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Approved Chaos, Part I: How WHO is Using the Swine Flu to Hogtie the US

Part I

When President Barack H. Obama signed a national pandemic emergency on Friday, October 24th, 2009, the media barely mentioned that “a declaration of emergency for the H1N1” had been signed. A huge red flag should have gone up: Why was there was no reference to specific act or document? Initially, not even the White House web page had information about the pronouncement. Did Obama’s emergency proclamation, under sections 201 and 301 of the National Emergencies Act, imply that martial law was imminent?[1]

To answer that question, we first must see how the World Health Organization put Obama in such a position. The answer may surprise you.

The Department of Homeland Security(DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) will be the focus of a future release of this series called “Approved Chaos” that will answer questions about their status, readiness preparations and participation in the H1N1 emergency including:

  • What happens when a national emergency is declared?

  • Who is really in charge?, and most importantly,

  • What does this H1N1 emergency mean for me?
Moreover, the media portrays the government as a passive participant in the swine flu pandemic. Digging deeper, it appears there is a much different story. The previous bird flu “pandemic” was, in fact, utilized to clear many legal obstacles in orchestrating the current, coordinated effort to establish global controls.

The WHO Sets Up for Control

In 2005, the threat of a killer avian flu pandemic shouted across the airwaves. The media whipped up a complete hysteria over the H5N1 virus. The Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), funded by the Rockefeller Family Fund was a big player in the frenzy.[2] Specifically, they predicted up to 1 million deaths could be caused by the H5N1 bird flu virus.[3] Remarkably, official WHO reports document that between 2003 and 2009, only 262 people have died worldwide from H5N1 Avian Flu.

For a great review of the pandemic that never occurred, read Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s book, FOWL: Bird Flu: It’s Not What You Think. Prophetically, it also explains 90 percent of what is happening today with the currently hyped H1N1 pandemic.

The 2005 H5N1 fear tactics worked well. Out of the panic created by TFAH and a long list of similar organizations, the WHO released a global “Pandemic Plan” that was obediently adopted by Americans and the rest of the world. In the United States, the Federal Pandemic Plan was incorporated into what is known as the the National Response Plan, under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5.

The States Join In

In 2005, following the WHOs lead, the United States released a final draft of a multi-year pandemic planning project. States were required to prepare pandemic plans as a condition of their federal bioterrorism preparedness grants.

A group named Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) assisted in molding the state response plans. ASTHO’s exclusive list of “Corporate Alliance Partners” includes vaccine manufacturing giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co., Henry Schein, Pfizer, Roche, and Sanofi Pasteur.[5] Their participation in the pandemic planning efforts can be seen in a 2002 document entitled, “NATURE’S TERRORIST ATTACK: PANDEMIC INFLUENZA”. [6]

The State emergency response plans were heavily guided by officials at the CDC and HHS. A comprehensive checklist was spoon-fed to state health officials who were maneuvered into compliance by the Federal “mandate”. The DHS and HHS were instructed to withhold federal grants and monies for public health initiatives if states did not act in accordance with government plans. The word ‘ransom’ should come to mind.

Implications of International Health Regulations

We have now come full circle. All forms of government, federal, state and local, have adopted the World Health Organization ’s Pandemic Standard Operating Procedures. A pandemic plan in itself is not the problem. The issue is understanding the WHO’s incremental power grab via International Health Regulations.

Under the guise of preventing the international spread of disease, the Constitution of the WHO allows the World Health Assembly the authority to adopt regulations they see fit to accomplish the stated goal. By example, six diseases were originally identified by International Health Regulations for quarantine. However, in 1969 this number was reduced to three (yellow fever, plague and cholera). [7] With the current media hype surrounding the 1918 pandemic, it is especially surprising the World Health Organization to not include influenza on this list.

If we fast forward in time, major efforts can be seen to modify the scope of the Regulations from 1995 through May of 2005. On May 23rd the World Health Assembly struck gold. The language in the regulations were unified to include, “any specific disease or manner of transmission, but covering illness or medical condition, irrespective of origin or source, that presents or could present significant harm to humans”. [7] When the entire situation is put into context, the timing of a ‘killer’ bird flu pandemic was impeccable.

The International Health Regulations of 2005 were signed into force and effect in 2007. At that critical point, WHO was given authority to ‘direct’ and ‘govern’ activities “that protect the global community from public health risks and emergencies that cross international borders.” [8] The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, declared a public health emergency of international concern for the first time under International Health Regulations in April, 2009. [9]

The implications of international health regulations and this emergency declaration are far reaching. International Health Regulations are legally binding agreements for all international members of the WHO. This is a major story ignored by the press and not understood by most citizens. The WHO international health regulations by-pass the checks and balances established by the U.S. Constitution and our Founders. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin are rolling in their graves.

We have a serious problem as a nation. This scheme was not implemented as the media portrays: benign and harmless. It was devised incrementally by very powerful people with no input from our elected representatives. Never before has there been such an orchestrated effort to give a world organization jurisdiction over our lives in America. The WHO has emerged as the global “H1N1 Mafia” and is accountable to no one.

Part II of this series covers Obama’s H1N1 emergency declaration. Was martial law declared? Stay tuned.


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Penn State Will Investigate Climategate

Among other things, the Watergate scandal of the 1970s gave us a great naming convention for future scandals. Take "Climategate" at Penn State. That's what people are calling the controversy surrounding leaked E-mails among climate change researchers that climate change opponents say expose the researchers' falsification of data. One Penn State professor is involved in the scandal.

The Penn State administration plans to investigate Climategate and determine if it needs to take further action, the Daily Collegian reports. A little more than a week ago, E-mails exchanged among an English university's climate change researchers were illegally obtained from a server and posted online, the report says.

Climate change opponents say the E-mails indicate that climate change researchers—including Penn State Prof. Michael Mann—exaggerated or fabricated global warming data. And, according to the report, some E-mails indicate that the director of the research unit in question may have contacted researchers and asked them to "delete certain E-mails."

Penn State officials, who will not discuss the matter, are investigating the controversy. If anything requires further inspection, the school will handle it, a spokesman tells the Daily Collegian. A panel will read every E-mail leaked and determine if climate change critics have any ground for their accusations, the report says.

"I would be disappointed if the university wasn't doing all [it] can to get as much information as possible" about the controversy, Mann tells the Daily Collegian.



Charlie Sheen's 20 Minutes With The President Winner

This is Christo Garcia’s adaptation of Charlie Sheen’s script “20 Minutes with the President.” Opening with the prophetic statements of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy about the New World Order’s “Ruthless Conspiracy”, the tight script will illuminate how truly absurd the “Official Story” of 9/11 is. Hopefully, this film will help re-invigorate the 9/11 Truth movement, and inspire other filmmakers to create their own films about 9/11 Truth.

Check out the other fine entries on the 20 Minutes with the President website.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climategate: The Silence is Deafening from the Corporate Media

Who said, “Breakin’ news is always bad!”?

By now most of us in the alternative media are aware of the some 61 megabytes of global warming research data of emails, documents, and computer code released by whistleblowers (or hackers), that have exposed climate scientists, at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain, as the frauds they’ve proven themselves to be.

This decade of emails and documents clearly concludes that global warming scientists have manipulated scientific data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures; and the fact that, there has been no statistically significant global warming for fifteen years, but our world has experienced a rapid and significant cooling for nine years.

So breath-taking has been this leaked data, to date, it has produced some startling headlines in the alternative media:

(1) Climategate: Greatest Scandal in Modern Science!”

(2) “Climategate? Smoking Gun? Blood in the Water?”

(3) “Global Warming Scientists Seek to Protect Their Government Funding by Corrupting the
Peer-review Process.”

(4) “Climate Bombshell: Hackers {or Whistleblowers] Leak Emails Showing Conspiracy.”

(5) “Email Leaks Turn Up Heat on Global Warming Advocates.”

(6) “Climategate Scientists Caught Red-handed in Monumental Fraud.”

(7) “Bad Scientists? No Criminals!”

Now, these global warming scientists, who have been so severely exposed for the frauds they are, are crying, “Persecution!”. While their own emails prove they have been very busy planning how best to get tenured professors fired, who will not shallow the rotten fish of anthropogenic global warming, how to black-ball them from scientific journals, and prevent them from participating in the peer-review process.

Persecution? No, prosecution in a criminal court of law is what they deserve.

Even Obama’s Climate Czar, John P. Holdren has been exposed, by these emails, for the fraud he is, proving Holdren’s avid global warming advocacy has been more driven by politics than science.

Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, is no stranger to extremist views: In a 1977 book, Holdren co-authored (Ecoscience – Population, Resources, Environment), he campaigned for compulsory abortion, mass sterilization, involuntary infertility, a one-child policy, and global governance.

In another of Holdren’s books (Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions), he even argued that babies were not human beings.

Mr. Holdren, there’s no question babies are human. The real question is are you a human being?

These academic and governments fraudsters, along with their corporate media counterparts, account for the fact that many people have been denied the truth regarding the man-made global warming myths.

The so-called “consensus” establishing the validity of the man-made global warming theories does not exist; the mainstream, corporately owned media merely tell us it does; and, do not expect “our” media to widely broadcast anything about these email exposures; many people will never hear of them.

When caught red-handed in their lies, the corporate media always has but one response: Utter silence, waiting for the smoking gun to cool, and then be forgotten. But if the red-hot pistol doesn’t cool quickly enough, the whole corrupted system of the controlled press goes into over-drive, preparing for a workable gambit: Which is usually their tried and true method of creating controversy, something relatively easy for them to do. And once an issue enters the world of controversy, the Establishment usually wins the info wars of public opinion, because they get the most words, the loudest words, and the last words. And after all, they represent authority.

Trial and error is employed to find the kindling that will ignite the fires of controversy. Usually the first maneuver is tested with some secondary official, from some secondary country, to gage the effectiveness of the ploy. This process has already begun with Dutch Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer.

Ms. Cramer has claimed that the East Anglia University whistleblowers, or hackers, altered 61 metabytes of computer data before leaking the files, in spite of the fact such a statement, has to date, never been made by the man-made global warming advocates, who wrote it all .

If Ms. Cramer’s allegations gain traction, expect to hear more about how the whistle-blowers falsified the data. We may even hear of innocent people coming to trial, falsely confessing they were the ones who “altered” all the emails, before releasing them. But, with enough mind control, I could be convinced, I was the one who falsified them, even though I know so little about computers, I can hardly use my Apple program to write this sentence.

Ms. Cramer, in her outrage, screamed, “This is just criminal. It’s unacceptable.”

What is acceptable Ms. Cramer, the death of a billion starving people, and the guaranteed poverty of the rest of us, due to the pending Cap and Trade legislation in Washington, and the coming international laws, directives, regulations, and more laws, that will inhibit the farming of food and the means to get it to market, with few of us having enough money to buy food if it were available?

Am I exaggerating? I hope so, but believe not.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Warming Meltdown: Climategate!

By Alan Caruba

For those of us “skeptics” and “deniers” who have been jumping up and down, pointing at the Sun, and saying, “See, it’s the Sun that determines how warm or cool the Earth is. See it? Up there in the sky?” The truth about some of the scientists behind the global warming hoax has finally arrived.

The hoax has its roots in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an instrument of the United Nations Environmental Program, for whom global warming was the open sesame to achieving a one-world-government by scaring nations into signing a treaty that would control their use of energy, the means of producing it, and require vast billions to be sent to less developed nations in exchange for “emitting” greenhouse gases.

Energy is called “the master resource” because, if you have lots of it, you can call your own shots. If you don’t, you are condemned to live in the dark and keeping people in the dark about the global warming hoax was essential.

For years the IPCC has been controlled by a handful of the worst liars in the world, utterly devoted to taking actual climate data and twisting it to confirm the assertion that the Earth was not only warming dramatically, but that humanity was in peril of rising oceans, melting glaciers and polar ice caps, more hurricanes, the die-off of countless animal species, and every other calamity that could possibly be attributed to “global warming”, including acne.

So, around November 20, when some enterprising individual hacked into the computers of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU), making off with thousands of emails and documents that demonstrate the level of collusion and deception being practiced by its scientists.

It’s a climate hoax expose that some are calling the revelations a “little blue dress” while others are comparing it to the Pentagon Papers. It has also been dubbed “climategate.”

As James Delingpole wrote in the Telegraph, one of England’s leading newspapers, “Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organized resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more” was revealed in the 61 megabites of confidential files released on the Internet for anyone to read.

The conspirators had a visceral hatred for scientists who challenged their phony statistics and climate data, but they also agonized over the difficulties of hiding a long established climate cycle such as the Medieval Warm Period. At one point it was left out of a graph that famously became known as “the hockey stick” because it depicted a ludicrous sudden rise in warming, ignoring the previous natural cycle.

At the heart of the revelations were the intense efforts to ensure that no legitimate scientist, particularly those dissenting from the various IPCC reports, would be allowed to participate in the peer review process. Peer review is an essential element in science as it permits other scientists to examine and test the data being put forth to substantiate a new interpretation or discovery.

The IPCC reports were the basis by which popular media such as National Geographic, Time and Newsweek magazines could spread the lies about a dramatic “global warming”, passing them off to an unsuspecting and scientifically illiterate general public. At the same time, the lies were integrated them into school curriculums and maintained by Hollywood celebrities, politicians and others, duped or deliberately ignorant.

To this day, otherwise legitimate news media outlets continue to trumpet and repeat absolute nonsense about “global warming” like brain-dead parrots.

Now that Hadley CRU and its conspirators have been exposed, there truly is no need to hold a December UN climate change conference in Copenhagen; one in which nations would be required to put limits on “greenhouse gas emissions” even though such gases, primarily carbon dioxide, have nothing to do with altering the Earth’s climate.

And that is why you are going to hear more about “climate change” and far less about “global warming.” Hidden in such discussions, intended to justify legislation and regulation, is that the Earth’s climate has always and will always change.

It is, for example, shameful and deceitful for the EPA to claim carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” that should be regulated. The same applies to “cap-and-trade” legislation with the same purpose.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on studies of global warming and poured into agencies such as NASA that have lent credence to the global warming hoax.

“The U.S. taxpayer has much exposure here in the joint projects and collaborations which operated in reliance upon what the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit was doing,” says Christopher C. Horner, a longtime global warming skeptic. “There are U.S. taxpayer-funded offices and individuals involved in the machinations addressed in the emails, and in the emails themselves.”

Horner, the author of “Red Hot Lies”, said that the initial revelations “give the appearance of a conspiracy to defraud, by parties working in taxpayer funded agencies collaborating on ways to misrepresent material on which an awful lot of taxpayer money rides.”

The climate, defined as long term trends, and the weather has nothing whatever to do with human activity and suggesting it does reveals the depth of contempt that people like Al Gore and his ilk have for humanity and those fleeced by purchasing “carbon credits” or paying more for electricity when their utility does.

The East Anglia CRU charlatans have been exposed. Most certainly, the United Nations IPCC should be disbanded in disgrace. It belongs in a museum of hoaxes right beside the Piltdown Man and the Loch Ness Monster.



Ron Paul On CNBC: Audit The Fed

Ron Paul debunks the idea that his move to audit the Fed is not about regulation of monetary policy.


Monday, November 23, 2009

NSA eavesdropping more widespread than reported

National Security Agency (NSA) sources have reported to WMR that the signals intelligence agency’s warrantless wiretapping program was more widespread than originally reported and that it began shortly after the 2001 inauguration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, some six months prior to the 9/11 attacks.

Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio reported that NSA requested that his firm take part in the warrantless wiretapping program in a February 27, 2001, meeting but that he told NSA that Qwest would refuse to participate. AT&T, BellSouth, SBC, Sprint, and Verizon all agreed to participate in the wiretapping program, which resulted in such a large database of intercepted calls, faxes, and e-mails, that NSA recently announced it was building a huge 1 million square feet data warehouse at a cost of $1.5 billion at Camp Williams in Utah, as well as another massive data warehouse in San Antonio. The cover story is that the warehouses are part of NSA’s new Cyber Command responsibilities. NSA sources have told WMR that the warehouses are to store the massive amount of intercepts collected by the ongoing Terrorist Surveillance Program, an above top secret program once code named STELLAR WIND by the NSA.

Nacchio was later convicted on 19 counts of insider trading of Qwest stock and sentenced to six years in federal prison. Nacchio maintained that his prosecution and conviction was in retaliation for his refusal to participate in the illegal NSA surveillance program. NSA also canceled a major contract with Qwest over its refusal to wiretap calls without warrants.

President Obama ordered his Justice Department’s attorneys to press U.S. Judge Vaughn Walker to toss out a lawsuit brought against the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretap program, details of which were revealed by AT&T engineer Mark Klein. Our NSA sources revealed that Obama has asked the lawsuit to be dismissed because the warrantless wiretapping program is as robust in collecting massive amounts of intercepted communications without a warrant under Obama as it did during the Bush-Cheney administration. Obama also backs immunity from lawsuits for telecommunications companies participating in the illegal surveillance operations. The Justice Department is using the draconian State Secrets Privilege to battle against lawsuits against the telecommunication carriers.

NSA collects domestic communications by installing specialized eavesdropping equipment, including traffic analyzers, at over 25 telecommunications facilities around the United States, including where Klein worked at AT&T’s central office in the SBC Building at 611 Folsom Street in San Francisco and at major switching facilities in Bridgeton, Missouri; San Jose; San Diego; Seattle; Los Angeles (1150 South Olive Street, as well as the Beverly Hills central office that targets the area’s rich and famous celebrities); Chicago (227 West Monroe Street); New York (Lower Manhattan at 33 Thomas Street, 375 Pearl Street, and 811 10th Avenue); Northern Virginia/Washington, DC; Miami; Atlanta (Midtown Center); Houston; Minneapolis; Detroit (1365 Cass Avenue); Jacksonville, Florida; Philadelphia; Kansas City; Dallas (One AT&T Plaza); Memphis; Pittsburgh; Bedminster, New Jersey; Boston; Nashville (333 Commerce Street); Baltimore; Cleveland (Huron Road Building); and Denver.

One of the first targets of the NSA warrantless wiretapping program in February 2001, a few weeks after Bush’s inauguration, was Iraqi-Americans and other Arab-Americans, as well as resident aliens from Arab countries in the United States. The warrantless wiretapping of the Arab-American community coincided with “surge operations” directed by NSA against the communications of Saddam Hussein and his top government officials in Iraq and other countries.

The NSA warrantless wiretapping program soon grew to include millions of Americans, including elected and appointed government officials, federal judges, anti-Bush celebrities and clergy, and even intelligence and law enforcement officials. WMR previously reported that a joint NSA-CIA database code-named FIRST FRUITS maintained a database on the intercepted phone calls of U.S. journalists.

WMR previously reported that NSA “fishnet” surveillance was used in the take down of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, as well as political dirt gathering directed against New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and then-Senator Joe Biden. There is also every indication that NSA intercepted the phone calls and emails of the junior senator from Illinois -- one Barack Obama.



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Climatic Research Unit Hacked E Mails & Data



    This archive presents over 120Mb of emails, documents, computer code and models from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, written between 1996 and 2009.

    The CRU has told the BBC that the files were obtained by a computer hacker 3-4 days ago.

    This archive includes unreleased global temperature analysis computer source code that has been the subject of Freedom of Information Act requests.

    The archive appears to be a collection of information put together by the CRU prior to a FoI redaction process.



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Friday, November 20, 2009

Bilderberg Appointee Van Rompuy Is First EU President

Former Prime Minister of Belgium takes role just days after meeting with secretive globalist cabal

Despite widespread expectation that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair would be announced as the first European Union President, the former Prime Minister of Belgium, Herman Van Rompuy, was picked for the role just days after he attended a Bilderberg Group dinner meeting.

Reports suggest that there is “dismay” in some quarters over the appointment because Van Rompuy has a “low international profile,” but his fealty towards taking orders from his bosses at Bilderberg is likely to have swayed the decision.

As we have exhaustively documented, Bilderberg has displayed its kingmaker power on numerous occasions, contradicting claims that it merely represents a “talking shop” for aging elitists.

Both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended Bilderberg meetings in the early 90’s before becoming President and Prime Minister respectively.

In 2004 it was reported that John Edwards’ performance at the Bilderberg conference in Italy was a key factor in his selection as John Kerry’s number two. Bilderberg attendees even broke house rules to applaud Edwards at the end of a speech he gave to the elitists about American politics.

Pedro Santana Lopes and Jose Socrates attended the 2004 Bilderberg meeting in Stresa, Italy before both going on to become Prime Minster of Portugal.

Just days before the announcement was made, Van Rompuy attended a dinner organized by the Bilderberg Group in Brussels, where he met with top Bilderberg steering committee members and gave a speech about implementing a raft of new taxes, including airline tax, fuel duty tax and value added tax, all of which will form an EU tax that goes straight to Brussels.

“The possibilities of financial levies at European level must be seriously examined and for the first time the large countries in the union are open to that,” said Van Rompuy, according to Dutch newspaper De Tijd.

The report describes how Van Rompuy held discussions with Bilderberg chairman √Čtienne Davignon, who earlier this year bragged to the EU Observer about how the Euro single currency was a brainchild of the Bilderberg Group. Van Rompuy also had a meeting with lifelong Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger.

The foundations for the EU and ultimately the Euro single currency were laid by the secretive Bilderberg Group in the mid-1950’s. Bilderberg’s owned leaked documents prove that the agenda to create a European common market and a single currency were formulated by Bilderberg in 1955. One of the group’s principle founders was H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a former Nazi SS officer.

But the ideological framework for the European Union goes back even further, to the 1940’s when top Nazi economists and academics outlined the plan for a single European economic community, an agenda that was duly followed after the end of the second world war.

As we have highlighted in the past, Nazism and the EU have some very disturbing parallels. Indeed, the two are fundamentally intertwined and the origins of the EU can be traced directly back to the Nazis.

The fact that the EU was a brainchild of top Nazi economists and industrialists, formulated as a means of preserving dictatorial power and then implemented by a former Nazi working under the auspices of the Bilderberg Group in 1955, proves that the entire European Union system is poisoned with a legacy and a raison d’√™tre of totalitarianism.

This is becoming increasingly obvious in the 21st century as popular social movements across Europe rise up to oppose the blatant power grab being undertaken by the EU via the Lisbon Treaty, which was forced through in Ireland earlier this year despite the population having already rejected it in a previous national referendum.

Just like Hitler repeatedly polled Germans of the 1930’s until he could intimidate them into delivering the result he wanted, the European Union has followed the same method. The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty was what enabled the EU to create the post of a European President in the first place, and there seems little doubt that Van Rompuy will do everything in his power to accelerate the move towards Bilderberg’s ultimate goal – a dictatorial European federal superstate that completely swallows up what tattered shreds of sovereignty member states have left.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

US Senate: Banksters the new Enron; manipulating markets to add trillions to consumer prices

Video @ Source

    "Ironically, hedge funds trading oil are not doing anything very different than the large investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, or Morgan Stanley already do. The proprietary trading desks of these and other large investment banks are actually 'hedge funds in drag,' just as Enron was.'' -- Peter C. Fusaro and Gary M. Vasey, Hedge Funds Change Energy Trading

    "Enron did two things for us. It validated our model, and in 2000, 13 big market makers agreed to support the ICE's efforts.''-- Jeffrey Sprecher, Chairman and CEO, Intercontinental Exchange

    "It's one of the most frustrating things. We essentially have had modern-day bank robbers -- except that they wore gray suits and not masks -- and there's been no accountability for it ...

    Every day we see energy speculators, war profiteers, managed health-care providers, media propagandists, and/or financiers given some unfair advantage over the average consumers and taxpayers, and the cumulative effect of the American people watching selfishness prevail over the public interest has been an undermining of the public's trust in government.

    There's no question the system is rigged against the little guy. The bigger interests have a lot more information. They jerry-rig the system so that they always win." –
    Senator Byron Dorgan

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations issued a report stating that in the oil market alone, manipulated trading adds 50% to the price for consumers. Other analysts document that these parasitic “trades” more than double oil prices. When other commodity markets are accounted for, the total addition to consumer prices are between $2 trillion to $4 trillion every year.

While legislation closed the “Enron loophole” in rhetoric since the Senate report, new legislation is being written to authorize trading on the banksters’ terms. Not surprisingly, Goldman Sachs defends their latest market structure of dark pools. The comments section of this Wall Street Journal article is revealing in their unanimity that GS’ rhetoric is self-serving rather than in the public interest. In related regulatory legislation, there are over 300 co-sponsors on a bill to audit the Federal Reserve (their New York Fed President, Tim Geithner, is current Secretary of the Treasury), but this will never be passed. Some House members are articulate in their reasoning, including renewed efforts in writing to the House Financial Services Committee.

Allow me to put this all in context, for your consideration. Early 21st century Earth is still living in an antagonistically vicious political and economic paradigm. Our monetary system was designed by banks to allow them to create money and then lend it to us at interest, causing literally unpayable and perpetual debt. Wall Street “recklessly gambles” and then has the political power to have us bail them out to cause their profits both on the way up and on the way down. Professionals use language like “banana republic,” “mafia,” and “oligarchy” to describe our economic system. Economic parasitism extends into wars to dominate strategic areas of resources, thinly concealed behind propaganda for “national defense.”

I am among many who see our best path of action a Truth and Reconciliation type process whereby all who know of any activity that should be disclosed to the public may do so without fear of prosecution. This process includes the bad (economic fraud, falsification of evidence for illegal wars, torture, etc.) and the good (suppressed breakthroughs in energy, health, technology, etc.).

The good news is that the corruption is visible and verifiable to all who choose to look. It might also be that such recognition is part of human evolution’s preparation for radical improvement, as elegantly communicated in the One Minute Shift video below, Metaphormosis. Also below is an insiders’ explanation of dark pool trading in a 6-minute video.

As always, please share this article with all who say they want to be competent as citizens over trillions of our collective dollars. If you appreciate my work, please subscribe by clicking under the article title (it’s free). Please feel free to use my archive of work to help build a brighter future.

I respond to comments; feel free to ask questions and share your perspective.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

African-Americans slam Obama in White House protest

Decrying Barack Obama as "white power in black face," hundreds of African-Americans marched on the White House Saturday to protest policies of the first black US president, and demand that he bring US troops home.

More than 200 people gathered for the first public demonstration by African Americans against the Obama administration since his historic inauguration in January, and slammed the president for continuing what they described as Washington's "imperialist" agenda around the world.

"We recognize that Barack Hussein Obama is white power in black face," civil rights activist Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black is Back coalition which arranged the protest, called into a megaphone as the group marched outside the mansion's gates.

"He is a tool of our imperialist enemies and we demand our freedom. And we demand that Obama withdraw all the troops from Afghanistan right now."

Protesters also called for Obama to order troops out of Iraq and to scrap Africom, the controversial year-old United States Africa Command, and demanded "hands off" Venezuela and ends to the Cuba embargo and the Zimbabwe blockade.

Several demonstrators held up placards bearing messages such as "US out of Afghanistan" and "Stop US war against Iraq."

Charles Baron, a New York city councilman and former member of the Black Panthers, a Black Power movement in the mid-1960s and 1970s, attacked the president for turning a cold shoulder to the plight of African-Americans.

"We're not satisfied with him, and... this hope and change rap has not been a reality for black people," Baron told AFP during the demonstration.

"We are glad that Barack Obama broke up the white male monopoly on the White House, but we were not looking for a change in the occupant of the White House from white to black, we were looking for change in foreign policies and domestic policies," he added.

"To have a black person exploiting me just like a white person, that's no easier pain."

The group also was calling for the release of former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted in 1982 of killing a white police officer and sentenced to death.

The US Supreme Court upheld Abu-Jamal's conviction in April and rejected his bid for a new trial.

Black Americans voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Obama in last year's election, when he defeated Republican Senator John McCain.

About 13 percent of US citizens are African-Americans.



The End of America, in the Middle of the Night

While normal everyday oblivious Americans were preparing their beds to sleep Saturday night their elected officials quietly passed H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Indeed, the passage of this act deals one of the final death blows to the Constitution and with it our liberties.

As I ponder upon this momentously horrid occurrence it is as if I have just woken up from a nightmare and been thrown directly into the plot of George Orwell’s 1984, with no hope of escape. As this thought grabs hold I am lead to ponder more and more about America and I ask myself a few questions.

Since when did the Constitution provide for a health care guarantee? Since when did the Constitution grant the Congress the power to force Americans into a health care dystopia? What good is a Constitution if we choose to ignore it? What good is a Constitution if the Congress simply chooses to create a new one in their own graven socialist image?

Truly, these questions are meaningless now. The Constitution is hanging by the tiniest of threads. Who will save it? Who will come to its rescue?

It is the everyday middle class American that will suffer the consequences of this travesty. Indeed, while the economy is reeling and unemployment pushes depression-era levels the arrogant Congress has decided to pass the biggest expansion of government in the history of the United States. It will create a new tax that will primarily be felt by the middle class, the ones most likely affected by the current depression. This is because as Americans are forced to purchase health insurance, the wealthy will have no problem paying for escalating costs. Nor will the poor feel the burden as they will receive government health insurance subsidies. Yet, the forgotten man will be the middle class working American who now already struggling against the burden of economic ruin will be forced to pay fines or even face possible jail time for not complying with our government’s take over of his/her health care. As this tax sinks in, the middle class will be forced downward into the ranks of the working poor and therefore into the ranks of government rationed medical care. Inevitably, government healthcare will swallow the whole of the medical insurance world and there will be no escape.

This dystopian vision will consist of patients waiting in long lines and when they are finally permitted to see their doctor there will be much fruitless begging and pleading for the treatment that they desperately need. But no mercy will be given because the doctor will have become nothing more than a desk-clerk, simply following the government treatment protocols.

“What, you have shoulder pain?” Your doctor asks. “Well, the treatment protocol for this condition provided by our majestic government says you have to wait two years to get a MRI or to see an Orthopedist. I am sorry. Here are a few pain pills. There is nothing more that I can do. Have a nice day.”

Such will be the conservation heard in doctor’s offices throughout America. Don’t believe me? I have personally lived in the socialist countries that we are now trying to emulate. This is the reality in these countries and the people there simply accept it and learn not to complain. We, in America, will also come to learn and accept over time what our benevolent government has chosen to grant us.

And what about our parents? It will not be long before the health care budget spirals out of control and our benevolent government is forced to make cuts. Who will they cut off first? Why, our parents of course. The government will say that the elderly simply cost too much. They will say that the elderly are no longer productive members of society and have only a few years to live anyway so let’s just stop providing life-saving surgeries or needed food and water for these no longer useful people. Don’t believe me? Just look to these same socialist countries where the elderly are frequently pushed into hospice death programs when they have no terminal illness and denied needed surgeries because they are too old.

I could go on and on. Such is the fury and simultaneously the sorrow I feel for our country. Now is the time for our voices to be heard. Now is the time to make a stand before it is too late.



CNBC – Dollar Will be Utterly Destroyed, Global Currency, New World Order

The dollar will get “utterly destroyed” and become “virtually worthless”, said Damon Vickers, chief investment officer of Nine Points Capital Partners. Due to the huge wage disparities between the United States and emerging markets like China, Vickers said that may resolve itself in some type of a global currency crisis.

“If the global currency crisis unfolds, then inevitably you get an alignment of a global world government. A new global currency and a new world order, so we may be moving towards that,” he said.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tea partiers descend on Capitol Hill

The Tea Party holds no seat in Congress, but at least 10,000 of the party’s members descended on Capitol Hill Thursday to rally against a Democratic-written health care overhaul.

A plan first hatched and heralded on FOX by iconic conservative Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) grew over the weekend as she e-mailed with a handful of colleagues. By the time activists started arriving at the foot of the Capitol around 8:30 a.m., it was clear no Republican leader could stay away.

Minority Leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor and Conference Chairman Mike Pence all spoke.

Inside, Democrats were working to finalize a trillion-dollar health care bill that they say will deliver insurance to tens of millions of Americans who currently lack it, improve the quality of care and rein in costs both for individuals and the government.

Outside, on the grassy lawn just steps from where Barack Obama took the oath of office, an endless lineup of rank-and-file lawmakers and conservative All Stars – Bachmann, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, actor Jon Voigt and Mark Levin, author of “Liberty and Tyranny” – demanded that the health care bill be torn asunder.

“Madam Speaker, throw out this bill,” bellowed Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.).

“Oh come on, tell them how you really feel,” Bachmann yelled to the crowd from a temporary podium at the foot of the Capitol.

“Kill the bill! Kill the bill! Kill the bill!” the crowd replied.

“That’s exactly what you’re going to tell them,” said Bachmann, who was the clear favorite of the assembled masses.

“She has more cojones than a lot of guys,” said Barbara McGrath, who traveled from Troy, Ohio, to participate.

When she took the microphone, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) pointed to the three House office buildings across Independence Avenue from the rally.

“I invite you, when the rally's over, to travel in those halls, look at the walls, find your (member) and walk in," she said. "Let them know how you feel about this bill."

Within an hour, activists were lined up down Independence Avenue to go through the magnetometers in the lobby of the Rayburn Office Building so they could confront members and staff. Bachman told them to each take a page – or a piece of a page – from one of two copies of the bill at the podium and ask a member to explain the text to them.

Bachmann’s office and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district office were surrounded by the Tea Partiers shortly after the rally ended, and the floor outside Pelosi’s office was covered in pages of the bill.

It may well be that the frustration expressed by activists – who came from Bluffton, S.C., Des Moines, Iowa, Dorris, Calif., and many other cities and towns across the country – far outstrips their influence over the final outcome of the legislation.

But they said it was important to let their elected officials how they felt.

Mary Beth Bishop of Monument, Colo., spent $500 on a plane ticket to lodge her complaints about the growth of government.

"We need to show up and uphold the Constitution," she said. "It wasn't written on toilet paper."

Boehner waved a copy of the Constitution while he quoted the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” he said.

Many in the crowd held signs demeaning President Obama – and their feelings were echoed on stage.

Voight invoked Obama’s now-strained relationship with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright in his speech, saying “the lies and deception are blatant... Maybe it was the 20 years of sub-conscious programming by Rev. Wright to damn America."

One sign in the crowd read: "Obama takes his orders from the Rothchilds," a reference to theories of Jewish world dominance centered around the prominent Jewish family of Rothschilds.

Another target of the Tea Party protesters’ ire was Pelosi.

“Nan-cy! Nan-cy!,” the crowd jeeringly chanted, as if taunting a particularly hated member of the opposing team at a baseball game.

Pelosi obviously wasn’t going to address the crowd, and her spokesman said Democrats were busy trying to pass a bill while Republicans played the role of obstructionists.

“While the Party of No holds a rally to once again say no, our health insurance reform bill was endorsed by the AARP and the AMA, and on the House floor, we are debating bipartisan legislation to create jobs by extending unemployment benefits and extend the first-time homebuyer tax credit,” Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said. “We are continuing with our job or passing legislation that will help the American people.”

Speaking on conservative talker Laura Ingraham’s radio show this morning, Bachmann encouraged people listening to show up on the West Front steps, but she said they should show up with “cameras” instead of “pitchforks.”

She got her wish: Photographs not firebombs.

Long before the event kicked off at noon, lawmakers visited one-by-one with their supporters.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), wearing a jacket covered in pins and stickers reading “Yes! Freedom!,” autographed tea bags.

“This is too great,” King said as he shook hands across a wall like a presidential contender.

For more on the Tea Party, see The Arena.



George Soros Lauds Chinese Model Of Goverment – Wants Global Governance Under UN Security Council

China’s economy will be the first to emerge from the financial crisis, and its model will soon take the leading position among the world’s economies, leaving behind the current leader the United States. This forecast was announced on Monday by leading financier George Soros.

According to him, China will play a primary role in the formation of a new model capable of lifting the entire global economic system from the ashes. In addition, Mr Soros said that “China has become the country that receives the greatest benefit from globalization, and has been least affected by the current financial crisis. Soon the country will become a world economic leader, therefore, the world’s dependency on it is not far off.”

The financier also said that at this point the recession is far from over, and those who believe it’s the beginning of stabilization of the world economy are profoundly mistaken.

Soros gave his pessimistic view on the current economic situation during a week-long series of lectures he is giving at Hungarian universities.

Soros said that the economy can only be saved with the cooperation and assistance of all countries, as well as reorganization and revision of the existing system. “Complete freedom of movement of capital around the world proved to be ineffective and should be stopped”, – he stressed.

World markets need global governance. Their regulation, which is currently too bogged down, has it’s roots in national sovereignty. We should be adopting a new system of control, which would simultaneously satisfy the interests of all countries. The system can then decide which of the financial organizations become too large and require a division, there must also be new rules to control the movement of capital “, – said Soros.

In addition, he said, the new system should be part of the UN, and especially the Security Council, so that you can also control processes such as global warming and the global nuclear threat. “The creation of this system must be initiated by the United States, but other major countries should enter into it on an equal footing,” – he concluded.



The Oath Keepers

Learn about how the Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters, who have sworn to uphold the Constitution and not follow unlawful orders to oppress the American people.


Obama’s New Bill of Rights

Make no mistake: Our Founders were onto something when they enshrined the right to keep and bear arms as the Second Amendment to our nation’s founding document, the United States Constitution.

Because the Second Amendment is part of our nation’s supreme law, attacking gun rights means attacking the very foundation of the country.

The gun grabbers know they have to deal with this supreme law at some point if they’re going to push their radical agenda through.

And so they’ve decided to rewrite the Bill of Rights to best suit their plans.

That’s right. In an attempt to circumvent our nation’s fundamental law, Barack Obama has rewritten his own version of the Bill of Rights and posted it on the White House website.

According to Obama, “The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.”

I don’t know about you, but my right to defend myself comes from my Creator — not from government, not from some bureaucrat or politician, but from my very nature as a human being.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that redefining a fundamental right as a privilege is a very dangerous path to start down.

A right is inherent in our humanity and can never be taken away.

A privilege can be removed at the whim of one’s rulers.

But the President’s redefinition of our nation’s fundamental law isn’t enough for some anti-freedom zealots.

Gun grabbers in our government-run education system are now seeking to brainwash your children into accepting their anti-gun agenda — also by rewriting the Bill of Rights.

Lesson plans in Garland, Texas, (Texas?! Really?!) now teach the Second Amendment by summarizing as follows, “Amendment 2: We can get permission to own weapons to protect ourselves.”

This couldn’t be any further from what the Second Amendment clearly states!

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

I want you to call the White House and the Garland Independent School District and demand they restore the original language to the Second Amendment.

The White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

GISD Superintendent Curtis Culwell: 972-487–3023

Tell them you will not stand for revisionist history or the weakening of our nation’s fundamental law. The Founding Fathers wrote it that way for a reason!

In Liberty,

Dudley Brown

Executive Director

National Association for Gun Rights



Anti-gun ObamaCare bill Coming to the House Floor Very Soon

We have reached the point in the battle over ObamaCare which will decide whether we win or lose.

The details of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill are in, and they can be seen at .

The bill (H.R. 3962) is 1,990 pages long and weighs over 20 pounds. And even though a search of the bill will not reveal the word “gun” or “firearm,” that doesn’t mean the bill is neutral in regard to your Second Amendment rights.

For starters, this bill will — like all the ObamaCare versions before it — most likely result in all of your gun-related health data being dumped into a government database that was created in the stimulus bill. This includes any firearms-related information your doctor has gleaned… or any determination of PTSD, or something similar, that can preclude you from owning firearms.

The bill will also create special “wellness” programs in section 112 which would allow the government to offer lower premiums to employers who bribe their employees to live healthier lifestyles — and nothing within the bill would prohibit rabidly anti-gun HHS Secretary Sebelius from decreeing that “no guns” is somehow healthier.

The bill purports to cut Medicare by $500 billion — in a move which will result in massive rationing for seniors, while ultimately adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit.

The bill will mandate that you purchase expensive government-approved policies and will (according to some studies) triple your insurance premiums through taxes and government requirements.

Of course, this all means that you will have less money to spend on pursuing your real passions — like providing for your family and purchasing guns and ammunition!

ACTION: Write your Representative. Tell him or her to oppose this bill. Don’t be discouraged by reports in the liberal media which have tried to tell us — since January — that this battle is hopeless. We can win, and, with your help, we will win.

You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center to send the pre-written message below to your Representative.

—– Pre-written letter —–

    Dear Representative:

    The Pelosi health care bill, sponsored by Rep. Dingell, has now been made public.

    For starters, this bill will — like all the ObamaCare versions before it — most likely result in all gun-related health data being dumped into the government database that was created in the stimulus bill. This includes any firearms-related information that doctors have gleaned… or any determination of PTSD, or something similar, that can preclude a person from owning firearms.

    The bill will also create special “wellness” programs in section 112 which would allow the government to offer lower premiums to employers who bribe their employees to live healthier lifestyles — and nothing within the bill would prohibit rabidly anti-gun HHS Secretary Sebelius from decreeing that “no guns” is somehow healthier.

    The bill will, according to some studies, triple insurance premiums through taxes and government requirements — while mandating that Americans purchase expensive government-approved policies.

    But, perhaps most instructively, there is this: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid promised to produce a $900 billion bill which would not add “one dime” to the deficit.

    This bill will cost $1.3 trillion and will increase the deficit by AT LEAST $150 billion.

    The only way Pelosi or the Congressional Budget Office can continue to pretend to the contrary is to take $247 billion in bill costs and slip them through in separate legislation.

    In short, this process is fraudulent.

    I have many issues with this legislation. And so I urge you to oppose this legislation and keep the government from inserting itself even more into my everyday life.



Gore Not Interested In Solutions To Climate Change That Don’t Line His Pockets

Al Gore has been on the defensive over his financial motives for pushing for a cap and trade system to reduce CO2 emissions, arguing that he is merely putting his money where his mouth is, however, a startling revelation in a recent Newsweek article proves that Gore is only interested in solutions to environmental problems that line his pockets.

For argument’s sake, let’s accept the highly contentious premise that the life-giving gas that humans exhale and plants absorb, carbon dioxide, is a dastardly evil threat to the planet, despite the fact that Al Gore himself admits CO2 is not the major driver of global warming.

If there was a solution to neutralize CO2 emissions that didn’t involve devastating the economy, taxing the citizens into oblivion, de-industrializing the west and giving government huge regulatory powers over our private lives, would Al Gore, Maurice Strong and the rest of the kingpins of the globalist environmental movement be interested?

You can bet your bottom dollar they’re not interested.

One of Gore’s global warming advisors, CEO Timothy LaSalle, told Gore’s team that CO2 emissions could be neutralized completely by clever use of agriculture and technology, without the need for a global carbon tax or the use of cap and trade systems that Gore, along with people like the Rothschilds, Maurice Strong and Barack Obama, have a huge financial stake in promoting.

The Newsweek article states:

“If we feed the biology and manage grasslands appropriately, we could sequester as much carbon as we emit,” says Timothy LaSalle, CEO of the Rodale Institute, who presented at two summits. The political clash is this: if you tell people soils can be managed to suck up lots of our carbon emissions, it sounds like a get-out-of-jail-free card, and could decrease what little enthusiasm there is for reducing those emissions—as one of Gore’s assistants told LaSalle in asking him to dial down his estimate. (He didn’t.)

So there you have it – LaSalle proposed a way of solving the CO2 issue but was basically told to shove it by Gore’s team because the methods he advocated would eliminate the need for what Gore and his cronies are really pursuing, nightmare regulation, taxation, and control over American’s lives, along with billions of dollars flooding into the coffers of Gore and the rest of the “carbon billionaire” globalists via the carbon trading systems they own.

“Could it be that Mr Gore and his team want the US economy and its free market system to be overturned regardless of the science? Could it be that they do not want to know about any science that does not allow them to tax and interfere in the lives of every American?” ask Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer.

“This is an outrageous interference in science for a political purpose. But what is the political purpose? Al Gore has called for stopping the use of fossil fuels and the complete restructuring of the economy in the US within ten years but when offered a chance to remove “harmful” CO2 from the atmosphere his team tries to change the science.”

That’s because Gore doesn’t give a damn about the science and he doesn’t give a damn about the environment. Like the rest of the vultures circling around the rich pickings of the global warming fraud, his only interest is in feasting on the corpse of the U.S. economy and the American taxpayer once he manages to ram though the cap and trade scam that will enrich the very carbon trading systems he owns.



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