Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ron Paul: Sanctions on Iran are an Act of War

Congressman Ron Paul opposes H.R. 2194: Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Grayson calls on American public to ‘Unmask the Fed’

Florida Democrat U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson wants Americans to help him block Congress from confirming the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to his second term unless he hands over documents relating to the bailouts of financial institutions, including the rescue of Bear Stearns.

In the “Unmask the Fed” campaign, Grayson calls on constituents to sign petitions demanding that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke “come clean” before senators re-confirm his appointment to the helm of the Federal Reserve.

Grayson wants access to the Bear Stearns rescue paperwork as well as the details of which financial institutions received $1.2 trillion in bailout money, how much each institution received, and what was promised in return. He’s also seeking Fed documents that discuss the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch merger, transcripts of Open Market Meeting minutes, and the terms and conditions of Fed transactions not reflected in balance sheets from the past three years.

“[T]he Senate should know who got the $2 trillion the Federal Reserve has lent out over the last two years,” the petition reads. “Only then will the Senate be able to judge whether he should keep his job.”

Grayson and Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul sent Sen. Chris Dodd, who chairs the Senate Banking Committee, a letter last week asking him to postpone Bernanke’s re-confirmation hearings until the public has access to more information about the Federal Reserve.

“Without such an understanding, it is impossible to know whether Chairman Bernanke is fit to serve another term and fulfill the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate to ensure price stability and full employment,” the letter to Dodd read.

It continued: “Today, big banks are being bailed out and have a substantially lower cost of capital through an implicit government backstop even as Americans themselves are seeing their pay cut.”

There are separate bills that would authorize an audit of the Federal Reserve that are picking up speed in both the House and the Senate, with bi-partisan support in both chambers. Paul sponsors the House version of that legislation, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is behind the Senate measure.

“The Federal Reserve has got to understand that this money does not belong to the Federal Reserve. It belongs to the American people,” Sanders told Raw Story in an email from his spokesman. “As long as the Federal Reserve is allowed to keep the information on their loans secret, we will never know the true financial condition of the banking system.”



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Schwarzenegger signs ammunition sales bill

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today signed into law a bill that requires buyers of handgun ammunition to leave thumbprints and detailed personal information with registered ammo sellers, as well as put restrictions on online bullet sales.

“Assembly Bill 962 reasonably regulates access to ammunition and improves public safety without placing undue burdens on consumers,” Schwarzenegger said in a letter explaining his decision.

The new restrictions will take effect Feb. 1, 2011.

Authored by Assemblyman Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, the bill bans direct shipping to Californians who buy bullets via mail order or over the Internet.

Instead, any ammo they buy would need to be picked up at a licensed handgun ammunition dealer, similar to the way guns are currently bought and sold.

The bill doesn’t require a waiting period to pick up ammunition as there is when purchasing firearms. All handgun ammunition must be kept behind store counters.

Ammunition that can be used in both pistols and rifles — like the popular .22 caliber round used by target shooters and small game hunters — fall under the new restrictions.

The bill also would require that those purchasing ammunition provide photo ID and a thumbprint.

The information would be kept on file and made available to law enforcement agencies.

Around a dozen gang-plagued cities in California have enacted similar local ordinances, geared to keep gang members from buying ammunition or tracking them down when they do.

De Leon spokesman Dan Reeves has said the local laws have helped police track down 200 criminals who bought handgun ammunition. Some were drug dealers and many had large caches of illegal guns or explosives.

Under the law, anyone who knowingly sells handgun ammunition to a felon would be committing a misdemeanor. The law also would make it a misdemeanor for documented gang members to possess handgun ammunition.

The bill has been criticized by gun rights advocates, online ammunition retailers and Republicans.

John Moffett, a clerk at Jones’ Fort gun store in Redding, said today that the bill will put an extra regulatory hurdle on consumers and ammunition dealers.

“It’s going to be a hassle on both ends,” Moffett said.

Though Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill in 2004, saying the federal government’s attempt at similar legislation proved to be “unworkable and offered no public safety benefit,” the governor today said that De Leon’s bill struck a fair balance between public safety and didn’t put undue burdens on bullet vendors and firearms dealers.



Federal Reserve Exposed on Real Time with Bill Maher

I realize it is HBO, but it is rare to hear anyone discussing the origins and evils of the Federal Reserve on TV. He even mentioned Jekyll Island, which you can read more about here: Kudos to Richard Belzer.


These Are Not Negotiable

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies.”

I would argue that we, like our patriot forebears, have also endured “patient sufferance.” For at least a half-century, we have patiently endured the erosion and abridgment of our freedoms and liberties. We have watched the federal government become an overbearing and meddlesome Nanny State that pokes its nose and sticks its fingers in virtually everything we do. We cannot drive a car, buy a gun, or even flush a toilet without Big Brother’s permission. We are taxed, regulated, and snooped-on from the time we are born to the day we die. And then after we are dead, we are taxed again.

In the same way that Jefferson and Company patiently suffered up until that shot was fired that was heard around the world, we who love freedom today are likewise patiently suffering “a long train of abuses and usurpations.” In fact, I would even dare say that these States United have become a boiling caldron of justifiable frustration and even anger.

Accordingly, it is incumbent upon us to very seriously and thoughtfully examine those principles that we absolutely will never cede or surrender. We have already surrendered much of the freedom that was bequeathed to us by our forefathers. We are now to the point that we must define those principles that form our “line in the sand” and that we will not surrender under any circumstance. Either that, or we must admit to ourselves that there is nothing–no principle, no freedom, no matter how sacred–that we will not surrender to Big Government.

Here, then, are those principles that, to me, must never be surrendered. To surrender these liberties to Big Government would mean to commit idolatry. It would be sacrilege. It would reduce us to slavery. It would destroy our humanity. To surrender these freedoms would mean “absolute Despotism” and would provide moral justification to the proposition that such tyranny be “thrown off.”

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Men without guns are not free men; they are slaves. Men without guns are not citizens; they are subjects. Men without guns have lost the right of self-defense. They have lost the power to defend their families and protect their properties. Men without guns are reduced to the animal kingdom, becoming prey to the Machiavellians among them who would kill them for sport or for their own personal pursuits. As King Jesus plainly ordered, “He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” (Luke 22:36) This we will do–at all costs.

The Right to Own Private Property

Like the right of self-defense, the private ownership of property is a God-given right that is rooted in the Sacred Text. As God told Moses, “Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which thou shalt inherit in the land that the LORD thy God giveth thee to possess it.” (Deut. 19:14)

In fact, the history of Western Civilization is replete with the examples of free men who were determined (even at the cost of their very lives) to defend the right to own property. Without private property rights, men are reduced to serfs and servants. Like chattel, they feed themselves by another’s leave. This we will not do.

The Right to Train and Educate Our Children

Education has never been the responsibility of the State. From time immemorial, education has been the right and responsibility of the family. This, too, has its foundation in the Sacred Volume. “And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (Eph. 6:4)

Therefore, the absolute right of homeshooling or private/parochial/Christian schooling must never be surrendered. Homeschooling, especially, is fundamental to freedom. It is not a coincidence that throughout history, most totalitarian governments forbade parents homeschooling their children. Any government–federal, State, or local–that forbids, or even restricts, the right of parents to homeschool their children has taken upon itself the uniform of a tyrant.

The Freedom of Speech and Worship

Speech and worship are matters of the heart and conscience (Luke 6:45; John 4:24). Only tyrants seek authority over matters of the heart. But, of course, that is what tyrants do: they seek to control men’s thoughts and beliefs.

Hence, the alternative media is essential to liberty: the Internet, short wave radio, as well as independent magazines and periodicals. It is almost superfluous to say that there is no such thing as a free and independent press among the mainstream news media today. In fact, the major media more resembles a propaganda machine than it does a free press.

The same can be said for most of the mainstream churches in America today. They more resemble havens for politically correct, Big-Government ideology than they do bastions of Bible truth. Therefore, home-churches and non-establishment churches are increasingly requisite to a free people.

The Right to Determine One’s Own Healthcare

The marriage of Big Government and Big Medicine has created a healthcare monster. Already, the dispensing of medical treatment is micromanaged by Big Brother in a way that has resulted in skyrocketing costs and inferior care (and in some cases, even death). President Obama’s universal health care initiatives that are sure to come (in one form or another) will only exacerbate an already untenable situation.

Free men and women absolutely have the right to refuse vaccinations for themselves and their children. Forced vaccinations (of any kind) are an assault against the very foundation of freedom. Free men have the right to choose their own physicians, their own hospitals, their own insurance programs, etc. They also have the right to refuse any and all of the above.

God is Creator. He is also Healer (Exodus 15:26). Therefore, how men choose to seek God’s healing is a private matter between them and God. Alternative medicine is a right. Already, our military personnel are used as human guinea pigs to test a variety of drugs and chemicals. Public schools also require forced vaccinations. And now the push is on to force the general population to take the Swine Flu vaccine. At the current pace, it won’t be long until all alternative medicines and treatments will be illegal and the federal government will be America’s doctor. This is not acceptable.

The Right to Life

2000 years of Western Civilization have perpetually reconfirmed that life is a gift of God. Both Biblical and American history repeatedly honor God as the Source and Sustainer of man’s existence. Therefore, evils such as abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia must be vehemently resisted. It is bad enough that any government (especially one such as ours) would legalize abortion, but the concept of FORCED abortion, infanticide, or euthanasia could only be regarded as a despotic attack on life and liberty of the gravest proportion. In fact, under Natural Law, such an attack would remove said government from the protection of Heaven and would place it in a state of war.

The Right to Live as a Free and Independent People

God separated the Nations (Genesis 11). Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that we Americans maintain our independence and national sovereignty. We simply cannot (and will not) allow ourselves to become part of any hemispheric or global union.

There they are: seven freedom-principles that are not negotiable. As Jefferson said, we are “disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable.” But cross these lines and free men must do what free men must do: “throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”



Dem Apparatchik Describes Millions of Americans as Terrorists

BitchIn many ways, Obama receiving the peace prize last week is a non-story. War criminals and other psychopaths like Henry Kissinger routinely get the award. Sundry heads of state and their minions are invariably praised as peacemakers after handing down murderous directives no different than Charlie Manson telling his LSD-addled zombies to kill innocents.

In the case of Obama’s award, the real story is in the aftermath and the reaction. For instance, consider the reaction of a top Democratic National Committee official after Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele said it was “unfortunate” Obama was given the award.

Ben Smith of Politico included the following quote in a report filed on October 9:

    “The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists — the Taliban and Hamas this morning — in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize,” DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse told POLITICO. “Republicans cheered when America failed to land the Olympics and now they are criticizing the President of the United States for receiving the Nobel Peace prize — an award he did not seek but that is nonetheless an honor in which every American can take great pride — unless of course you are the Republican Party.

    “The 2009 version of the Republican Party has no boundaries, has no shame and has proved that they will put politics above patriotism at every turn. It’s no wonder only 20 percent of Americans admit to being Republicans anymore — it’s an embarrassing label to claim,” Woodhouse said.

In short, every American who has a problem with Obama receiving the award is a terrorist, according to the DNC.

Steele, of course, didn’t say anything about the fact Obama is a terrorist who has as commander in chief ordered the murder of thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other less publicized places around the world, either directly or through proxies.

Steele wouldn’t dare. His former boss, George Bush Jr., was responsible for killing over a million Iraqis. Democrats and Republicans are identical when it comes to killing people. Both parties — the flip side of the same party — are seasoned pros in the gruesome art of serial murder.

After Bush the Lesser’s father bombed Iraq back to the Stone Age, Democrat Bill Clinton engaged in ad hoc bombings, boycotts, and sanctions that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of people, including 500,000 children. In addition to bombing Yugoslavia and Iraq, Clinton attacked Afghanistan and the Sudan (where he bombed a pharmaceutical factory). He enthusiastically supported Turkey in its wanton slaughter of Kurds.

In the recent past, U.S. presidents have supported brutal dictators such as Diem, Mobutu, the Shah, Pinochet, Suharto, Savimbi, Marcos, Fujimori, Salinas, and many others.

In Latin America, U.S.-backed (armed and trained) forces committed massacres, political murders, torture, and the rape of women before killing them. Reagan, the hero of the Republicans, was responsible for many of these crimes.

Henry Kissinger is emblematic of the sort of pond scum that gets the Nobel peace prize. Kissinger is responsible for almost unbelievable instances of mass murder in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, East Timor, Chile and Cyprus. For his role in these genocidal conflicts, he is hailed as an “elder statesman” by the corporate media.

As for the Taliban, the “terror” group mentioned by Woodhouse, it was created by the CIA.

It didn’t create Hamas — that was left up to the Israelis.



Monday, October 12, 2009

Waco Siege “Enforcer” To Rule Over Global Police Force

Man who both approved and covered-up government slaughter of 76 people, including 20 children, will lead move to establish international model of law enforcement

UN and Interpol officials will meet today to discuss the formation of a “global police force” that would enjoy access to a worldwide database of DNA, biometric and fingerprint records. The effort will be spearheaded by a man known as “The Enforcer” who helped federal authorities both conduct and cover up the murderous Waco siege which killed 76 people in 1993.

“Interpol and the United Nations are poised to become partners in fighting crime by jointly grooming a global police force that would be deployed as peacekeepers among rogue nations riven by war and organized crime, officials from both organizations say,” reports the New York Times.

The emergence of a global police force is of course something that people like Alex Jones have been warning about for well over a decade. The global police force, just like the world army, is a key centerpiece of the march towards a dictatorial global government.

Those who were once called paranoid conspiracy theorists for claiming that the plan all along has been to centralize law enforcement into a global body run by the world government under the auspices of the UN and Interpol have been proven right once again.

For a taste of what Americans who aren’t so favorable to taking orders from foreigners on home soil can expect, consider the fact that the secretary general of Interpol, and one of the men at the forefront of setting up the global police force, is none other than Ronald K. Noble.

Noble, who is known as “The Enforcer,” has been instrumental in working with Chinese authorities to provide policing in the Communist country for major national events. However, his most notorious role was in ordering and then, in his position as Undersecretary for Enforcement of the United States Department of the Treasury, whitewashing the actions of the BATF following the federal government’s murderous siege on the Branch Davidian compound at Waco which killed 76 people including more than 20 children and two pregnant women in April 1993.

As Carol Moore writes, “Noble had approved the decision to go ahead with the raid,” and therefore, “had little interest in issuing a report that either would challenge significantly the BATF’s investigation or modus operandi or would admit these led to crimes against the Davidians.”

Noble ignored in his report more than a dozen eyewitness reports, along with photographic and video evidence, of a BATF helicopter firebombing the Waco church during the siege. He also ignored David Koresh’s July 1992 invitation to the BATF to inspect the Waco compound, which if it had gone ahead could have prevented the siege and the murder of 76 innocent people altogether.

The 1993 Waco Siege.

The 1993 Waco Siege.

“During the hearing, Friend-of-Bill Webster Hubbell denied repeatedly that he and Clinton had discussed the Waco situation informally, and improperly. However, an Associated Press article claimed Hubbell had revealed he was giving Clinton updates on Waco. And House staffers discovered a memorandum in which then-Treasury official Ron Noble asserted Hubbell would take the matter up with Clinton if the Treasury Department’s review did not downplay BATF errors. Clearly, Noble condones covering up government crimes against citizens,” writes Moore.

Noble was picked directly for the position of secretary general at Interpol by fellow Waco siege accomplice, former Attorney General Janet Reno.

During his September 2005 secretary general re-election acceptance speech in Berlin, Noble attributed Interpol’s ‘rebirth’ to the events of 9/11, saying that the terrorist attacks allowed the organization to go from being treated as largely irrelevant to setting it on the path to becoming an international police force.

Noble told the New York Times that one of the main roles of the global cops would be to stop people to check their identities against a global database.

“The police will be trained and equipped differently with resources,” Mr. Noble said. “When they stop someone, they will be consulting global databases to determine who they are stopping.”



Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Peace with This Prize

In his latest C4L video, Dr. Paul gives his thoughts on awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, looks at the president's pro-war


Friday, October 9, 2009

Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law

(NaturalNews) Health freedom attorney Jim Turner is filing a lawsuit in Washington D.C. mid-day Friday in an urgent effort to halt the distribution of the swine flu vaccine in America. On behalf of plaintiffs Dr. Gary Null and other licensed health care workers of New York State, the lawsuit charges that the FDA violated the law in its hasty approval of four swine flu vaccines by failing to scientifically determine neither the safety nor efficacy of the vaccines.

"The suit will seek an injunction against the FDA from approving the vaccine," attorney Jim Turner told NaturalNews on Thursday evening's Natural News Talk Hour show. "And the core of the argument is that they have not done the proper safety and efficacy tests on the vaccine to allow it to be release at this time."

The suit seeks to not only nullify the FDA's unlawful "approval" of the four H1N1 influenza vaccines, but to also ask the court to issue an injunction that would halt any mandatory vaccination requirements.

"The FDA is required by law to establish that a vaccine is safe and effective before it can be given to the public," said Turner. "We are arguing that they did not establish that the vaccine was effective, and did not establish that it was safe. They are trying to get it on the market by a waiver."

Vaccine / adjuvant combination has never been properly tested

The vaccine / adjuvant combination being referred to as the "swine flu vaccine" has apparently never been safety tested or approved by the FDA. In fact, in many cases the vaccine is being sent to clinics, pharmacies and other health establishments separately from the adjuvant chemical, leaving it up to each local vaccine retailer to properly mix the vaccine with the adjuvant, according to information provided by Turner. With hundreds of millions of Americans potentially being targeted with this vaccine, the potential for improper mixing, improper dosages, and human error is alarming.

If the charges described in the lawsuit are true, it means the FDA has blatantly abandoned medical science and violated its own regulations in approving not only these four vaccines, but the potentially deadly adjuvant chemicals as well. To date, the FDA has produced absolutely no scientific evidence documenting safety tests for any of these swine flu vaccines. There are no published studies, no records of any clinical trials, and no publicly-available paper trail demonstrating that any safety testing was done whatsoever. There is no researcher who has publicly put their name on the record declaring the vaccines to be safe, and no FDA official has ever stated that scientifically-valid safety testing has ever been conducted on the vaccine / adjuvant combinations now being distributed across America.

Normally, when a pharmaceutical achieves "FDA approved" status, there is a considerable paper trail of scientific scrutiny, peer review, clinical trials and other supporting evidence. To our knowledge, no such documents exist for the swine flu vaccines. The FDA's approval of these vaccines appears to be based entirely on a whim.

"What has been tested?" asked attorney Jim turner. "Where has it been tested? Who reviewed the test? Who looked at the test and said yes they proved safety and efficacy? There is no record that we can find that shows these things have been done."

By approving the four vaccines in the absence of such safety testing, the FDA itself stands in direct violation of federal law. "There is a law that they're supposed to follow and they are not following it," Turner added.

Billions of dollars are at stake

Why, then, did the FDA apparently violate the law and push these vaccines into full public distribution without securing the safety testing required by law? Turner suspects a profit motive may be involved: "They're charging $24.95 to get a vaccine. Multiplied by 100 million people, that's a lot of money. If you do the whole society, you're talking about several billion dollars."

In fact, the U.S. vaccination push could ultimately target over 200 million Americans, generating nearly $5 billion in vaccine-related revenues. Cashing in on those revenues, however, requires three things:

1) Spreading fear about H1N1 swine flu by exaggerating its dangers.

2) Quickly making a vaccine available for sale, even if it has never been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy.

3) Aggressively marketing the vaccines before the H1N1 swine flu fizzles out and can no longer be hyped up as “highly virulent.”

All three of these conditions are now being pushed aggressively in the U.S. by pharma-influenced health authorities at both the state and federal level. There is a mad, cult-like rush under way to vaccinate American citizens with an unproven, untested chemical that was thrust into distribution in apparent violation of federal law. And if this vaccine is not stopped, the price that may ultimately be paid in terms of lost lives could be quite dire.

It all harkens back to 1976 when a previous formulation of the swine flu vaccine paralyzed and killed thousands of Americans. Turner was one of the attorneys instrumental in halting that vaccine, and he fears a repeat situation could potentially recur today. He told NaturalNews, “[In 1976] they were intending to inoculate 200 million people. We stopped them… and somewhere between 40 and 50 million people were vaccinated. What ultimately brought it down is that a substantial number of people got ‘French Polio’ [Guillain-Barre syndrome], a paralysis that goes… through the body, and if it goes far enough you die.”

About health freedom attorney Jim Turner

Jim Turner, with Citizens for Health (, is one of the most accomplished and respected health freedom attorneys practicing today. His firm, Swankin & Turner, represents businesses and individuals on a variety of regulatory issues relating to foods, drugs and health.

Donations to support this swine flu vaccine lawsuit are greatly welcomed. You can donate to on this page:

A special fund specifically focused on the swine flu vaccine lawsuit will be announced here on NaturalNews. Watch this story for an update.



Active Duty Troops In Iraq Are Wearing Oath Keeper Tabs: “…what we are wearing while over here in Iraq”

The above photo was submitted by an active duty Oath Keeper in Mosul Iraq, sporting an Oath Keepers tab. As his other tab and patch make clear, he is also a “Three Percenter.” (see below)

The photo was also posted over at the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog with this message:

    Just thought the WRSA [Western Rifle Shooters Association] and the Sipsey Street boys might like to see what we are wearing while over here in Iraq. We . . . know what the deal is, and when the time comes (which it will), we know where we stand and continue to make preparations for it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Regards from Mosul,


All I can say to that is Hooah! Thank you for your service, K7C, and for stepping up. Give our best regards to your brothers in arms, and let them know we have your six back home. If any of you need anything at all, from socks to helmets, to body armor, just ask and it will be provided. We need you to stay safe and come home healthy.

Oath Keepers here stateside, let your brothers on active duty in Iraq know how you feel. They do come here to read comments, count on that.

Note that the tab in the photo is not the same tab we sell here on our site (which is more of a police style tab). We are having military ACU style tabs with velcro made up, but they are not yet finished. That means the troops are having their own Oath Keeper tabs made up! And no, we did not put them up to it. They are doing this on their own initiative.

So take heart! The message of the oath and its obligations is spreading, and the Guardians of the Republic are listening and responding. And every time you act to spread the message, by whatever means, you cannot know what impact you will have, or how far it will reach. That’s why it’s so crucial that we each do what we can to reach, teach, and inspire as many active duty as possible about their obligation to defend the Constitution and their duty to refuse unlawful orders that would violate the rights of their fellow Americans.

Upcoming Outreach Effort to Put Tabs, DVD’s, and OK Handbooks in the Hands of Active Duty

Coincidentally, the tabs those troops are wearing are almost exactly like the tabs we are having made for our upcoming care package initiative, which will put an Oath Keeper tab, DVD, Oath Keepers handbook, copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and other outreach materials, into the hands of active duty deployed worldwide. We plan on launching that effort on Veteran’s Day, November 11 and continuing right on through Bill of Rights Day, December 15, with the goal of delivering all the care packages by Christmas. Now imagine what that will be like! Tens of thousands of our troops reached with the message and a tab. I will post more details very soon.

What’s a Three Percenter?

Now, seeing the other tab and patch in the photo, you may ask “what is a three percenter?” The narrowest definition is that three percenters are hard-line gun owners who are done backing up and will not comply with more infringements of their right to bear arms. A broader definition would be that they are hard-line Americans who are done backing up and will not comply with further infringement of any of their rights. It also alludes to the three percent of the colonists who took to the field against the King during the Revolution, and the estimation that at least three percent of modern Americans will actively fight, if it comes to it, to preserve liberty. Read this essay for more explanation.

Oath Keepers and Three Percenters are separate groups, but it is not a surprise to see people who consider themselves both an Oath Keeper and a Three Percenter. If you read the supplied links you will see why.

While we Oath Keepers have a specialized mission of outreach to current serving, focused on the oath and on refusing to obey unlawful orders, there’s lots of common ground and shared commitment to the Republic among both groups. Go here to read what the Sipsey Street blog has to say about that.

Oath Keepers, expect to see more of these tabs popping up soon, even before we begin our care package initiative. You are making a real difference. Keep up the good work!

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes



War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

This morning, Americans were greeted with a shocking example of real-life Orwellian doublethink. We found out that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Here is a list of President Barack Obama’s deeds in the pursuit of peace on Earth:

  • Issued an order to close the prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, but has not approved any plans to actually do so.

  • Oversaw a reduction in actual US troops in Iraq, only to replace them with private mercenaries

  • Expanded the war in Afghanistan into Pakistan by increasing the number of air attacks in its border regions

  • Increased the number of US troops in Afghanistan by tens of thousands, with many more on the way

  • Established a US military presence on Colombian military bases

  • Refused to lend even the most superficial support to the political opposition in Iran, even as the regime there publicly executed dissidents

  • Stood idly by as police and National Guard troops engaged in one of the most vicious crackdowns against free-speech in recent memory while attending the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Has spoken glowingly (particularly during his campaign) of China, and refused to criticize its government’s ever-lengthening list of human rights abuses.

  • Continues to allow Blackwater (now Xe) to be awarded defense contracts, even in light of reports of child prostitution rings being run out of it’s facilities in Iraq.

...and the list will continue to grow.

Recently, his administration has begun beating the drums of war with Iran, not in defense of its oppressed citizens of course, but because of claims that the country is developing weapons of mass destruction. Claims that stand in direct contrast to information provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency and even internal US intelligence reports. While there are legitimate reasons to engage in some kind of action against the current Iranian regime–WMD’s are the least of them. Clearly this President isn’t interested in aligning himself with free citizens of a truly liberated Iran, he prefers liberation of the Bush/Cheney variety–more commonly known as starving them with sanctions and then blowing the hell out of them.

What’s that you say? That sounds more like a list of deeds done in opposition to peace than a list of achievements that merit an award like the Nobel Peace Prize?

If that’s what you were thinking then congratulations, you, unlike so many other millions of people, are capable of actual independent thought! Anyone who isn’t completely drugged out of their mind, or pays attention to anything in the world around them can clearly see that President Barack Obama has not done a single thing to promote peace anywhere in the world.

We free thinking people must ask, with all of this information–why was Mr. Obama given this prestigious award?

There is no easy answer to this question. The most likely explanation is rooted in Mr. Obama’s commitment to globalization and the United Nations. He believes very strongly that the UN is the key to global order, and has acted to bring the United States in line with UN doctrine. Sadly, that doctrine calls for substantial weakening in national sovereignty. It requires the acceptance of rules put in place not by our own elected representatives, but by unelected representatives of foreign powers–many of which are inherently corrupt.

True adherence to UN mandates can only lead to global governance by unelected individuals who have little to know respect for the US Constitution or the rights enumerated within it. ‘

The Nobel Committee commented that the prize was awarded to Mr. Obama because he changed the climate of international relations through his commitment to diplomacy. Apparently these individuals view a commitment to diplomacy as a commitment to global governance–which Mr. Obama is quite clearly comfortable with, as he’s demonstrated by being the first sitting US President to actually chair the UN Security Council.

If this is a commitment to peace, then the Orwellian nightmare feared by so many is finally coming to pass. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery to unelected UN bureaucrats, and Ignorance is most definitely Strength.


Dem-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee extends PATRIOT Act provisions

Key US lawmakers passed legislation Thursday extending three key provisions of the PATRIOT Act, the sweeping intelligence bill enacted after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Backing a White House request, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the measure 11 votes to 8 to extend until 2013 three clauses that would have expired by 31 December. The bill now heads to the full Senate for a vote.

The provisions include the "roving wiretap" clause, used to monitor mobile communications of individuals using multiple telephone lines, and the "lone-wolf" provision, which enables spying on individuals suspected of terrorist activity but with no obvious connection to extremist groups.

Lawmakers also extended the life of controversial section 215, known as the "library records provision" that allows government agencies to access individual's library history.

The committee had earlier met in a closed-door meeting with members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the intelligence community on ensuring their actions would not impede investigations already underway.

The senators also debated freeing up law enforcement actions that have been hampered by legislation and court rulings since the first program was launched by former president George W. Bush in the wake of 9/11, which enabled collecting sensitive information for years without a court order.

Republicans senators have remained critical of placing restrictions on the intelligence community, saying they should more of a free hand in the early stages of investigations.

But their Democratic counterparts have decried the fact that the provisions still do not in their view adequately respect the privacy of ordinary Americans.

Democratic Senator Russ Feingold said he feared handing a "blank check" to law enforcement agencies and criticized the Democrat-controlled committee for not passing safeguards that even Republicans supported during the Bush administration.

"Among the most significant problems is the failure to include an improved standard for Section 215 orders, even though a Republican controlled Judiciary Committee unanimously supported including the same standard in 2005," he said in a media advisory.

"But what was most upsetting was the apparent willingness of too many members to defer completely to behind the scenes complaints from the FBI and the Justice Department, even though the administration has yet to take a public position on any of the improvements that I and other senators have proposed. ... [While] I am left scratching my head trying to understand how a committee controlled by a wide Democratic margin could support the bill it approved today, I will continue to work with my colleagues to try to make improvements to this bill."

Michael Macleod-Ball, acting director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Washington legislative office said the rights group was "disappointed" that further moves were not made to protect civil liberties.

"This truly was a missed opportunity for the Senate Judiciary Committee to right the wrongs of the PATRIOT Act," he said.

"We urge the Senate to adopt amendments on the floor that will bring this bill in line with the Constitution."



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glenn Beck’s Slick Propaganda Segment on the H1N1 Vaccination

On his show today, Glenn Beck covered the H1N1 virus and vaccine. He said he would not take a stand on if you should submit to the vaccination.

Beck asked his guests about the attenuated virus in the nasal spray version of the vaccine. Marc Siegel, M.D., who has written a book on the swine flu — and Fox naturally peddled, thus giving the audience the idea he is an expert — said the live virus in the vaccine is not capable of spreading the disease in healthy people. “No claws on it,” Siegel insisted, “it has been totally deactivated. It is alive and it can get you sick if you are immunally compromised or if you have asthma or you are pregnant. You can only take it if you are totally healthy. It cannot morph into the flu itself.”

It is estimated 60 percent of the U.S. population is immunodeficient in one way or another, but doctor Siegel did not mention this. He also did not mention concerns on the part of other doctors and health care professionals about the attenuated virus.

Siegel also did not say how health care providers will prevent the immunodeficient from getting the virus. Due to government and corporate media hype about H1N1, it is likely millions of less than healthy people will be demanding they be vaccinated.

As a responsible doctor instead of a Fox News talking head, Mr. Siegel would have mentioned the FluMist insert. It states that FluMist “recipients should avoid close contact with immunocompromised individuals for at least 21 days,” in particular immunocompromised people living in the same house.

In other words, it is inevitable millions of immunocompromised people will get sick.

Millions of Americans suffer from eczema, allergies, cancer, HIV infection or AIDS, emphysema, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, herniated spinal discs, acute muscular pain syndromes, and all types of rheumatoid and autoimmune diseases. As much as 60% of the entire population could be considered to be “chemically immunosuppressed,” according to experts.

The FluMist campaign now underway will be the “most intense, direct-to-consumer marketing campaign ever waged for a vaccine,” costing an estimated $25 million over the next 2.5 months. Big Pharma plans a three-year, $100 million campaign to encourage use of the nasal flu vaccine among physicians, notes Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

“Apparently, the goal seems to center around frightening — or inducing enough guilt — that everyone would begin to demand the vaccine as soon as it is available,” including the immunodeficient.

But is not merely the risks to the immunosuppressed. As Dr. Tenpenny notes, an ever greater concern about FluMist is the contents within the vaccine. In addition to the live, attenuated influenza virus — the average dose contains between 10 million and 100 million viral particles — the culture media the viral strain was developed in may not be free of pathogens not tested for. In addition, the risk that the vaccine may contain contaminant avian retroviruses is present. Add to this concern the fact a stabilizing buffer containing potassium phosphate, sucrose (table sugar) and nearly 0.5 mg of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is added to each dose, according to the FluMist package insert.

“The pharmaceutical companies do not necessarily always do a reasonable job of considering the ‘down side’ when they are pushing new drugs or new vaccines,” writes Tenpenny. “FluMist has the potential for causing the worst, most severe flu epidemic seen in years. Parents tell their young children not to put things up their noses because they might cause them harm. It would be wise to consider that advice for adults. With all the risks involved, one should be extremely cautious about what one allows to be sprayed in one’s nose.”

Dr. Rima Laibow calls FluMist a “recipe for pandemic. (It) contains 3 live viruses. You shoot it up your nose and your immune system gets a chance to make antibodies to three live, weakened viruses while the manufacturer hopes against hope that one of these three actually causes a disease this year…. Of course, if you are immune compromised or go near someone who is, you will get sick or infect them with the virus and they can get the flu.”

“Laibow and others also warn that Flu Mist risks potential brain damage, making it an extremely hazardous drug,” writes Stephen Lendman. “The nasal passage olfactory tract is a direct pathway to the brain. Ingesting viruses through it risks encephalitis, a viral-induced acute brain inflammation.”

None of this was brought up on the Fox News segment — and for good reason. The government wants a preponderant number of people to get vaccinated against a non-existent pandemic by a virus that has so far killed less people than the regular flu season.

Fox News, just like CNN, MSNBC and the rest, function as CIA disinformation, propaganda, and brainwashing organs for a global elite who are eugenicists and believe the planet is populated with too many useless eaters.

“As the federal government launches the most ambitious inoculation campaign in U.S. history, several surveys indicate the public is decidedly ambivalent,” the Washington Post reported last week. “A nationally representative poll of 1,042 adults released Friday by the Harvard School of Public Health found that only 40 percent were sure they would receive the vaccine and that about half were certain their children would. Recent research by the University of Michigan and by Consumer Reports yielded similar results.”

Americans are not stupid. They know there is something rotten in Denmark — or the District of Criminals — when the government gives billions of their tax dollars to giant pharmaceutical companies and fills the public airwaves with PSAs featuring Elmo urging them to have their children injected with an experimental vaccination.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Terrorism watch video narrated by … John Elway?

If you take notes, use binoculars, snap photographs, give to charity or carry blueprints for anything, you may be a terrorist and should be treated with suspicion.

That's the gist of a new Web video produced by the Colorado-based Center for Empowered Living and Learning, narrated by former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway.

"Recognizing the 8 Signs of Terrorism, a new video released yesterday by the Center for Empowered Living & Learning (CELL) in conjunction with the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference is an eight-minute plunge (well, six-and-a-half, with about ninety seconds' worth of credits) into a world where average-looking white people want to murder you and everyone around you," noted Westword, a Denver news blog. "Even narrator John Elway isn't safe."

The clip was produced in part to promote CELL's latest exhibit entitled "Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Understanding the Threat of Terrorism," which is currently on display at the Mizel Museum, adjacent the Denver Art Museum.

"As I stand here inside the CELL's exhibit [...] I'm reminded of the morning of September 11, 2001," said Elway. "I remember turning on the television and saying, 'How could this possibly be happening in the United States of America?'"
Story continues below...

He adds: "Anyone can become a victim of terrorism, any time, anywhere. Together, we can change this. Each of us has a responsibility to protect our community and we can do so by recognizing the signs of terrorism and taking proper action to stop it."

The exhibit, which cost over $7 million to construct, was funded by Lawrence Mizel, a wealthy homebuilder and longtime Republican ally. Mizel was even a maxed-out donor to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) during the 2008 presidential election, noted Newsweek.

While Elway's involvement in the video may come as a surprise to some, it is not the first time he has advocated for an apparently right-wing cause. In Oct. 2008 he joined Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on the campaign trail in Denver, saying of the aging senator, "He's totally an American. I believe he's going to be the guy who will change us around and get us going in the right direction."

The video was funded by a $30,400 grant from the Department of Homeland Security, according to NBC 9News in Colorado.

Rule number one according to CELL: "Report suspicious activity."

The group goes on to outline several stages of "terrorism," which include, "surveillance, elicitation, tests of security, funding, acquiring supplies, impersonation, rehearsal and deployment."

In a segment detailing terrorism funding, CELL flashes an image of U.S. Liberty Head gold coins, followed by a rack of department store gift cards. It moves into a clip of a bald man apparently selling something through a car window as the narrator suggests the drug trade is a driving funding mechanism for terrorist groups.

Then it flashes an image of the Holy Land Foundation building, which housed a Dallas charity that provided what they said was humanitarian aid to Palestine. The group was convicted of providing support for militant group Hamas after a lengthy trial, which ended the operations of America's largest Muslim charity. The Bush administration's first attempt to prosecute HLF resulted in a mistrial, as the government argued that by providing food, medical supplies and educational texts to Palestinian children, HLF had in effect freed Hamas from part of its financial burden, allowing the group to stage attacks on Israelis.

To that effect, CELL's video urges viewers to "be vigilant" when it comes to charitable donations.

"The success of defending our community's safety depends upon our shared commitment," says Elway. "It's a beautiful day here in Colorado and there can be many more like this with the help of people like you."

This video was posted to YouTube on Oct. 5 by the Center for Empowered Living & Learning.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exposed: American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group

UPDATE: The American Police Force website page which clearly states that they run the Blackwater-controlled U.S. Training Center is back online here.

American Police Force, the paramilitary unit patrolling a small town in Montana, has been exposed as being a front group for the disgraced private military contractor Blackwater, now called “Xe”.

The American Police Force website, on a page that has swiftly been deleted but remains cached here, states that APF runs the “U.S. Training Center,” which proves “a wide range of instruction and training for all types of law enforcement organizations, from basic firearms training to complex SWAT tactics,” according to the website.

The Blackwater website carries on its contact page the following address, underneath the logo for U.S. Training Center.

Xe Services, LLC
PO Box 1029
Moyock, NC 27958

Xe Services LLC is the new name of Blackwater USA. In addition, the U.S. Training Center contact page carries the exact same address.

PO Box 1029
Moyock, NC 27958

The U.S. Training Center is run by Blackwater. Indeed, The U.S. Training Center website, can be accessed via Blackwater’s forwarding URL at

According to a February 2009 NY Times article, the U.S. Training Center is a Blackwater “subsidiary that conducts much of the company’s overseas operations and domestic training.” Blackwater changed the name of the facility from its old title, Blackwater Lodge and Training Center, earlier this this when they also changed their own name to “Xe”.

Since Blackwater runs the U.S. Training Center, and the American Police Force stated on its own website, before it was deleted this morning, that it also runs the U.S. Training Center, there is no other conclusion to draw but that APF and Blackwater are one and the same. Or in other words, APF is a front group for Blackwater.

CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT: The American Police Force website, on a page that has now been deleted, states that the organization runs the U.S. Training Center.

CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT: From Blackwater’s USA’s website with the U.S. Training Center logo at the top.

CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT: From the U.S. Training Center website, the contact address is the same as on the Blckwater site becaue Blackwater owns the U.S. Training Center.

A domain registry check confirms that the U.S. Training Center website is registered to XE Services.

The fact that American Police Force attempted to hide the link by deleting the page on their website is further evidence that they are trying to conceal the fact that they are nothing more than a front group for Blackwater.

The U.S. Training Center is the training facility for Blackwater’s front group, American Police Force. This means that the new training facility that “American Police Force” are trying to build in Hardin is another Blackwater training facility.

This also means that Blackwater troops, under the guise of “American Police Force” have been patrolling Hardin, posing as law enforcement, and are also attempting to boss the $27 million dollar detention center recently built in the Montana town.

Many people have expressed suspicions that the convicted criminal running “American Police Force,” Michael Hilton, is not really the leader of the company and is merely a go between for his bosses. This is now confirmed by the revelation that APF is a front group for Blackwater.

APF’s reticence to divulge who their parent company was to reporters is also explained by the fact that they are a Blackwater front.

As the videos below discuss, Blackwater has been widely attacked for its involvement in atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. To have such individuals patrolling the streets of American towns posing as law enforcement and manning detention camps is a chilling precedent and all the more reason why American Police Force – or Blackwater as we should now call them – should be kicked out of Hardin immediately and face criminal charges for violating article 2 section 33 of the Montana Constitution.

RELATED: What is the American Police Force and what is it doing in Montana?


UPDATE: Blackwater Claims APF Illegally Using Logos, Material

A caller to the Alex Jones Show today said that he called Blackwater, who told him that American Police Force were illegally using their material and logos and that they were considering taking legal action against the paramilitary organization currently conducting law enforcement duties in Hardin, Montana.

As we reported earlier, APF claims that it runs the U.S. Training Center, which is publicly controlled by Blackwater, now known as “Xe”.

Blackwater has distanced itself from APF, which is still refusing to divulge the name of its parent company.

Blackwater’s alleged consideration of legal action against APF spells more trouble for the organization after it was revealed last night that the organization’s leader, “Michael Hilton,” is a career criminal who has used numerous different aliases.

RELATED: APF Refuses To Divulge Parent Company Amidst Blackwater Accusations


UPDATE: Montana's Attorney General Drops Investigation of AFP

BILLINGS - Montana's Attorney General dropped his investigation in to California-based security company American Police Force Tuesday.

A statement released by Montana's Attorney General Steve Bullock said the goal was to guarantee that, "No Montanans were taken advantage of or conned by this company."

Since Michael Hilton and APF ended plans to do business in the state, Bullock's office decided to suspend its inquiry. Officials asked APF to release documents about their funding, current contracts and corporate backing. APF did not provide these documents.

Spokeswoman Becky Shay said the company faxed the AG a one-page letter saying APF did no business in Montana other than to negotiate the jail contract, which they discontinued.

Bullock's statement concludes, "Mr. Hilton's failure to answer these simple questions about his company speaks volumes about his company's legitimacy."



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