Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surveillance Cameras Installed at the Georgia Guidestones

When I stopped by the Georgia Guidestones on Monday June 7th 2010 I noticed signs and surveillance cameras had been installed at the Georgia Guidestones. This is probably due to numerous acts of vandalism on the Guidestones. Americans don’t like the fact there’s a big stone monument on American soil that promotes eugenics, one world religion and language, and an overall reduction of humanity down to 500,000,000.

In this photo facing the south you can see one to the southwest with a warning sign.

you can see the stones do promote killing off over 80% of the human population. This photo is just my response to the Ted Turner style eugenics these stones promote.

In this photo facing the south you can see one to the southwest with a warning sign.

To learn more about the elites plan to kill off over 80% check out:



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