakistan after treatment.

Iran has not committed any international crimes. Even his rhetoric about Israel is misquoted propaganda published by the Obama Administration. This is a tactic that has shown its self, not only in the Obama White House but a tactic that was used extensively during the Bush White House.

Propaganda is based on truth twisted into LIES with no evidence for a foundation. We see the same principle during sporting events when commercials use fabulous looking women holding whatever is being sold. The idea is that if you buy the product you to can have this fabulous woman also, or be really cool too.

America has been over dosed on lies from Washington to Wall Street to Main Street, and we fall for it every time it seems. Yes, before my eyes were opened, I fell for the game. One day I thought to myself, “Where, in my life, is that girl in the commercial”. I realized she didn’t exist. She was a fabricated image from corporate Wall Street to get me to buy their products.

These lies are nowhere as dangerous as the call to attack and invade Iran. This action could and probably would create a “nuclear war”. The nuclear part would not come from Iran but from the U.S. and they do not seem to care. I believe that the White House does not believe that the American public would have the will to “check the facts” and will just go along with Obama’s plan. The lie here is that it’s not his plan but the Department of Defense’s.

How can I say nuclear war, lets look at the facts. Our military has no problem with using depleted uranium (known as DU rounds) that are fired by our own soldiers in Iraq. These rounds are also stored in the ammunitions depots across the United States where they affect the general public without their knowledge. We know this because Iraq is now considered the most radioactive country in the world, and we dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan. These rounds include everything from small arms, M-16’s, to 50 caliber rounds and everything larger. These same Generals do not even tell our soldiers, most of time, what they are firing. Contaminating not only themselves but also when they come home, their families and offspring they will have. The radiation is held in the reproductive organs of the body with a half-life of 4 billion years. This radiation effect’s a persons DNA and is passed on to their unborn children in defective genes creating much higher than normal birth defects. The long-term effects will be written in the coming years.

If our government will do that to our “HERO SOLDIERS’ and the people of Iraq, then what do we expect towards Iran and their innocent people.

Now, lets look at President Barrack Obama and his promises that were made and carried him into the White House.

The first of which is a promise he made in New Hampshire, which carried throughout the campaign. He said, ”I will have no lobbyists or donors in my White House”. This promise and the next were his cornerstone of the campaign. Lets look at Obama’s white house and see if he has kept that promise.

Rohm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff is the son of the founder of Israel’s Irqun, a militant Zionist terrorist organization that committed acts against Palestine and British targets. In 1946, members of the group bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 people including women and children. This in itself raises questions in my mind about what he is doing in the White House. Rohm Emanuel is a former Wall Street executive, who along with Timothy Geithner engineered the Wall Street bailout that the White House says is 750 billion dollars but several main line news agencies report that it now stands at 30 trillion dollars as of the end of January.

Timothy Geithner was the Chairman of The New York Federal Reserve during the bailout fiasco and was, as mentioned above an engineer of the bailout. He would be considered a lobbyist due to his close connection to financial decisions that were made and his close working relationship with The United States Treasury. Remembering that the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express and chartered as an independent corporation owned by offshore banking interests. Those most closely involved are, The Bank of England, The National Bank of Paris, The Bank of Germany, The Royal Bank of The Netherlands among other lesser banks. These are the banks that received most of YOUR BAILOUT FUNDS from AIG and Goldman Sachs.

Ben Bernanke, Treasury Secretary, former chairman of The Federal Reserve Bank; the following comes from wikipedia:

In a letter to Congress from New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo dated April 23, 2009, Bernanke was mentioned along with former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in allegations of fraud concerning the acquisition of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America. The letter alleged that the extent of the losses at Merrill Lynch were not disclosed to Bank of America by Bernanke and Paulson. When Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis informed Paulson that Bank of America was exiting the merger by invoking the “Materially Adverse Change” clause Paulson immediately called Lewis to a meeting in Washington. At the meeting, which allegedly took place on December 21, 2008, Paulson told Lewis that he and the board would be replaced if they invoked the MAC clause and additionally not to reveal the extent of the losses to shareholders. Paulson stated to Cuomo’s office that he was directed by Bernanke to threaten Lewis in this manner.[45] Congressional hearings into these allegations were conducted on June 25, 2009, with Bernanke testifying that he did not bully Ken Lewis. Under intense questioning by members of Congress, Bernanke said, “I never said anything about firing the board and the management [of Bank of America].” In further testimony, Bernanke said the Fed did nothing illegal or unethical in its efforts to convince Bank of America not to end the merger. Lewis told the panel that authorities expressed “strong views” but said he would not characterize their stance as improper.[46]

AIG bailout

According to a January 26, 2010, column in The Huffington Post, a whistleblower has disclosed documents providing “‘troubling details’ of Bernanke’s role in the AIG bailout”. Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky said on CNBC that he had seen documents which show Bernanke overruled recommendations from his staff in bailing out AIG. The columnist says this raises questions as to whether or not the decision to bail out AIG was necessary. Senators from both parties who support Bernanke say his actions averted worse problems and outweigh whatever responsibility he may have for the financial crisis.[47]

Mark Patterson, appointed by Timothy Geithner as his Chief of Staff, lobbyist for Goldman-Sachs during the TARP and Wall Street Bailout.

Leon Panetta, Director of The CIA, a lobbyist for several Wall Street firms when the bailout was being put into place.

William Lynn, now the #2 person at the Department of Defense, was the lead lobbyist for defense contractor Raytheon, which was a major contractor for the “Super Secret” HAARP Project during the 1990’s and early part of this century.

George Mitchell, the Lobbyist for the Saudi Arabian Royal Family on Capital Hill, now lead Middle East Envoy.

Tom Dashell, Lobbyist to several Health Care firms, now Secretary of Health and Human Services.

With these people in Obama’s White House I do feel that the promise to not have lobbyists and donors there has been broken.

The next promise that was made was to “NOT USE” executive orders to end-run Congress. He made this statement many times and each time was met with thunderous standing ovations. Being a Constitutional Lawyer he is aware of the fact that these are illegal due to the separation of powers between the President and Congress.

He broke that one the day he took office by signing his first of many executive orders sealing his personal records including a somewhat cloudy “birth certificate”. He also sealed his college records and marriage license. Several discrepancies have surfaced about his college records including a report that Barry Soeto (Barrack H. Obama) received “foreign student aid”. A report out of Columbia University says that he wasn’t a graduate assistant on any level.

Obama is on pace to surpass George W. Bush for signing executive orders and the former President signed more executive orders than any other President in history.

Obviously this promise was broken as soon as Obama took office and hasn’t stopped yet. The New York Times reported on February 15th that the White House is formalizing plans for the signing of a number of executive orders in the near future circumventing Congress.

Obama the candidate, promised to get our soldiers out of Iraq, which hasn’t happened and probably won’t. He also promised to reduce the size of the Department of Defense but in his latest budget has increased the size of defense spending to the largest in the nations history, and increased the number of troops in Afghanistan, a direct opposite of the statements that were made during the campaign.

After these broken campaign promises he then committed TREASON by chairing the United Nations Security Council. The first seated President to do so in direct violation of the Constitution’s prohibition on a seated President holding any other office. Confidential informants report that both Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton attended the July 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA. Senator Obama spent a whole day and Senator Clinton a half day. Both in Violation of The Logan Act, which, if prosecuted, would be considered acts of Treason.

After the first year of President Obama tenure, we can see that he has broke most if not all the promises that he made to become president.

I still will ask, “Why should anybody believe anything that Washington says?



End of Empire - Waking Zombie Nations / Psychology, Consciousness and the Egoic Mind

To be fair, this article could just as easily have been called “Waking a Zombie World”. While various people and governments point to the USA as the bad actor in this mess, in fact it has taken dozens of nations to form this conga line to hell and the rest of the world is far from blameless. Nor is America the sole residence of the world’s zombie population. However, since this writer and much of the ZH readership reside in American, we will assume an American (ego) centric focus. My apologies for the delay in posting this article which I had promised some time ago. In my defense, there are hundreds of thick and dusty books on this subject at the local library, proof that it’s not very easy to condense this complex subject into a 10 minute read. In fact, it’s impossible to do so and not even worth trying. While you can break visible light down to its primary colors, it’s actually composed of millions. The same applies to this subject. What I finally decided to do was break it down into separate postings so that the reader could find the courage and stamina to actually read it. Even with the division, be forewarned that this first posting is still a long read.

This article is an effort to understand what’s really going on, why Americans (and the rest of the world) appear to be frozen in place, seemingly helpless and hopeless in the face of incredible corruption and thieving. A quick review of history shows us this isn’t the first time it has happened, though it may be the biggest since the 1930’s. In fact, these types of disasters seem to occur regularly, following a well worn script to its inevitable conclusion. The bad guys escape with the loot while the general population looks on, tails between the legs, hands in pockets and eyes cast down, impotent to the end. Why do we allow ourselves to be used and abused like this? Why are we spectators to our own destruction? While the human condition can’t always be quantified, it can be understood to some extent, but only if we’re willing to peer into some extremely uncomfortable places. My ultimate goal in writing this “End of Empire” series is to promote reflection and understanding. Significant and lasting political and social change will not occur until we elevate our understanding and awareness far above where it is today. I most definitely don’t have all the answers and anyone who claims they do is smoking the good stuff and should share their stash with this formerly long haired hippie. Pass the bong dude.

In this article, I’ll describe how I see myself, the world and the people who live in it. By doing so, the reader will be looking over my shoulder at the workings of the human psyche, or at least my interpretation of the psyche. What you will not find is the consensus view on this subject. For that, all you need do is pop open a standard psychology 101 text book and dive in. The reason I leave the beaten path is simple. The really interesting ideas are usually found way out on the fringe and deep in the weeds. That’s not to say you can’t find “truth” or accurate knowledge within the consensus, just that cutting edge ideas and concepts aren’t tolerated well among the establishment. In my opinion, the established leaders rarely go into areas that aren’t well traveled and seldom stray from their own fields of expertise. Ironically, in a discipline that devotes much ink to the discussion of the ego, the principal players’ egos prevent little more than incremental forward progress. When you’re sipping from government and corporate grants, you don’t often make waves.

Now for the fine print disclaimer. My understanding is ever changing and evolving and I reserve the right to change my opinion before I finish this sentence or this series. The one constant thing in life is change. All I ask of the reader is to read this in its entirety and in the order written. When mucking around in the bushes, it’s very easy to take things out of context when you don’t read the context. The subject is so involved and complex that each paragraph could be expended into 8 more and still not be complete. I ask the reader to consider that I just might have left some things out of this article in the interest of brevity and not because I’m clueless.

Established “facts” are often facts the consensus believes can be or has been proven, which in the field of psychology is usually what the majority believes to be fact. Circular logic is often accepted by the consensus because it substantiates and validates the consensus. We see this in religion, politics, science, finance, in every human behavior. Because of this, it’s impossible to understand ourselves and our world without a fundamental knowledge of psychology and philosophy and the willingness to break the boundaries of accepted thought and leave the pack. From my point of view, only when I began to color (way) outside the lines did I begin to pull together seemingly unconnected ideas and concepts into a bigger, more coherent picture. Psychology helps me understand why we do what we do and philosophy forces me (at least temporarily) to abandon any notions of right or wrong, good and bad, better or worse and see life as it really is. When thinking philosophically, I must leave my biases and prejudices at the door. I use these two tools, along with others, to gain (and hopefully maintain) perspective.

Since I’m not a classically trained psychologist with a consensus belief system, I’m at liberty to explore multiple ideas and concepts that aren’t constrained by a formal ideology or professional field of expertise. From my point of view, I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Instead of herding everything I learn into rigid categories for emotional and intellectual comfort, I try to follow the rabbit wherever it goes. After decades of trying to do things “my way or the highway” I’ve learned the hard way it’s best to navigate life with an open mind and a loosely held belief system, in the same manner one might gently cradle a delicate butterfly rather than desperately clutch a huge sack of potatoes. By doing so, when something doesn’t fit my worldview or belief system, I simply let go and let it mold itself into any shape that’s required to fit the new information. Contrary to what one might think, this doesn’t result in radical changes but rather subtle movements. The key is mental and emotional flexibility and with lots of practice and a healthy dose of courage, it can be as easy as that.

While this process might sound nonsensical, impossible even (“you have to believe something” I’ve been told) it’s actually very easy and quite liberating once you exercise it on a regular basis. Very young children do it every day, until it’s finally conditioned out of them using an extremely effective program of dogmatic repetition and indoctrination administered by our state sponsored training institutions known as the public and private school system. For those children who require additional training, there are 4 more years of intensive focus available for a substantial additional charge. Finally, in those tragic cases where a few unfortunate children refuse to absorb their conditioning, graduate school is offered. Quite frankly, it’s their last and only hope and it’s usually financed with huge loans and paid back in monthly installments, assuming they finally secure gainful employment once released onto an unsuspecting and vulnerable world. These adult children are hopelessly institutionalized and those who survive this level of indoctrination have historically done the most damage to society.

All kidding aside (well, actually I wasn’t kidding) the training I just described is not known to produce an open mind and a flexible belief system. As I continue to work on reversing and repairing a lifetime of damage to my own psyche and spirit, the perspective gained from this flexibility allows me to forcibly move my dominate ego to the back of the bus and away from the controls. I say forcibly because the ego is the original and ultimate control freak, a crisis manger that knows it all and won’t willingly release command. The ego will not go quietly into the night. By corralling the egoic mind, it enables my intellect and awareness to explore areas my ego would normally shield from me. It took me the longest time to realize that what I thought was “me”, my “self”, my conscious mind talking and thinking was often and sometimes exclusively my ego, which is a very constrained and purposely narrow slice of my full consciousness. In essence, I discovered that my ego, that constant companion I’d always assumed was “me”, wasn’t actually “me”. Worse yet, I realized my ego lied to me. As a matter of fact, my ego lied to me all the time, in a very successful attempt to shield me from myself and the world around me.

It appears I really am wearing rose colored glasses, placed there by an hyper vigilant ego perfectly adapted to an environment made dangerous by lions, tigers and bears (oh my) but mostly useless and quite self destructive in a modern world of townhouses and tea parties. While the ego is wonderfully capable of piloting the ship through dangerous shoals and shark infested waters, it is not well suited to the everyday mundane task of cruise ship captain. It is time to extract the (ego) maniac from the pilot house and put him in charge of the bilge pumps. However, you don’t want to remove the ego completely because you need it in a pinch. While the ego will scream and holler at first, (usually manifested in fear and anxiety) it really isn’t comfortable handling delicate cruise ship piloting duties 24/7. Once you negotiate a truce with your ego by assuring your ego you need it during crisis situations, the ego will stay busy rebuilding the bilge pumps and manning the life boats, where it really is much happier. You really don’t want the antisocial and paranoid head of security running the public relations department all the time.

Don’t believe me? Think this is silly? Well, you might be correct, but consider the following. Have you ever experienced a situation where you’re talking to someone, carrying on a somewhat heated conversation (meaning your ego is front and center) and yet at the same time you mentally float off and find yourself watching yourself as you argue with the person? Or something happens and you react instinctively, yet at the same time and in the back of your mind, you’re asking yourself why you’re doing or saying this or that? I’m talking about real time here, not after the fact. Sort of like watching yourself while also being in the “here and now”. This actually happens to many people but rarely do they talk about it publically, for fear of being branded crazy or weird. I suggest that if you’ve never experienced this, it might be because you’ve never tried or you’re more egocentric than some (that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just is what it is) and you might benefit from being aware of it.

To go a little further with this idea (and deeper into the weeds) as I’ve learned to control my dreams (I submit that dreaming is simply a different aspect of consciousness) there are times when I’m in my dream (seeing through my dream eyes in my dream body so to speak) while also watching myself in my dream, in exactly the same manner as described above. But I’ve also experienced (more accurately controlled) the third perspective while dreaming, moving in and out of my dream body at will, disembodied from myself, while at the same time watching me watch my ego in the dream. There are other perspectives as well (out of your dream body and into someone else’s dream body, which I find exhilarating) but I don’t wish to scare off the reader too soon.

I see all this as simply different perspectives or dimensions of the same consciousness. I humorously call this dream state the ultimate expression of me, myself and I (and that guy). While some people get physically and emotionally upset when I discuss this (yes, some people become quite threatened by things like this) if science can rationally discuss string and membrane theory, quantum mechanics and 11 dimensions, I can talk about expanded consciousness. For those readers experiencing a queasy stomach right about now, wondering who this lunatic is, you’re welcome to exit stage right if you like. For those readers who regularly read my comments on ZH, I’ll quote my all time favorite line from the movie “Starman”. “You wanted crazy, you got crazy.” :>)

Circling back, this heightened awareness has many different names in other cultures and (not surprisingly) it’s that place or level one wishes to reach during meditation, Yoga or intense concentration. Many “creative” and “religious” people have reported reaching a heightened state of awareness during moments of greatest inspiration and concentration. (I’ll touch the “religious” third rail in my next article.) This heightened awareness can only be reached by taking the ego out of the driver’s seat and engaging yourself. You, or more accurately your consciousness, can be found in this area of higher awareness, where your true creativity and knowledge is located. This is where you find the more fully formed you, not the everyday ego we all assume is us, which is what is exposed to the world when we’re on automatic pilot. This higher awareness is where your gut instinct resides, the place where problems are sorted out when you “sleep on it”, where you put something in the back of your mind for processing. If you think about it, there are dozens of popular cliché’s we use every day that actually describe a higher level of consciousness. While we kind of, maybe, sort of, accept this as possible, we rarely spend any time attempting to engage this area at will and use this power to our benefit.

Just think, all those wasted years in my late teens and early 20’s taking hallucinogenic drugs and looking for me when I was actually right here all the time. :>) You really can have lots of fun with this if you don’t take yourself too seriously and regularly tickle the funny bone. (I’ll cover more thoroughly the “hallucinogenic drugs” third rail next time.) My little laugh at my own expense actually highlights that most basic and fundamental aspect of being human, the longing or yearning for “meaning” that humans have described for thousands of years. Think of the tens of thousands of books, poems and songs written over the ages describing the search for the meaning and purpose of life. As you might suspect, I have some ideas on the subject but not here, not now. By the way, Microsoft’s “Word” spell check doesn’t like this article. Too many me, myself and I’s (which Word as king narcissist automatically corrects to read “me, me, me”) has Bill Gates’ crowning achievement all worked up.

Anyway, the phenomenon of watching your ego while awake and aware is sometimes called perspective but also has many other names and explanations. The real question is how are you able to do this if “you” are your ego and your ego is “you”? How can you be “you” and also be watching yourself at the same time? It’s almost as if you’re of two minds as the saying goes. In my opinion, the ego is a narrow slice of and a distinct part of your total consciousness (but a part of it none-the-less) something I call my basic self, where my mental reflexes lay, the emotional me, the crisis manager, my reptilian brain for lack of a better term. You can actually train yourself to step back and watch your ego at will, though it can be more difficult during times of stress, when the dominate ego asserts it’s primacy over your consciousness. Interestingly, during deep concentration or during meditation, when I’ve moved the ego into the background and my consciousness forward, I sense there are additional levels of awareness. It’s my understanding that it’s possible for the more highly developed conscious being (shamans, Dali Lama, etc) to “go” much further than I can even conceive of. This is a rabbit hole that’s very deep, endless even, and while I’ll never fully explore it in my lifetime, it’ll be loads of fun trying.

Once you begin to practice this, you find it’s much easier to subvert your ego because you no longer identify yourself with the ego. “You” are not your ego and your ego is not “you”. “You” are the master, the overseer, the conscious being and your ego is your servant, in the same manner your arm is a part of you but not “you”. (Unless of course you’re Peter Seller’s arm in “Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” a wonderfully powerful examination of global insanity created and accepted by the consensus reality.) Interestingly, it appears that for the last six thousand years, the ego has gained more and more control over the human psyche; to the point where today it remains dominate nearly all the time. In fact, there is growing evidence that ancient man didn’t “think” or experience reality in the same way we do today. But since we know of nothing else, of no other way to be, we assume this is normal and natural. My studies indicate it hasn’t always been normal for the ego to be primary, front and center, crowding out our greater awareness, pushing it into the background. (I’ll expand on this in the next article.)

Of course, at times you do want a dominate ego, such as when a car is about to strike you, the ladder is about to fall or someone is waving a gun in your face. You want and need that part of your consciousness to dominate, when any hesitation might kill you. But not when you’re sitting in the board room or on the throne in the bathroom. Servants don’t dominate the master but instead follow the masters bidding. BTW, please don’t get hung up on the word “control” because it’s not about control of the ego as much as understanding, awareness and perspective of the ego and your consciousness.

The next step in understanding your consciousness (once you understand the separation of “you” and your ego) is to understand that, contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no clear division of the conscious mind separated from the unconscious mind, with the ego mixed into the mess. Instead, understand that there is only a totality called consciousness (including the collective consciousness, which will be discussed in the next article) and the ego is constraining your view of your own total consciousness in the same way a massively large but completely dark warehouse might appear to you if all you have is a small flashlight which only illuminates a very small area. Now consider that your ego, which is usually controlling the direction and intensity of the flashlight, is a hyper alert, very frightened and extremely strong child wandering through the pitch black vastness completely alone.

Clearly the child is not in the mood to explore and understand. In fact, the child will deliberately ignore anything that could possibly be threatening, frightening or even confusing. You will be blind to many things because your ego will simply not illuminate it for you. Even if the ego recedes into the background, it still very effectively filters “reality” or “truth” if you’re not aware of the ego and its methods. You can’t see what you don’t know about or what you’re not aware of. (This reminds me of that wonderfully obtuse but factually correct statement by Donald Rumsfeld. “You have your known knowns, your known unknowns and your unknown unknowns.”) Your ego is a crisis manager and is always on high alert and not rational or logical under any circumstances. In fact, the term “rational or logical ego” is the ultimate oxymoron.

The ego’s fight or flight survival instincts, when allowed to be the dominate emotion, is not very well suited to exploration and understanding of the darkened area of your consciousness, which requires curiosity, insight, reflection, sensitivity, etc. However, the ego is very well adapted to deal with crisis, hunger, severe physical stress and so on, making the ego an excellent crisis manager. The ego, which is always on high alert though not always dominate, will “see” things such as scary shapes or movement and “hear” noises that for the most part will be a complete fabrication. Now switch on the overhead flood lights, illuminating the entire warehouse, and suddenly all those previously frightening shapes and sounds turn out to be easily recognizable familiar objects. While I don’t know how to (fully) turn on my mental flood lights, I’m absolutely convinced that if we were able to switch the lights on, we would laugh heartily at our own foolishness and insanity, for it would all make sense once we could see the big picture. We’ve all seen those picture grabs that are nearly impossible to decipher (like a circle with rods radiating outward) until we pull back to see the entire perspective (a Ferris or bicycle wheel) and suddenly it all makes sense.

While I’m a long way from this level of awareness, significant progress can still be realized if I understand that I’m no longer compelled to allow my ego to dominate and distort everything all the time. Just as important, knowing the past is littered with distortions and lies perpetrated by the ego, I must begin the process of re-examination and reflection. In addition, once I understand what the ego is and its role in my existence, I can more easily see through the ego’s distortion and subterfuge. While my ego still throws the occasional temper tantrum in the middle of the supermarket, I’ve learned to recognize the warning signs and not take it personally, pun intended. Even if I’m unable to stop the ego tantrum, I can still quickly escort my ego outside and lock it in the car. Understanding the circumstances that color my perception will go a long way towards dealing with it. The scary monster creeping up behind me is very often my ego.

In truly dysfunctional individuals, where the ego is extremely dominate and in constant tension with the conscious mind, I suspect the ego deliberately sabotages the individual to create crisis after crisis in order to “feel” needed and useful. While the ego might be an excellent crisis manager, once we recognize that the ego sees the world from an extremely narrow point of view, we shouldn’t ever expect the ego to act like a mature adult, applying reason and insight to lessons learned in order to modify future behavior. The ego is the one tiger that will never change its stripes. This might explain why some people seem to be extremely self destructive yet when carefully questioned, report that they’re completely clueless about their behavior.

Understanding the ego and its effect on human behavior helps explain, or at least helps one understand, all kinds of bizarre human behavior. Remember, the ego doesn’t make moral judgments as we understand “moral” to be (right or wrong, just or unjust, good or bad) but simply “sees” the world from its own narrow point of view, that of harm or no harm to itself or to the entire consciousness that it’s a part of. Actually, the ego sees itself as a separate and distinct entity rather than a part of the bigger whole. The ego sees itself as THE captain of the ship and everything else as passengers and cargo that the ego is responsible for. Thus, the ego sees itself as besieged on all sides by danger and oppression, under constant assault and in continuous survival mode. Psychopathic or sociopathic behavior is more understandable when seen through the eyes of the controlling ego. If the ego has completely taken over the conscious being and is continuously and permanently in control, from the point of view of the ego, it’s constantly fighting for its very existence and anything goes. The insanity of the psychopath/sociopath makes perfect sense when you understand that the ego is permanently in the psychopath’s drivers seat.

Circling back to the concept of a lightly held worldview, I’m not actually abandoning everything I know and believe each time I let go. Instead I’m simply changing my perspective. Each time I come face to face with a fact or idea that I might have previously rejected as impossible or unbelievable, instead of meeting it with “no” and rejecting it outright, I can first try “why not”. It requires letting go of my defensive position, my ego, my fight or flight crisis management reflex and trusting that I can emotionally and mentally withstand a shock to my belief system, that the new information is valuable to me rather than threatening. The thing is, once I let go, there is no shock to the system because there’s nothing there to resist. If you don’t “own” your belief system, there is nothing to lose when it must be released for reconditioning. It can be difficult at times to leave the old conditioning behind and it shows when I write “I believe” because those words implies ownership of a belief system. Habits are obvious indications of conditioning.

Think about that old joke, how it’s not the fall that kills you but the sudden stop. By removing the need to withstand assaults to your rigid belief system (because it’s light and flexible and easily released) there’s no sudden stop. It’s as if you’re a screen door, barely affected by the gust of wind passing through. It’s really remarkable how many doors you suddenly find open once you stop pounding on the closed door in front of you and look around. By letting go of the desperate urge (created by the ego) to control or restrict the information flow, suddenly we recognize that no idea or concept can harm us (manifested as fear and anxiety) unless we oppose it. It’s never a question of being able to learn new things; the problem lay with letting go of the old stuff.

This is why children are more easily trained and so impressionable. They’re an open book, with very little old baggage to overcome and plenty of open space to be filled. Worse (and this realization has brought me to tears a few times) we, you and I, our society, are teaching our own children’s ego to be dominate and to control, to lie and to cheat. Because the ego has no mechanism to distinguish between right and wrong, while the higher consciousness might better understand the difference between a “white” lie and full blown deceit, the ego simply sees this incoming information as tools to be used, usually against the consciousness and its human host, your son or daughter.

I’ll never forget the day a few decades back when I was trying to explain to my 4 year old son (to answer his question) the difference between a small lie and a big lie. My son was completely bewildered and I could see it in his eyes. I realized then and there that I was creating my very own Frankenstein’s monster. I was teaching my son how to rationalize and justify and game the system, to accept the conditioning, to be part of the hive mentality. And even when I fought against this insanity, society was more than willing to pick up the slack. While we’re training our child about hot stoves and thin ice, we’re also teaching the ego how to lie, cheat and deceive. As we are (in) forming the child’s consciousness, we are (in) forming the ego. This is a difficult rabbit hole to go down, to recognize that you’re harming your child, but it does deserve serious thought.

Well meaning people have tried to assure me that I was just doing what I thought was best to reinforce and validate their denial (no I wasn’t, I recognized what I was doing but I was too weak, lazy and conditioned to fight my own conditioning all the time) or that if I didn’t teach my child, he would not have been as well adjusted as he obviously was (being well adjusted to a sick and insane society is not a good thing) but I’ve made peace with myself on this matter. Just realize that anyone travelling down this road must deal with this speed bump eventually. However, with regard to learning about yourself and your consciousness, you can be a wide eyed and fearless little child again; open to new ideas and concepts, resilient and adaptable, a dry sponge waiting to be filled with water. It’s a matter of willingness, not ability or intelligence. In fact initially, when you’re first learning this process, thinking often gets in the way because the conditioned egocentric intellectual process is the old rut you’re stuck in and something to be avoided. You don’t want to push yourself into the same rut you’re pushing yourself out of.

I often think of life and our perception of reality as a jigsaw puzzle. There are countless puzzle pieces in front of us and from the moment we’re born (I suggest it starts before birth) we begin assembling the pieces into a coherent picture. While most of the more complex puzzle construction takes place during the training and conditioning phase we call our education, our basic concepts and beliefs are cemented into place by 5 or 6 years of age. Think of the children as Zombies in training. We are conditioned, well before the officially structured conditioning ever begins, to believe that the world (reality) is finite, quantifiable and static. Obviously the consensus view of how the pieces fit together is predetermined by society long before you’re born and very often the pieces don’t fit together very well. Because we trust those around us to know better, we simply accept what we’re told, that the ill fitting pieces are natural and to be expected. As we grow older and develop more independence, while we can clearly see there are pieces left over even when our education is done, we’re assured by society that these pieces are inconsequential, not needed, unimportant and immaterial. And quite frankly, society tends to ostracize those who ask difficult and uncomfortable questions. So as we navigate our lives, when outlier or incompatible information pushes to the top of the froth, we follow our conditioning and compare these stray and orphan pieces against our ever changing list of socially acceptable facts. The vast majority of the time we simply discard them when they don’t fit our view or that of society.

Let’s look at this a little closer. How many times over the past 12 months have you been reading a book, newspaper, magazine, trolling the Internet, listening to a news program, whatever, when something leaps to the center of your attention and immediately prompts a “What the hell” response. Here’s a stray puzzle piece that for whatever reason has been thrust into view. It doesn’t fit anywhere in your personal puzzle but there it is, commanding your attention and demanding resolution. But this piece is “out there” and for some reason you may feel a little uncomfortable, fearful, angry even. While it’s just one little piece of the puzzle, it feels threatening to you. How dare this puzzle piece jump out in front of you and disturb your peaceful day. Or maybe not, maybe you have no feeling either way. But still it doesn’t fit. So what do you do? Do you spend the next 3 hours re-examining your belief system or this puzzle piece in an honest attempt to understand the outlier. Of course you don’t, because the piece doesn’t fit. Out it goes, usually never to be seen again.

I cannot overemphasize how powerful the impulse is for the conditioned person (again, the Zombie) to stay within societies boundaries and discard the outlier puzzle pieces. Interestingly, the type of information (how contrary it is to the consensus opinion of society) is not always the sole or even principal determination used by the person when deciding what to do with it. The credibility of the purveyor of this information is often more important. For example, if the source of the information is suspect, the piece can be (more) easily discarded. However, if the source is extremely credible, the conditioned person faces a crisis of confidence. While they trust the source, the information is very disturbing. The ego sees this emotional stress and conflict as a crisis and struggles mightily to compel the person, through fear and anxiety, to reject the puzzle piece and return to emotional stability. If the person rejects the information, the ego will turn down (but never off) the fear and anxiety.

Even the credibility of the information itself is sometimes immaterial. The person often doesn’t even want to look at it very closely because doing so will simply make the crisis more difficult to deal with. It’s not the information that’s threatening as much as the person’s view of how that information will affect their position in society. If society is telling them that anyone who accepts this information will be rejected or ostracized, the information is downright dangerous to the person. The deeper the conditioning and the more the person has surrendered his identity to society and its conditioning, the deeper the crisis will be. This is the reason why so many people go through life with closed minds, seemingly certain they know precisely what’s right and wrong. In many ways, these people are protecting themselves from emotional crisis, though they would never admit that to themselves or to others because this insight is emotionally threatening. The dog is chasing its tail in a positive feedback loop.

If the leaders of a society wish to manipulate the population (duh) this explains why the leaders (we’re not just talking politicians here) would lie to their citizens, something I’ve repeatedly talked about on ZH. If the person (the conditioned mind) in crisis is confronted with information they desperately wish to reject, but the information or source is extremely credible, the person needs emotional help to discard the information. The ego is pounding on the person in the form of fear and anxiety to drop this hot potato, to resolve the crisis. The person is desperate for emotional cover to relieve their suffering. If they reject the information in order to stop the emotional pain and be accepted in the eyes of society (which is extremely important to the conditioned person) then they must personally reject the information and the source.

But they know deep down (though not always consciously) that they should at least look at the information more closely and quite possibly embrace it. This is what’s causing the crisis, the knowledge that it could be true. The conditioned mind always knows what the “truth” is and this exerts (additional) pressure on the conditioned mind, even if the conditioned mind is not aware of it. The person needs to receive permission to do what they want to do, which is to reject the information in a manner that allows them to relieve the emotional pain (denial will help them feel better about themselves) and still assure them of society’s acceptance. In other words, in this case they wish to reject the info in a personally and socially acceptable manner.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if “society” is not aware of this person’s crisis. It’s all about how the person see’s himself in relation to society. I will stress again that we’re talking about the conditioned mind here, the so called Zombie. People will reject information while alone at home just as quickly as they would in a public setting. To even be in possession (intellectually or physically, it doesn’t matter) of the information is often very threatening. I’m reminded of the Japanese person talking on the outdoor payphone and bowing while talking. In the person’s mind and manner (meaning in the consciousness) the other person is physically there. This is an important dynamic to understand and it helps explain the “phantom limb syndrome” many amputee’s experience. Experiments have shown that when you see a movie of someone lifting their arm, the part of your brain that controls your own arm lights up in the same manner as it does when you actually lift your own arm. The actual electrical impulses that would move the arm are blocked by another part of the brain (I think it’s your consciousness that blocks it) which apparently knows the difference between pictures and “reality”. But your brain doesn’t perceive any difference between the picture and the real thing. I guess this also explains the multibillion dollar pornography business, doesn’t it? :>) Perception is reality, at least to your brain.

When the politician (as the social leader) lies to the conditioned person (a social animal) about the information, the politician has in effect just given the conditioned mind the good housekeeping stamp of approval to do the same. Accepting the lie is good and acceptable to society because Daddy (society’s leader) says so. We’re talking about infantile responses here when examining the conditioned mind. The political leader, the “official” head of the society, has just told the person exactly what they want to hear. Daddy said it’s not true, the source is mistaken, crazy even, ignore that man behind the curtain, Daddy’s the great and mighty OZ. The conditioned mind can now safely reject the information and remain in good graces in society. Since society is willing to accept the lie, the person can do so as well. In effect, it isn’t a lie anymore because society (by way of society’s leaders) says it isn’t a lie. To the person reading this description of the dynamics of this personal and public subterfuge, it sounds incredible, unbelievable even. Yet this insanity goes on all the time, often in very subtle ways. You and I do this but since our ego won’t let us see ourselves clearly, deliberately obscuring our own self deceit and then papering it over with denial (and then denying the denial) we often remain convinced that others may do this but we don’t. But of course we do.

Let me also assure you that these dynamics are thoroughly understood and utilized by private parties (corporate advertising, sales organizations, etc) and government entities. Consider the entire alphabet soup of overt and covert government agencies here, including more and more private contractors doing the dirty work for the government these days. What exactly do you think is going on when you hear the term “psychological operations” and who do you think those “psyops” are being directed towards? Do you remember those mind control “experiments” conducted by the US government in the 50’s and 60’s, which were piggybacking on the work done by the Nazi doctors? (But let’s not go there, that’s on society’s no-no list.) The key for those who wish to manipulate and control the population is to maintain and extend the conditioning of society. I’ll give you one guess what the principal tool is and how this is accomplished. I’ll even give you a hint; the word contains the letters “T” and “V”. I’ll cover this more thoroughly in part 2 when I talk about control mechanisms.

The puzzle piece itself may be perfectly formed and acceptable in another time or place, or with another person, easily taken in and absorbed. But for this conditioned person, here and now, and for whatever reason, it’s discarded. Why? If you wish to overcome your conditioning, what’s wrong with simply seeing it as a stray puzzle piece that doesn’t yet have a home in your worldview or belief system? Rather than trashing it, you can place it back on the table for future reference. It really is that simple once you recognize that you’re creating the problem here, not the puzzle piece. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been able to pick up puzzle pieces months or years later that finally seem to fit, greatly contributing to my personal growth. I’m certain if I’d trashed them, it’s very likely they’d never be available again. This is because the more pieces I discard the deeper I surrender myself to societies conditioning. Each time we discard something, we must force ourselves deeper and deeper into denial in order to live with ourselves. The damage is cumulative and creates a growing dysfunction and neurosis. We must first deny it ever happened and them we must deny we ever denied it ever happened. This level of mental and emotional deceit can back up and needs to be cleared out occasionally or serious psychosis will develop. What happens when the toilet becomes jammed and won’t flush away life’s waste? A crisis is what happens.

As individuals and as a society, we’re growing more emotionally unstable each day. Witness the dramatic increase in school and work shootings & suicides over the past 30 years, to name just one example. Haven’t you ever wondered where this insanity is coming from? Doesn’t a little siren go off in the back of your head every time someone goes “postal”? Our insanity is increasing, which explains a population growing more obese, more dependent on drugs and distraction to make it through each day. It stands to reason then that the most disturbing puzzle pieces, and thus those most likely to be rejected by the conditioned mind, are those that pertain to society itself. To recognize that society’s leaders not only lie to us but may be trying to harm us (something that is obvious to the less condition mind) is nearly unthinkable. Similarly, recognizing that your spouse is sexually abusing your children or your father is molesting the neighborhood children is also extremely difficult to accept. To the conditioned mind, it is literally unimaginable. The ego will throw up a nearly impenetrable barrier to shield the conditioned mind from this information. How many times have you left a bad relationship and said something like “I never saw it coming” or “How could I have been so blind”? Your ego shielded you from the (coming) emotional trauma by blinding you to reality. Everyone else knew for months your spouse was cheating on you. Why didn’t you?

Sadly, this tendency is conditioned into us from birth and builds upon itself in an out-of-control positive feedback loop that acts as a control mechanism. While some might claim this is natural or just human nature to do so, I think just the opposite. I believe that the control mechanisms, the training and conditioning combined with social peer pressure and its positive feedback loop has been so completely assimilated into our very fabric and perception that it has become indistinguishable from reality, thus it is reality and by extension normal or natural. Perception, when fully and unquestionably accepted, is reality. In every sense of the word, we create our own realty on the fly, in real time, simply by the decisions we do or don’t make, the beliefs we maintain, which in turn are filtered by our rigid worldview, which is then reinforced by society and promoted by what I call “bad actors”.

Our rigid worldview is reinforced and encouraged by everything we interact with on a daily basis, enabling us to grow mentally lazy and intellectually stagnant. We’re assured by science that our material world is measurable, quantifiable, consistent and stable. We’ve been assured that most of the secrets of the universe have been teased out and independently confirmed, that matter and energy follow iron clad rules of physics and the few small inconsistencies will soon be worked out, as soon as that fancy new CERN collider in Geneva is fired up and working at full power. So how do we deal with some genuinely strange (scientific) puzzle pieces that are only now becoming widely accepted and that seem to be directly related to consciousness?

For instance, a scientific experiment confirmed that subatomic particles can instantly “communicate” across vast distances. In other words, “communicate” faster than the speed of light. This flies in the face of everything we think we know and breaks every rule we’ve been taught. Or my personal favorite, the now established fact that by simply observing something, we affect it. Matter can’t be accurately measured because it’s changed simply by being observed. When we “observe” something, what we’re really doing is directing our consciousness towards it, bringing the observed into of sphere of awareness. So does this mean our consciousness is a form of energy that can influence or even change other forms of energy (matter is energy in a different form or energy state) thus bringing full circle my constant refrain that perception is reality? If our consciousness is energy, then can it be destroyed (energy and matter are never destroyed, only changed in form or frequency) can it “die” when the human body dies? Clearly this information warrants careful study with an unbiased eye. Or do we just chuck these outliers out the window and sleep better now that we’ve maintained our rigid worldview? Is this a science, physics or consciousness puzzle piece? The rabbit hole really is bottomless when you get up a head of steam.

As much as I would love to believe that there’s a magic pill or a dynamic leader or a puzzle piece of information that would change all of this if only my neighbor would swallow it, vote for it or read it, the inescapable conclusion is that there’s no magic cure in the wings, waiting to be applied to fix what is broken. However, the unraveling has only just begun and I actually possess what I consider to be a realistic expectation that this mess will not completely implode into a seething roiling fireball of destruction. How does it end? I don’t really know but I will hazard a guess sometime down the line. If we’re honest about this, we all want our baubles and trinkets and a good paying job as well. We want everything to change and nothing to change. We want our cake and we want to eat it too.

So where does this leave us? Well, depending upon your point of view, either you’ve just wasted a chuck of your time reading this or your perspective is a little bit broader than it was earlier. As I stated at the beginning, if we’re ever going to understand why we’re frozen in place while our country is carted off piece by piece, we need to throw conventional wisdom out the door and look for alternative explanations. Every time I devote some time examining this question, I find myself falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. One link leads to another which leads to another which leads to another. But I do have some ideas I’d like to share with you next time.

How do you disempower a corrupt system? By empowering yourself.
How do you awaken a sleeping population? By awakening yourself.
How do you heal a toxic society? By healing yourself.

Neil Kramer

I wish to address one housekeeping item. There have been requests for me to include web links in my articles and I’ve made a deliberate and conscious decision not to. If you think about it for a moment, bibliographies, footnotes and web links are all intended to validate and legitimize the writer. All of the ideas and concepts I’ve discussed in this article can easily be found and I urge you to do so. Just be prepared to be snowed under. But I resist leaving a trail of bread crumbs for a number of reasons, one of which is primary and explained below.

There is no doubt in my mind that my biggest and most exciting discoveries and insights came from unexpected clicks of the mouse. More than a few times I’d start an evening of research with a specific subject in mind. But after a few clicks of the mouse, I’d quickly find myself deep in the weeds and far off the beaten path. I would rarely make it back to my original destination and that was just fine with me. If the reader really is interested in exploring further, the journey must be entirely yours and yours alone. I’ve found that when venturing off the beaten path (and I assure you the answers are way off the consensus reality path) it’s best if you find your own way.

My hope is that whatever you learn be yours, from your own hand, your own research, irrefutable in your mind and thus immensely valuable and indispensible to you. The purpose of the journey is not the destination but the journey itself. Each trip is unique and your experience is a product of the path you take. I’ve studied the Masters long enough to see the wisdom in their methods so I’ll simply repeat what they teach. I’ll point you in the right direction but the rest is up to you.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this exploration, coming to a theater near you.



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