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Six Good Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

(NaturalNews) Every year it is recommended that people get a flu shot to avoid spending time feeling horrendously bad over the winter. Elderly people are especially warned that without a flu shot, their health could be in serious jeopardy. In recent years, this warning has been extended to children, and more recently even teenagers. Yet there is mounting evidence that flu shots do not guarantee a healthy winter, and in fact they cause far more harm than good.

Here are 6 reasons to avoid getting a flu shot.

1.There is absolutely no evidence that flu shots actually work. The flu shot is only able to protect against certain strains of the flu, so if you come into contact with a strain that you are not protected from, then you will still get the flu. This is in fact not uncommon. In 2004, The National Vaccine Information Center reported that the vaccine given that year did not contain the flu strain that caused the majority of flu outbreaks that year. A study published in the Lancet in August revealed that there was no correlation between the flu shot and reduced risk of pneumonia. Further, a large study of 260,000 children between 23 month and 6 discovered that the flu vaccine is no more effective that a placebo. This was reported in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

2.The flu vaccines, as well as all other vaccines contain mercury, which is a seriously health compromising heavy metal. Vaccines contain Thimerosal, which is made up of mercury. The amount of mercury contained in a multi-dose flu shot is 250 times higher in mercury than what is legally classified as hazardous waste. Side affects of mercury toxicity are vast and include depression, memory loss, attention deficit disorder, anger, oral cavity disorders, digestive disorder, anxiety, cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues, thyroid and other glandular imbalances, and low immune system to name a few.

3.The flu vaccines contain antibiotics such as neomycin, polymyxin B and gentamicin which are added to eliminate stray bacteria found in the mixture. Evidence shows that antibiotics wipe out beneficial bacteria that is needed for optimum health. Antibiotics ironically lower the immune system and cause Candida overgrowth.

4.Vaccines contain Polysorbate 80 as an emulsifier. This highly toxic agent can seriously lower the immune system and cause anaphylactic shock which can kill. According to the MSDS sheet at Science lab.com, section 11, polysorbate 80 may cause reproductive effects, cancer, and may be a mutagenic, (change the genetics), in animals. According to PubMed.Gov, neonatal rats that were injected with small doses of polysorbate 80 had serious damage to their reproductive organs, often resulting in infertility. Imagine that they are recommending this for young girls! It's no wonder that the infertility rate is skyrocketing each and every year.

5.There is growing evidence that flu shots cause Alzheimer's disease due to the aluminum and formaldehyde combined with mercury since they are even more toxic together than they are alone. Some research suggests that people who received the flu vaccine each year for 3 to 5 years had 10 times greater chance of developing Alzheimer's disease than people who did not have any flu shots.

6.With so many potential side effects, it seems clear that the flu shot is potentially dangerous while not making a difference anyway. In addition, it is also completely unnecessary. Everything that we need to enjoy amazing health is right here on planet earth. Nothing man made is ever, ever needed in order to ward off illness and live vibrantly. Here are some powerful ways that you can ensure you don't get the flu this year without injecting yourself with the extremely toxic flu shot:

·Make sure that you get plenty of sunshine over the winter research continually indicates that the winter flu is often a result of vitamin D deficiency from lack of sun. If you live in a place without sunshine, take cod liver oil, find a place that offers sunshowers (natural tanning beds), and if it is sunny go outside as much as you possibly can no matter how cold it is. Raw, unpasteurized milk is another vitamin D abundant food.

·Exercise, exercise, exercise! When you get out and get your body moving, you are much less likely to get sick. Yoga, for example is a fabulous way to get fit, relieve stress and boost the immune system.

·Eat plenty of immune boosting foods such as garlic, vitamin C containing fruits and fresh green juices (broccoli, cabbage, cucumber and celery.) A diet rich in live foods is a sure way to stay healthy all year long.

·Cut out sugar. Sugar suppresses the immune system and causes disease. Today there are so many wonderful healthy alternatives such as agave nectar and xylitol that it is totally unnecessary to ever consume sugar.

·Deal with emotional stress. Anger and stress suppress the immune system. Yoga, meditation, counselling, natural therapies and plant medicines can transform stress and help you live with abundant health in mind and body.

·Get plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep suppresses the immune system, but is a reality for millions of people. Find ways to make life less hectic so that you have more time to catch those zzzzs.



Microsoft Patents Censorship Bot

As the Times Online reports, the corporate behemoth Microsoft is on the verge of unleashing a technology capable of eliminating “green inkers” and conspiracy theorists. “Microsoft has just been awarded a patent for technology designed to automatically detect and remove ‘undesired words or phrases’ from all manner of digital communications, ranging from YouTube broadcasts to internet chat and songs,” writes Mark Harris.

According to Mr. Harris, Microsoft will release this technology to protect children, which is the usual explanation. “The patent describes a system that listens out for phonemes (word fragments) likely to be part of a swearword. If it thinks it hears a forbidden phrase, the software either fades out the offending syllables or simply replaces the rude word with a similar-sounding but clean alternative lifted from earlier speech without a second’s delay.” Of course, defining “rude” will be left up to a corporate censor. It will not be limited to “explicit rap music.” It may very well include phrases such as “9/11 truth” and other political slogans at odds with the government.

For instance, Google’s behavior is not limited to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) legal complaints, censoring search results on its Google China service, or training training police in India how to find “objectionable” material. Google also censors in the United States and Europe. In addition to blocking child pornography and certain Nazi websites, Google News routinely filters non-corporate media results. As the American Thinker reported in 2006, Google, “without any prior explanation or notice, has been terminating its News relationship with conservative e-zines and web journals.” But it isn’t simply conservative websites: Google and Yahoo have repeatedly censored Uruknet, the Italian antiwar news portal. Liberals also complain of censorship and the removal of Google Adsense from their pages. (See Google’s Gag Order: An Internet Giant Threatens Free Speech.)

Google routinely “excludes” information from Infowars.com, Prisonplanet.com, and fudges rankings, or removes entirely Alex Jones’ films from Google Video and the popular YouTube service, owned by the corporation. In addition to Google, MySpace, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is in the business of censoring political speech on its hugely popular social network. In May of 2007, for instance, a MySpace moderator “admitted that it is MySpace.com policy to censor and filter out posts containing links to the Prison Planet.com website, adding that the MySpace server automatically blocks such information,” according to Paul Joseph Watson.

It is relatively easy to find and exclude text-based posts and websites on a network, however until the advent of this latest technology it was a tedious and time-consuming process to find and exclude audio and video files. As Mark Harris notes, governments and corporations may go beyond simply censoring obscene and pornographic material and use this technology to prevent “people from even discussing concepts such as ‘protest’ or ‘freedom,” especially under the rubric of anti-terrorism.



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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order


Fluoride Added To Children’s Milk In Schools Throughout UK City

Kids now drinking poison waste product first used as mood stimulant by Nazis

Fluoride is being added to children’s milk in 42 schools throughout the city of Sheffield in the UK, despite the chemical’s proven link to liver and kidney damage, cancer and the lowering of IQ.

“A new strategy with the focus of preventing dental problems among children is be introduced in Sheffield,” reports the Yorkshire Post.

The move comes in response to figures showing that the state of children’s teeth in the city is slightly higher than the national average.

“At present, fluoride is added to children’s milk in 42 primary schools in the city. This will continue, and the local NHS is also planning to begin talks on the possibility of adding fluoride to water.” the report continues.

While Fluoride has been proven to have a minimal effect in the prevention of tooth decay, the negative effects of the chemical are legion according to several medical studies, far outweighing any positive aspects.

A recent Scientific American study “Concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function, especially in the thyroid — the gland that produces hormones regulating growth and metabolism.”

The report also notes that “a series of epidemiological studies in China have associated high fluoride exposures with lower IQ.”

50 per cent of the fluoride taken in on a daily basis remains in the body for life, accumulating in the skeleton. This can cause, skeletal fluorosis, a crippling and painful condition.

“Epidemiological studies and tests on lab animals suggest that high fluoride exposure increases the risk of bone fracture, especially in vulnerable populations such as the elderly and diabetics,” writes Dan Fagin.

Fagin interviewed Steven Levy, director of the Iowa Fluoride Study which tracked about 700 Iowa children for sixteen years. Nine-year-old “Iowa children who lived in communities where the water was fluoridated were 50 percent more likely to have mild fluorosis… than [nine-year-old] children living in nonfluoridated areas of the state,” writes Fagin.

The study adds to a growing literature of shocking scientific studies proving fluoride’s link with all manner of health defects, even as governments in the west, including recently the UK, make plans to mass medicate the population against their will with this deadly toxin.

Sodium fluoride can also cause dental fluorosis (fluoride-discolored teeth) which can be an indicator of kidney function harm according to an August 2006 study in Environmental Research. The study found that “water fluoride levels over 2.0 mg/L can cause damage to liver and kidney functions in children.”

2.0 mg is routinely exceeded daily by means of intake through milk, tea, toothpaste, fish, crops irrigated with fluoridated water and some medicines and food processed using fluoridated water. through food.

60 per cent of the U.S. population also drinks sodium-fluoride contaminated water, with the government aiming to increase that number to 75% by 2010.

In 2005, a study conducted at the Harvard School of Dental Health found that fluoride in tap water directly contributes to causing bone cancer in young boys.

“New American research suggests that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate of osteosarcoma - bone cancer - between the ages of 10 and 19,” according to a London Observer article about the study.

Based on the findings of the study, the respected Environmental Working Group lobbied to have fluoride in tap water be added to the US government’s classified list of substances known or anticipated to cause cancer in humans.

Cancer rates in the U.S. have skyrocketed with one in three people now contracting the disease at some stage in their life.

The link to bone cancer has also been discovered by other scientists, but a controversy ensued after it emerged that Harvard Professor Chester Douglass, who downplayed the connection in his final report, was in fact editor-in-chief of The Colgate Oral Health Report, a quarterly newsletter funded by Colgate-Palmolive Co., which makes fluoridated toothpaste.

An August 2006 Chinese study found that fluoride in drinking water damages children’s liver and kidney functions.


- Fluoride is a waste by-product of the fertilizer and aluminum industry and it’s also a Part II Poison under the UK Poisons Act 1972.

- Fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in both PROZAC (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUoride).

- USAF Major George R. Jordan testified before Un-American Activity committees of Congress in the 1950’s that in his post as U.S.-Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to “Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.”

- The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany’s Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride’s supposed effect on children’s teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission. (Ref. book: “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben” by Joseph Borkin.)

- 97% of western Europe has rejected fluoridated water due to the known health risks, however 10% of Britons drink it and the UK government is trying to fast track the fluoridation of the entire country’s water supply.

- In Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg fluoridation of water was rejected because it was classified as compulsive medication against the subject’s will and therefore violated fundamental human rights.

- In November of 2006, the American Dental Association (ADA) advised that parents should avoid giving babies fluoridated water.

- Sources of fluoride include: fluoride dental products, fluoride pesticides, fluoridated pharmaceuticals, processed foods made with fluoridated water, and tea.

Click here to find out if your water supply is poisoned with deadly fluoride.



Dimming down: How the brainpower of today's 14-year-olds has slipped 'radically' in just one generation

Bright teenagers are a disappearing breed, an alarming new study has revealed.

The intellectual ability of the country's cleverest youngsters has declined radically, almost certainly due to the rise of TV and computer games and over-testing in schools.

The 'high-level thinking' skills of 14-year-olds are now on a par with those of 12-year-olds in 1976.

The findings contradict national results which have shown a growth in top grades in SATs at 14, GCSEs and A-levels.


The intelligence of Britain's youth is being dumbed down, which experts say is down to television and video games. Posed by model

But Michael Shayer, the professor of applied psychology who led the study, believes that is the result of exam standards 'edging down'.

His team of researchers at London's King's College tested 800 13 and 14-year-olds and compared the results with a similar exercise in 1976.

The tests were intended to measure understanding of abstract scientific concepts such as volume, density, quantity and weight, which set pupils up for success not only in maths and science but also in English and history.

mahood cartoon

One test asked pupils to study a pendulum swinging on a string and investigate the factors that cause it to change speed. A second involved weights on a beam.

In the pendulum test, average achievement was much the same as in 1976.

But the proportion of teenagers reaching top grades, demanding a 'higher level of thinking', slumped dramatically.

Just over one in ten were at that level, down from one in four in 1976.

In the second test, assessing mathematical thinking skills, just one in 20 pupils were achieving the high grades - down from one in five in 1976.

Professor Shayer said: 'The pendulum test does not require any knowledge of science at all.

'It looks at how people can deal with complex information and sort it out for themselves.'

He believes most of the downturn has occurred over the last ten to 15 years.

It may have been hastened by the introduction of national curriculum testing and accompanying targets, which have cut the time available for teaching which develops more advanced skills.

Critics say schools concentrate instead on drilling children for the tests.

'The moment you introduce targets, people will find the most economical strategies to achieve them,' said Professor Shayer.


A study found the high-level thinking skills of 14-year-olds are now on par with a 12-year-old in 1976. Posed by models.

'In the case of education, I'm sure this has had an effect on driving schools away from developing higher levels of understanding.'

He added that while the numeracy hour in primary schools appears to have led to some gains, it has 'squeezed out a lot of things teachers might otherwise be doing'.

Professor Shayer believes the decline in brainpower is also linked to changes in children's leisure activities.

The advent of multi-channel TV has encouraged passive viewing while computer games, particularly for boys, are feared to have supplanted time spent playing with tools, gadgets and other mechanisms.

Professor Shayer warned that without the development of higher-order thinking skills,
the future supply of scientists will be compromised.

'We don't even have enough scientists now,' he said.

Previous research by Professor Shayer has shown that 11-year-olds' grasp of concepts such as volume, density, quantity and weight appears to have declined over the last 30 years.

Their mental abilities were up to three years behind youngsters tested in in 1975.

His latest findings, due to appear in the British Journal of Educational Psychology, come in the wake of a report by Dr Aric Sigman which linked the decline in intellectual ability to a shift away from art and craft skills in both schools and the home.

damning dossier

Dr Sigman said practical activities such as building models and sandcastles, making dens, using tools, playing with building blocks, knitting, sewing and woodwork were being neglected.

Yet they helped develop vital skills such as understanding dimension, volume and density.

Earlier this month the Government bowed to mounting pressure and scrapped SATs for 14-year-olds.

Ministers have also created an independent exams watchdog and promised a return to traditional, open-ended questions at A-level plus a new A* grade to mark out the brightest students.

A spokesman for the Department for Children said last night: 'Good teachers do not need to teach to the test and there is no evidence that such practice is widespread.

'We have already taken steps to reduce the testing burden, but targets and testing are integral features of any work to drive up standards.'

Last month an Ofsted report said millions of teenagers were finishing compulsory education with a weak grasp of maths because half of the country's schools fail to teach the subject as well as they could.

Inspectors said teachers were increasingly drilling pupils to pass exams instead of encouraging them to understand crucial concepts.

The report said: 'It is of vital importance to shift from a narrow emphasis towards a focus on pupils' mathematical understanding.'



ACLU: 2/3 of US population lives in "Constitution-free" zone

Longtime Ars readers know that I've had my own problems in the "Constitution-free zone" that exists in US airports, but an aggressive new ACLU campaign highlights a fact of which I was previously unaware: the Constitution-free zone that exists a US borders and airports actually extends 100 air miles inland and encompasses two-thirds of the country's population. The US Border Patrol can set up checkpoints anywhere in this region and question citizens.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution contains a border-related exception to unreasonable search and seizure laws, permitting searches at border checkpoints that wouldn't be permitted elsewhere. But federal statute 8 CFR 287.1 (a)(1-3) defines the border zone for enforcement purposes as encompassing an area within 100 miles of the actual border, with the possibility of extending it further under certain circumstances. This means that the US Border Patrol could conceivably set up random checkpoints asking travelers for a passport in places like Columbus, Ohio; Houston; or anywhere in the state of Florida. And, in fact, it appears that it has been doing exactly this.

The ACLU's map of the border zone

Papers, please

In 2003, the Seattle Times reported on random "spot checks" of cars and luggage that border patrol agents were performing on US citizens who were taking the ferry between Washington State and the San Juan islands. Because most of the passengers on these ferries had not actually crossed an international border, the ACLU advised them at the time not to answer any questions asked of them by federal agents.

In the intervening years, the ACLU has been collecting other reports of such inland "border" checkpoints, and has built its new "Constitution-Free Zone" campaign around them. Unfortunately for the ACLU, few of the folks who have been subject to search at such checkpoints have actually come forward with complaints, but the ones who did speak up have compelling and troubling stories.

Take the story of Vince Peppard from San Diego, who crossed the border to buy tiles at a discount store in Mexico. Upon crossing back into the US, he was subject to the usual check at the border, but on driving further inland he was stopped a second checkpoint, where agents asked to search his car.

Peppard, a member of the ACLU, refused the search, at which point he was questioned repeatedly, and eventually escorted from his car while the agents searched it. Segments of Peppard's account of the incident, which the ACLU has posted in video form on their site, would almost be funny if the issue weren't so serious.

"He starts looking at the passport and the driver's license," says Peppard, "and he goes to my wife, 'Where were you born?' because she has an accent, but she's a US citizen. And so she says, 'I was born in Syria,' and he goes, 'Ah! A Syrian!' like he'd hit the jackpot or something."

Peppard then goes a little overboard in expressing worry that he may be stopped and asked for his passport at Home Depot or in other random locations, but he finishes off the clip with a concern that may not be so far-fetched. Specifically, Peppard worries that, because he has talked to the ACLU and has filed a complaint with the Border Patrol, he may be singled out for further harassment at border checkpoints.

Ultimately, one wonders just how far the Feds will push this internal checkpoint idea in a non-emergency situation; given the likely reaction to citizens being asked to show papers on a mass scale, it seems unlikely that the government will truly install checkpoints north of Columbus and begin screening in large numbers. But vigilance, as the saying goes, is the price of freedom, which is why the ACLU and its allies intend to challenge the practice before we have a chance to find out.



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David Gergen explains ‘esoteric’ New World Order in confrontation

Members of WeAreChange Ohio spoke with David Gergen, an editor of U.S. News and World Report, and political analyst for CNN. Gergen covered a range of topics from foreign policy to the Presidential race.

During an appearance at the Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Gergen responds directly to a question about the New World Order, describing what George H.W. Bush meant when he called for a New World Order. He digressed some off the subject, but stated that both Bush and Clinton were trying to “define” what this ideology could become through out their presidency.

Similar to what Zbigniew Brzezinski has made a notion of in numerous publications, America is beginning to lose it’s place as a super power and our economy is sliding. He stated that many countries have seen a transfer of power from the west to Asia and that many countries are fed up with Americas “cowboy Capitalism” and that it “represents the past”, is “threatening to bring down the structure” and is “destroying the fabric of civilization”.

Gergen revealed that as an insider, he could predict the outcome of the current economic crisis. In response to a question about the New World Order, Gergen stated that the standard of living of the American people would fall by 40%, ushering in an era of austerity.

This plan in which he stated that the post-World War II prosperity of America was coming to an end. One must conclude that this is a coordinated plan by the governing class to restrict the resources of the planet to stunt the growth of the middle class.

In the political realm, Gergen revealed that Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the Democratic nomination, but was upset during the primary process by Barack Obama.

During his appearance, Gergen focused on the importance of Pakistan in foreign policy, a viewpoint that meshes with Zbigniew Brzezinski’s outline for world domination in his 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard.

With regard to the media, Gergen stated that it was healthy for networks such as Fox News to produce propaganda, since MSNBC and CNN could balance it with their own versions of the truth.

Gergen held up General David Petraeus as an example of an effective leader, and reveled his admiration for the nation of Singapore, which Gergen said was “authoritarian, to be sure.”

After the session, Gergen became agitated when confronted with documentation regarding his membership in the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and his attendance at the Bohemian Grove.




I recently emailed Scott McLarty on the Media Committee of the Green Party, the party whose ticket Cynthia McKinney is running for President on, regarding her provocative YouTube video of Sept 28 in Oakland, California. Today he replied, sending me an informative statement from John Judge, the McKinney-Clemente campaign's media secretary. Many of you have been asking for a follow-up reply either from Cynthia or the Green Party, so here it is. Happy reading.


This is from John Judge, the McKinney-Clemente Green Party presidential campaign's media secretary. Scott McLarty of the Green Party Media Committee tells me he does not know if Cynthia McKinney herself plans to speak again on this issue any time soon. Here, at least, is an official statement from her campaign:

The Unaccounted Deaths of Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath*

While serving in her sixth term in the House of Representatives, Cynthia McKinney was one of only a handful of the Democrats who participated in the proceedings of the U.S. House Select Bipartisan Committee to Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina, chaired by Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia. Democratic Party leadership claimed that the investigation would be partisan and biased, and therefore instructed Members not to join the Committee. Rep. McKinney chose to defy Speaker Pelosi's decision because she felt that the issues that would arise out of any investigation were too serious to ignore.

During the period of her participation, she attempted to bring forward a wide range of issues, facts and testimony regarding the flawed preparations and response to Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused.

She and her staff worked tirelessly with other legislators to craft an environmental bill that would address the damage, toxicity, homelessness, and safety for first responders and those involved in clean up and Katrina survivors trying to put their lives back together at home. McKinney and her staff worked long hours helping to write and promote the Congressional Black Caucus omnibus bill, a broad package designed to address the plight of the survivors, address the issues of housing and homelessness, provide funds for reconstruction, improve future federal responses to natural disasters, and that also included McKinney's initiative for a comprehensive clean-up program of the toxic materials left over from the storm surges of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. McKinney pushed for a Congressional delegation to New Orleans to witness the situation first hand.

McKinney also invited survivors and experts to testify before the committee at a hearing titled "Hurricane Katrina: Voices from Inside the Storm." This two-part hearing took place on Tuesday, December 6, 2005, at the Rayburn House Office Building, To see some of the written statements which outline the abuses of the National Guard and police, see: http://katrina.house.gov/hearings/12_06_05/witness_list_120605.htm.

Following the flood, Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco issued a state of emergency and issued "shoot to kill" orders to curb unrest and reported looting. Subsequently, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, backed by Blanco, declared martial law, even though there is no provision for that in Louisiana Law. The report also cited numerous national news media stories of civilians being shot by police. During the second panel of this hearing, Attorney Ishmael Mohammed questioned whether the "shoot to kill" order and the declaration of martial law were in accord with common sense in a situation where some of the law enforcement officers were "raring to go" and in a situation where everyone was a potential looter.

"Then you have statements being made by law enforcement officials and government officials . . . that all deaths are going to be identified as happening August 29th as the date and no identification is going to be made of what actually killed anyone." In fact, Frank Minyard, the Orleans Parish Coroner, told the Chicago Tribune that "If you murdered somebody in those days, you are probably going to get away with it."

(Chicago Tribune, 11/8/05). Muhammed stated before the committee: "then you have reports that over 10,000 people may be dead, and all of a sudden we have a body count of a little over 1,000."

These quotes were repeated in McKinney's 70-page report which her staff prepared, and which was included in its final report, titled "A Failure of Initiative." This report covers many of her findings and issues that remain unaddressed to this day. See: (http://archives.allthingscynthiamckinney.com/mckinney.house.gov/katrina.supplemental.pdf).

McKinney's Congressional office became a focal point nationally for complaints, reports, and local and national efforts to restore the community and homes that were lost to the storm. She was outspoken on behalf of the victims and their right of return. Upon hearing of the survivors who were shot at and dispersed by Gretna Police on the Crescent City Connection Bridge to Gretna, after being refused passage out of New Orleans, McKinney introduced legislation to deny funding to the Gretna Police for one year. She then led a march across the bridge with survivors and civil rights activists that highlighted the incident.

She continues to work closely with community organizers who have been demanding restoration of homes for victims and their families through formation of the Reconstruction Party.

During the course of Congresswoman McKinney's focus on the victims and their mistreatment, she and her staff received reports of illegal use of force and shootings against innocent citizens from multiple, unrelated sources, including reports of attempts to by law enforcement authorities to conceal the evidence of their crimes. Although a few of these informants were willing to testify in public or go to the press, most refused to go on record for fear of retaliation. Transcripts of the testimony of the survivors at the December 6, 2005 hearing reveal a common theme about military and police abuses of ordinary citizens in a crisis, including threats to kill. After that hearing, more reports were received that warrant further Congressional investigation.

Because these stories came from multiple, unrelated sources Congresswoman McKinney did not dismiss them out of hand. She attempted to verify them with limited resources, to speak out about them, and to get Congressional attention through the Katrina Committee hearings. Many aspects of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, despite numerous House and Senate committee hearings, remain unanswered and unresolved, including any final or reliable body counts.

The largest single wrongful death toll was reported by a woman who claimed that her son had been employed as a computer specialist to enter information about corpses into a database system for DMORT in Louisiana following the hurricane. The purpose was to collect as much information as possible on discovered bodies and remains for the purpose of later identification. This could include identification papers, address or location of discovery, gender, age, height and weight, clothing, identifying marks, hair and eye color, and other distinguishable features, as well as the probable or visible cause of death if these could be determined. Presumably, such a database could be used later, by families or authorities, to identify specific victims. She told the Congresswoman that her son claimed that 4 or 5 thousand bodies entered into the database showed bullet wounds in the head. Her son told her that the bodies were disposed of in swampland outside New Orleans. Her staff attempted to verify the account, but the young man would not speak to them or testify.

DMORT is in fact an agency that was involved in the rescue and identification of bodies in Louisiana and Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina. DMORT: National Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (www.dmort.orghttp://www.dmort.org/http://www.dmort.org/http://www.dmort.org/, is part of the Disaster Medical System (NDMS).http://www.hhs.gov/aspr/opeo/ndms/teams/dmort.html - OFFICIAL PAGE http://www.hhs.gov/aspr/opeo/ndms/index.html - UNDER NDMS http://www.dmort.org/ - UNOFFICIAL SITE

For some of DMORT's history see:

http://www.dmort.org/DNPages/DMORTHistory.htm. This site reads:"In the early 1980's, a committee was formed within the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) to address disaster situations and specifically, mass fatality incidents. This group found that no standardization then existed and worked toward creating a national protocol for the formation of a proper response. Initially, they were concentrating on just the role of funeral directors, but it was soon discovered that funeral directors and no /_one_/ profession could handle all of the aspects of such an event. A multi-faceted nonprofit organization, open to all forensic practitioners, was formed by the committee to support…a national level response protocol for all related professions. This group formed, and led by Tom Shepardson <

http://www.dmort.org/DNPages/Tom_Page.htm> purchased the first portable morgue unit in the country and their equipment has supported DMORT missions in Illinois, Indiana, Guam, Michigan and Del Rio.

"Soon after this nonprofit group of volunteers had formed, government interest in this topic came to the forefront. Families who had lost loved ones in airline incidents felt that the treatment that they had received was inadequate and demanded a response from congress. As a result, Congress passed The Family Assistance Act in October of 1996 and required all American based airlines (and later all those operating in the US) to have a plan to assist families in the case of an accident.

DMORT is one federal team, which can be called in to help if needed.

"DMORT has grown from its humble beginnings in the early 1990's to the current group of over 1200 trained and capable volunteers who respond at a moments notice to assist those in need."

Additional related independent reports included:

A report from the friend of a Louisiana National Guard officer who was upset over the Guard's role in the shooting of between two and three hundred persons in the wake of the flood. Allegedly the victims' bodies were then taken to Mississippi and burned to dispose of them. The officer would not be identified, come forward to testify or send a statement to the staff or the Committee.

Red Cross employees who declined to be identified reported that survivors were being shot.

A reporter from a top television network told McKinney's staff that New Orleans Police Department officers claimed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Federal Marshals, among others, were involved in shootings of civilians during the "shoot to kill" period. The NOPD officers themselves bragged to this reporter about shooting dead up to about 150 persons, but would not go on the record.

A reporter at the New Orleans Times Picayune said he was baffled by all the rumors about police and Guard shootings, since the total number of shooting deaths reported by the coroner allegedly totaled only a handful of persons.

Some press reported that private security forces, like Blackwater, Dyncorps and others who were also present in the city after the flood, were using lethal force and indiscriminately shooting civilians.

As long as questions remain for the families and the survivors about how their relatives and friends actually died, and whether unlawful and unjustified use of firearms led to innocent people being threatened, harmed or killed, then justice and public knowledge have not been served. It is critical that the voices of the survivors be heard and that their questions and complaints are fully investigated and addressed. Rep. McKinney has persistently demanded further investigation and action to help the survivors and as mentioned, has consistently raised the issue of civilians being shot by law enforcement officials.

As a public official, it would have been remiss for Congresswoman McKinney to have remained silent.

It is increasingly clear that members of these same military, police and private organizations have been involved in illegal and indiscriminate killings of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, and here at home, and these situations have, at least some of the time, been investigated and charges brought. The people who died during Katrina and its aftermath deserve no less. DMORT, the NOPD, the National Guard and the private agencies like Blackwater should release all their databases and field reports on civilian deaths and the causes of death visible among the remains they discovered. Military and police officers are required to account for any expended ammunition as well. And immunity and whistleblower protection should be afforded anyone willing to come forward at this point with knowledge about any illegal deaths or destruction of bodies to conceal the facts.

See Cynthia's statement (of Sept 28, 2008, Oakland, Calif):



Friday, October 17, 2008

Huge Protests As New Jersey Declares Flu Vaccines Mandatory

Parents seething over “requirement” that children get a flu shot in order to attend preschools and day-care centers

Hundreds of concerned parents participated in demonstrations outside the New Jersey Statehouse yesterday in protest of the State’s decision to mandate flu vaccinations for young children.

Protesters also turned out to support a bill that would allow for conscientious objections to forced vaccinations, arguing that medication should be the choice of the parent not the government.

New Jersey’s health department has indicated that it is strongly opposed to such legislation, stating “Broad exemptions to mandatory vaccination weaken the entire compliance and enforcement structure”.

New Jersey’s policy was approved last December by the state’s Public Health Council and is taking effect this fall, reports the Daily Texan.

Children from 6 months to 5 years old who attend a child-care center or preschool have until Dec. 31 to receive the flu vaccine, along with a pneumococcal vaccine.

Watch a CBS short on the protests:

Ralph Fucetola JD, trustee of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a non governmental educational body, insisted that there is a universal right to vaccine exemptions.

“It is so important to remember that this harm that is caused by vaccines is a foreseeable harm. The insurance industry foresees the harm, and will not insure the pharmaceutical industry against this harm. Yet we as parents as being forced to give these dangerous substances to children in exchange for alleged free public education. This is simply wrong.” Fucetola said.

Watch Fucetola’s speech:

Ralph Fucetola also referred to a case we reported on in Prince George’s County, Maryland, last November, where parents of more than 1600 children were told they could be put in jail for failing to get their kids vaccinated. At the time a local Fox News affiliate reported, “A new law was passed last year requiring children from 5th through to 10th grade to have the vaccine,” which was a total lie.

The non-complying parents were not charged not under vaccination laws (because there aren’t any) but under truancy, neglect or child in need of supervision laws, which state that the parent is culpable after 30 days of a child’s unexplained absence from school.

The school itself triggered the truancy violation by unfairly kicking the kids out of school, and failing to inform parents about vaccine waiver forms. A state prosecutor involved in the case then admitted that there is no law that mandates any vaccine.

This trick will continue to hoodwink Americans into taking all manner of dangerous and untested vaccines, the number of which rises every year, until they realize that there is no law that forces them to take any vaccine.

More recently, large Pharmaceutical companies, unable to sell the “benefits” of vaccinations to make enough profit out of them, have increasingly turned to state legislatures and attempted to pay off Governors and other officials to curry favor and force young children to take vaccines such as the flu shot and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

However, pharmaceutical giants have faced a fierce backlash from concerned parents and religious organizations.

We previously exposed Merck’s role in one such crony deal with Texas Governor Rick Perry which saw a resulting media campaign fool parents into thinking that the HPV vaccine had been made compulsory by law for all young girls.

Without consulting and doctors, scientists or medical experts, Perry, who has various close ties to Merck, issued an executive order requiring girls to be vaccinated against HPV. Several Texas lawmakers subsequently petitioned for a reversal of the decision without success.

Almost immediately following Perry’s announcement, newspapers and TV stations began to report that it was “the law” that parents had to have their child vaccinated. This reflects a national and international hoax that is repeatedly being perpetrated shortly before school terms begin each year.

There is no law in America, aside from those applying to medical workers, that says any citizen or their children have to take any vaccine whatsoever, no matter what any executive order, requirement, mandate or policy dictates.

As in the case of all other vaccines, Perry’s executive order merely stated that the vaccine is “recommended,” yet the mass media drumbeat constantly conditions people to believe that if they don’t take their shots they will be kicked out of school, arrested and thrown in jail.

Until this is drilled home with parents we will also keep seeing relatively unchallenged moves to pass legislation to make mandatory all vaccines recommended by the CDC for all children, including infants and toddlers.



Global Cooling: Alaskan Glaciers Grow For First Time In 250 Years

Follows thirteen per cent increase in Arctic ice cover as climate change cult increasingly discredited by evidence of big chill

Plans to implement a worldwide carbon tax in the name of saving the planet from global warming have taken another blow after it was revealed that Alaskan glaciers have grown for the first time in 250 years after an abnormally cool summer.

Temperatures 3 degrees below average caused winter snow to remain for longer, prompting the increase in glacial mass, reports the Daily Tech.

“Since 1946, the USGS has maintained a research project measuring the state of Alaskan glaciers. This year saw records broken for most snow buildup. It was also the first time since any records began being that the glaciers did not shrink during the summer months,” according to the report.

The biggest shrinkage witnessed in the region occurred between 1741 and 1900, during which the glaciers lost about 15 per cent of their total mass as the earth began to exit the climatological period coined the Little Ice Age.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but CO2 spewing cars and jumbo jets were not too prevalent in the 18th and 19th centuries.

And now that the planet has naturally exited a warming trend and is heading towards a new “big chill,” as evidenced by the near complete halt in sunspot activity, the glaciers are expanding once again.

Years more growth in the Alaskan glaciers “might mark the beginning of another Little Ice Age,” notes the report.

The expansion of the glaciers follows a similar occurrence in the Arctic, which has undergone an ice cover growth twice the size of Germany in the past year, a gain of about thirteen percent following a colder than usual year.

Man-made global warming adherents have attempted to downplay such instances as aberrations that defy a wider warming trend, but in reality no global warming has been observed since at least 1999 or even 1995, as University of Finland professor Jarl R. Ahlbeck maintains.

Evidence that the planet is tip-toeing towards the onset of a new mini ice age continues to present itself following unprecedented ice storms in Kenya as well as Sydney experiencing its coldest August for 60 years.

The cold snap arrives on the back of the Sun reaching a milestone not observed in nearly 100 years - the entire month of August passed without a single sunspot being noted.

Lack of solar activity in 2008 has coincided with evidence of a cooling trend across the world.

Earlier this year, China experienced its coldest winter in 100 years while northeast America was hit by record snow levels and Britain suffered its coldest Easter in decades as late-blooming daffodils were pounded with hail and snow on an almost daily basis. The British summer also left many yearning for global warming, with temperatures in June and July rarely struggling to get over 16 degrees and on one occasion even dropping as low as 9 degrees in the middle of the afternoon.

Many parts of the U.S. suffered their coldest April on record. Canada had its third coldest April since 1970.

“Summer heat continues in short supply, continuing a trend that has dominated much of the 21st Century’s opening decade,” reports the Chicago Tribune. “There have been only 162 days 90 degrees or warmer at Midway Airport over the period from 2000 to 2008. That’s by far the fewest 90-degree temperatures in the opening nine years of any decade on record here since 1930.”

According to an Associated Press report, The Farmers Almanac is now also predicting “below-average temperatures for most of the U.S.” The publication boasts of an 85 per cent accuracy rate for its forecasts which are given two years in advance.

According to a report from the World Meteorological Organization last month, the first half of 2008 was the coolest for at least five years, adding that it may actually be the coolest since 2000.

Man-made advocates have been losing credibility in recent months on the back of bizarre proposals to fight climate change that include blocking out the sun with spaceships as well as eviscerating pristine old growth forests, despite wider evidence of a cooling trend that is just beginning to manifest itself.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What You Can Do to End the Tyranny of the Federal Reserve

(NaturalNews) The bailout opposed by so many Americans was nevertheless negotiated by the Federal Reserve with the help of Congress and the Administration. The final bill for the hotly debated rescue of the rich is over 1 trillion dollars including the ear marks and special interests sops that were included. But this is small change compared to the money that is being pumped into the monetary system by the Federal Reserve without any debate or consent. New money is being printed at record rates, insuring that the currency you have in your pocket will buy less and less everyday. As more people wake up to the threat to American's future posed by the Federal Reserve, interest is being renewed in the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR2755).

This legislation introduced by Congressman Ron Paul in June, 2007 would kill the Federal Reserve Act and would then phase out the Federal Reserve altogether one year after the bill becomes law. Although legislators have yet to bring Paul's bill to the floor, mounting interest in the bill in the face of recent Fed actions suggests it will be revived from its current state of languish in the House Committee on Financial Services.

Although people are just beginning to hear about this proposed legislation in the main stream media, the internet and alternative press reveal the depth of public support for this initiative. Even Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin has placed abolishing the Fed as one of the top planks in his platform that calls for a return to fiscal responsibility for the U.S.

What the Federal Reserve is all about

The Federal Reserve is called that to fool you. It is actually a private corporation run by bankers dedicated to controlling the nation's money supply for the benefit of themselves and other wealthy and powerful people. Its mandate is to control the rest of the people by controlling their access to money and credit.

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the American middle and working classes have been victimized by boom and bust monetary policy. Most Americans have suffered steady erosion of purchasing power at the hands of the Fed's inflationary policies. The result of these policies represents an insidious and onerous tax imposed on the people on top of their already burdensome overt taxation.

The heavy hand of the Fed can be seen by any student of the Great Depression, the torturous stagflation of the 1970's, the dotcom bubble, the housing bubble, and today's financial panic and collapse. Its hand print is on every economic downturn that has robbed American's of their money for the past 80 years, as the Fed has followed a policy of flooding the economy with their easy money and credit. When everyone is in debt up to their eyeballs, the bubble bursts and is followed by a painful recession or depression. To save us from the total devastation they have created, the Fed then rides to our rescue with its printing press causing excessive inflation and the erosion of the purchasing power of the dollar. These policies have made slaves of us all with the exception of the power elite.

A dollar created during the birth of the Fed in 1913 is now worth about a penny thanks to the policies of the Fed. The repeal of its mandate would signal the return of a stable currency. It would provide Americans with incentive to save as they would no longer have to fear inflation eroding their savings. These saving could then be used to return America to the status of producer and exporter to the world.

What Ron Paul tried to explain in the presidential debates

Between interruption, ridicule and unscheduled station breaks, Ron Paul tried to tell us how the Fed policy benefits a few at the expense of many. The beneficiaries are those in position to take advantage of the cycles in monetary policy, with the main beneficiaries being those who receive access to artificially inflated money and/or credit before the inflationary effects of the policy impact the entire economy. They are the people who get to use the newly printed money first.

Think of it like this. Suppose you are the first person in your town to be allowed to print money in your basement. You print up a million or two and go out to spend it. You can buy almost anything you want, because now you are richer than almost everyone else. Then permission to print money is granted to 25% of all the people in your town. They all print up a bucket full of money and go out to spend it. Obviously, there are only so many palaces and luxury cars available, so with that many people wanting to buy them the prices move up swiftly. And finally everybody in your town is allowed to print money in their basements. At this point the money has become virtually worthless because it has lost all meaning. This is the point at which an economy collapses.

The people's appetite for big government has tacitly condoned Fed policy. It has allowed the politicians from both parties to use inflation to cover up the true costs of their welfare-warfare spending of American's future.

The Congress has no authority under the Constitution to delegate control of the nation's monetary policy to the Federal Reserve. The Constitution does not empower the government to erode the American standard of living through inflationary monetary policy. Constitutional mandate regarding monetary policy whould permit only currency backed by stable commodities such as gold and silver to be used as legal tender. Abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to a constitutional system would enable America to return to a monetary system where the value of money is consistent because it is tied to a real store of value. This is the type of monetary system that is the basis of a true free-market economy.

Your money and gold

The dollar is nothing more that what it looks like – a piece of paper with some fancy design and some numbers on it. It has no intrinsic worth like a loaf of bread, a tank or gas, a person to fix the plumbing, or a gold coin. The name for it is fiat currency, meaning it is a currency that is backed only by thin air.

Throughout most of history, gold has served as the basic money of all people wherever it has been available. It has been chosen by the markets of the world as the most valuable commodity on earth. Why is this no longer the case? Governments have destroyed the gold standard because they regarded it as too inflexible. This inflexibility is the friend of free markets, making governments keep their financial houses in order. Banks are more careful about lending when they can't rely on a lender of last resort like the Fed, with access to a printing press. Inflexibility means prices are more stable. The problems of inflation and business cycles disappear completely. Gold and economic freedom are inseparable. Deficit spending is a scheme for the confiscation of wealth and the enslavement of the people.

When money is as good as gold, the government cannot manipulate the money supply for its own ends. The gold standard puts severe limits on the government's ability to spend, borrow, and create hair-brained programs. The government is forced to raise revenue through taxation, rather than inflation, a task not so easily achieved. Without a gold standard, the government is free to conspire with the Fed to print money without limit. Under the gold standard, the supply of money regulates itself. What the government and the Fed are doing now is creating the spread of mass misery for most people in the U.S., people they were mandated to serve.

Can the gold standard be reinstituted? Certainly it can. The dollar can be redefined in terms of gold. Interest rates can reflect the real laws of supply and demand. The doors of the Fed can be permanently shuttered and no one would miss it except for the few who benefited from its policies. What would motivate us to do this? We would have to be willing to renounce our enslavement. We would have to fall in love with freedom again.

What we can do

The outcry for the abolition of the Federal Reserve is growing louder. Commodities investor par excellance Jim Rogers is calling for the Fed to be abolished to save the world from massive inflation. TV host Glenn Beck is criticizing the Fed for its role in the current financial debacle. According to Beck, "When everyone was meeting with our Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson, I thought to myself: 'Who the hell is representing the American people?'"

Wall Street Journal financial editor Steven Moore is asking, "Who elected Ben Bernanke? Who Elected Alan Greenspan?"

The time is right. People have had enough. Now is the time for Americans to come out of their debt induced comas and start calling their congressmen and women, asking them to support Paul's bill to abolish the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is as deadly to the future of Americans as the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. There can be no end to these manufactured financial crises until the Fed's rule is replaced by an honest, debt-free money policy.

See Mike Adam's wonderful article about the threat posed to you by the Federal Reserve. It contains a listing of the members of Congress if you need to find out who your representatives are. Call them, email them and write them that you are vehemently opposed to the continuation of the Federal Reserve. Tell them you support the passage of House Resolution 2755.



Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deconstructing The Power of the Global Elite: Brute Force, The Power to Hurt, and Psychological Control

In the aftermath of Congressional approval of bailout legislation granting sweeping powers to the financial elite, the body politic appears to be helplessly mired in the relentless unfolding of classical fascism before its very eyes.

Coming to terms with this terrifying predicament can benefit from a primer that renders naked the forms of raw power used by the global elite in advancing its agenda for full spectrum dominance. This will enable us to determine if we are in fact helpless and to use care and deliberation in finding the means to take our power back.

In his seminal book Arms and Influence, Thomas C. Schelling addresses the comparative efficacy of brute force and the power to hurt in influencing or controlling others.1 A classic example is the application of American power to achieve the unconditional surrender of Japan in World War II: continuing to use brute force to overcome Japanese military forces and occupy Japan (as the Allied Forces had done in Germany) was deemed far more cumbersome than terrorizing the Japanese through the use of atomic bombs against two civilian targets. This use of the power to hurt, with the implicit threat of its further use on a wider basis, got virtually immediate results.

The application of these two sources of power by the power elite is not hard to find. With respect to brute force, it is no secret that the US military has been training and arming state and local law enforcement across the country, including supplying some of the same weaponry used in a war zone against an external opponent. Even more alarming, the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team Unit, fresh from action in Iraq and having access to both lethal and non-lethal weapons, including tanks, has recently been assigned to a 12 month tour of duty for domestic security operations.2

Regarding the power to hurt, as the populace witnesses the official acceptance of torture, as well as the increasing brutalization of ordinary citizens (e.g., the use of taser guns to inflict massive electrical shock and even death), it inevitably adopts a mode of self-protective retrenchment or "self-censoring."

In a pervasive climate of fear, protest and dissidence become less and less likely, and the march to a full-blown police state is thereby facilitated. Among the most blatant applications of the power to hurt, used as a form of terrorist manipulation, have been the elite’s obscene threats of a massive depression and nationwide martial law in the service of its bailout legislation.

But in addition to brute force and the power to hurt, the elite uses another form of power that is chilling in its efficacy: sophisticated techniques for controlling information and, more generally, for controlling the perceptions and behavior of the populace through mental and emotional manipulation of the very reality it experiences.

Elite control of the media extends beyond manipulating the news that the public receives to molding public opinion and behavior by means of media advertising and entertainment. Examples range from sponsorship of the TV show 24, which attempts to legitimize "enhanced interrogation techniques" (the sanitized phrase for torture), to manipulative TV commercials showing stars cheerfully accepting personal identification technology that smacks of Big Brother. The elite cabal exploits its control over media and entertainment to keep the public misled, distracted and ultimately imprisoned in a matrix of disinformation, rampant consumerism and the lowest common denominators of human nature, including raw violence and mindless sexuality.

In a renowned speech given in Berkeley in 1962, British writer Aldous Huxley contrasted his dystopic novel Brave New World with George Orwell’s novel 1984, written just after the collapse of the Hitlerian terror regime and while the Stalinist terror regime was still in full swing.3 In Huxley’s view, 1984 was "a projection into the future of a society where control was exercised wholly by terrorism and violent attacks upon the mind-body of individuals," whereas his own novel addressed "other methods of control…probably a good deal more efficient."

"We are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy…to get people to love their servitude….There seems to be a general movement in the direction of this kind of…a method of control by which a people can be made to enjoy a state of affairs by which any decent standard they ought not to enjoy."

Huxley’s concerns about the newly available non-terrorist techniques for "inducing people to love their servitude" were echoed by Nobel Prize winner Bertand Russell, who predicted that as a result of the gradual and ruthless use of technological advances, "a revolt of the plebs would be as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."4

A powerful form of psychological control used by the global elite is to induce widespread depression stemming from a feeling of futility or helplessness. This brings to mind the famous quote from Thoreau that most humans live "lives of quiet desperation," which he elaborated on by stating that "what is called resignation is confirmed desperation." It also brings to mind the concept in clinical psychology known as ‘learned helplessness’.

The phenomenon of learned helplessness was discovered through psychological experiments in 1967 by Martin Seligman and Steve Maier. A group of harnessed dogs was given painful electric shocks, which they could end by pressing a lever. Another group received shocks of identical intensity and duration without a means to stop them. The dogs who could stop the pain recovered from the experience quickly, but those who could not learned that they were helpless and exhibited symptoms similar to chronic clinical depression: when they were put in a shuttle-box apparatus in which they could escape electric shocks by jumping over a low partition, most of the dogs just lay down passively and whined rather than trying to escape the shocks.5

Another powerful from of elitist mind control is to create dependency on authority figures through "shock and awe" techniques. In her brilliant work on the "shock doctrine" of disaster Capitalism, Naomi Klein argues that it is the knowledge of human nature gained through the application of torture techniques by intelligence agencies that has infused the broader mind control strategies of the disaster capitalists.6

In the CIA’s basic interrogation manual declassified in 1963, for example, a window of opportunity is highlighted in which torture reduces its victim to a state of traumatized disorientation and childlike regression, creating an opening for the interrogator to be transformed into a protective father figure. This is one of the classic tactics of tyrants across the planet. In the view of Klein and others, it was used after the shock of 9/11 to create a national lens of perception within the overall control matrix, a kind of template to be used by the mind to reflexively process all relevant concepts in terms of the ‘war on terror’.

Klein sees the solution as contained in the problem: as we gain awareness of the same pattern playing out again and again, we can become prepared for the next shock and its exploitation by disaster Capitalists:

"If we understand how our states of shock are exploited, if we can recognize the signs, then the next time there is a crisis (and it can be an economic crisis)…then when the next shock hits we can prepare."

"I have a quote…from Milton Friedman, who says that only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change, and…when the crisis hits, the change depends on the ideas that are lying around. So it’s not just about recognizing a pattern; it’s also about having your [reformist] ideas lying around when the next shock hits." 7

Despite the apparent setback of the new bailout legislation, I share Klein’s confidence in our ability to overturn the psychological impairments resulting from shock and awe tactics. More generally, I am optimistic about reversing the spectrum of impairments grouped here under the rubric of psychological control. Even cases of severe mental disorders induced by the horrific CIA mind control program known an MK Ultra have been healed, in a benevolent use of a technique known as reverse engineering.

As a practitioner in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), I have become personally familiar with extraordinary new techniques for healing previously intractable syndromes such as learned helplessness and war-induced post-traumatic stress disorder.

As an educator who has worked with children and adults with cognitive disabilities, I have seen next to miraculous results from the innovative methods now available.

And, finally, as a human being who reveres the human spirit and its perennial indomitability, I refuse to believe that a small cabal of beings solely in service to self will ever be able to take over the minds and souls of mankind.

As our best minds address the hair raising elitist victory represented by the bailout legislation, I encourage their deconstructing just how this criminality managed to succeed by tracing its origins in history in terms of the threefold model of power given in this article. In my own view, the current crisis is a crisis in the Chinese sense of the term, i.e., an opportunity in disguise. Because the crisis is rightly perceived as a conflict between Wall Street and Main Street, as an incongruence between the actions of government and the political will and best interest of its constituents, and more generally as a power grab by authoritarian capitalism that is in full daylight for all to examine, it is an opportunity like no other for educating the populace. It is an opportunity like no other to awaken and educate the people so they are no longer sitting ducks for the three forms of power delineated in this article. Especially the third: history abounds with examples of how the first two forms of power lose their hold, indeed in many cases back off, when confronted with a people who value the quality of life over life on any terms, a people who will go to any lengths to protect their basic rights as human beings.

It is that spirit that infused the birth and early life of our Republic. I am betting that it is still alive and well in America.



Mass Fraud Fears In US Election

US election officials believe they have uncovered massive attempted voter fraud less than a month before the country goes to the polls to choose its new president.

Ballot box

Eleven separate investigations have now been launched into a voter registration group called the Association of Community Organisations for Reform – or Acorn.

The authorities believe they may have duplicated voter forms, employed convicts to register people and even stolen the names of the American football team the Dallas Cowboys in order to create fake voters.

The suspicions started when authorities in Las Vegas raided the organisation's offices, removing eight computer hard drives and several boxes of documents.

Acorn called the raid "a stunt that serves no useful purpose other than discredit our work".

They suggested the investigations into them were politically motivated.

But the concerns about dodgy election papers started to spread to other states.

Authorities in Indiana said they had concerns about roughly a thousand voters registered by the group there.

And Fox News reporters in the state of Missouri found 10 registration documents with the same name and signature.

Acorn has registered up to 1.3 million voters across the US so far.

Dallas Cowboys
It's claimed the Dallas Cowboys were signed up without their knowledge

They have offices in 41 states and Washington DC and focus on low income, African American and Latino communities.

They claim to be a politically neutral organisation but many commentators describe them as left wing.

And their workers have been found guilty of voter fraud in the past.

Last year five Acorn employees were sent to prison in Washington State after they went into the Seattle public library and used records to create 1,800 fake registration documents.

Before the raid in Las Vegas, lawyers acting for the state authorities tracked down former Acorn workers.

They found the group had employed 59 convicts from Nevada prisons who were supposed to be supervised and banned from using the phone or the internet.

One former prisoner named Jason Anderson described many of them as "lazy crack-heads who were not interested in working and just wanted the money".

He went on to say they were required to sign up 20 people to vote each day – but couldn't meet the quota – so they started to ask people in the street to fill out several applications.

In a bizarre twist to the tale, the lawyer who uncovered the evidence – Colin Haynes - is a British citizen and a former London policeman who worked as a detective for 11 years.

The Nevada Secretary of State’s department confirmed his past, telling Sky News: "Yep he's a Brit, he's one of our best."

In the town of Independence, Missouri, there was more evidence of dodgy election papers.

Fox news correspondent Eric Shawn obtained 10 voter registration papers filled out in the name of one person – Monica Ray.

He said: "She has three birthdays and four social security numbers."

And he warned the investigation would become even more serious, adding: "The voter registration forms here that are suspect, will be going to the FBI by the end of the week."

The concern over possible voter fraud may re-ignite the debate about voters being forced to bring identification to the polls.

Civil liberties groups have claimed in the past that such a rule would disadvantage poor and minority voters.

However, former Missouri Senator John Danforth offered a lighter side to the affair.

He explained that voter fraud had been a problem in his state before – but struggled to keep a straight face when he told how a dog had been signed up to vote in the presidential elections four years ago.



Obama Sheeple Cheer Police Violation Of Free Speech

Police kicked protester Benjamin Harms off Belmont University campus this week before the presidential debate for the crime of “trespassing” as hundreds of mindless Obama supporters cheered the outright violation of free speech.

The protagonist’s attempts to succinctly explain the banker bailout scam - which Barack Obama has fully supported - in clear and concise terms was met with the mindless bleating of “Obama, Obama, Obama” - perfectly underscoring the vacuum of Obama’s empty platitudes of “change” and the deluded idolatry of his supporters.

“Obama and McCain are the same,” chanted another demonstrator as police and security thugs moved in to ensure that anyone that dared use their freedom of speech to communicate a real message was hastily ejected, while the Obama cult members were left completely alone to continue their pointless rhetoric.

“Kick him out, kick him out,” chanted the Obama-ites as the group tried to explain to the police the meaning of the first amendment.

“I am now being escorted away by police from the scene because I don’t have a right to free speech,” said Harms, to which the Obama crowd responded with whoops, cries and hollers of “yeeeeahhhh” in celebration of the fact that cops were crushing the first amendment.

“I have a right to speak my mind just like all of you do,” added Harms.

“They don’t like what I’m saying so I’m being escorted by the police off of the campus.”

Police threatened to arrest Harms and refused to tell him where the property line of the campus was. They were also unable to tell him why the use of a bullhorn was illegal, enforcing a claimed law of which they had no knowledge.

Watch the clip below.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bankers Want World Economic Government To Solve Financial Crisis They Created

Peter Mandelson
Bilderberg member and recently appointed UK Business Secretary Peter Mandelson.

The world’s central bankers are gathering this week at the IMF-World Bank conference in Washington DC and are expected to grease the skids for the creation of a machinery of world economic governance under the pretext of preventing a repeat of the financial crisis, a global economic policeman to patrol a de-facto financial dictatorship.

Bilderberg member and recently appointed UK Business Secretary Peter Mandelson (pictured above) argued last week that new global solutions are needed because “the machinery of global economic governance barely exists”, adding: “It is time for a Bretton Woods for this century,” reports the Telegraph, noting that “Opinion is now hardening around the case for a new global architecture to enforce rules that ensure lessons are learnt.”

This followed the proposal to create a new EU body to regulate banks across the entire European financial market.

Top EU officials, including economy commissioner Joaquin Almunia, have stated that the EU should have greater powers to regulate and intervene in the operations of financial institutions across Europe.

Influential media giants like the Wall Street Journal are pushing a “new world order” to solve the crisis, while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a “a new global financial order” to supersede the institutions created after World War II.

The elite are up to their old tricks again, after all, a leopard never changes its spots.

They created the problem of wildly irresponsible fractional reserve banking, the debt bubble and the credit crunch by ceaselessly inflating the money supply and now they are going to offer their solution to the crisis - the further centralization of global economic power into fewer hands.

Appointing the former CEO of Goldman Sachs to oversee the bailout and ensure the bankers divvy up the spoils of the greatest stick-up heist in history amongst themselves was not enough for these fascists - they want to go full board and exploit the crisis they caused to advance the stuttering agenda for world government that has been in the works for the best part of 100 years at least.



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