Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dick Cheney backs Rand Paul’s NeoCon opponent in Kentucky

On Trey Grayson’s campaign site today is a quote from former Vice President Dick Cheney:

“I’m a lifelong conservative, and I can tell the real thing when I see it. I
have looked at the records of both candidates in the race, and it is clear to me
that Trey Grayson is right on the issues that matter – both on fiscal
responsibility and on national security.”
Indeed, Cheney– the man who helped construct the lies that sold the Iraq War, who endorses perpetual conflict and endless spending in order to maintain over 700 military bases overseas, and who still delusionally calls himself a “conservative”– came out in support of Trey Grayson, one of Rand Paul’s primary opponents.

As odd as it might seem that in modern America Dick Cheney, (or anyone from the Bush administration), might still have any credibility left to anyone after the ruinous legacy that they left behind, the Grayson campaign has proudly seized the endorsement, attempting to paint Rand Paul as weak on terrorism in the same way that the Neocon establishment tried to do to his father during the 2008 presidential election.

Last week Grayson’s campaign released an ad that stated:

“Paul thinks it’s not a problem if Iran has a nuclear bomb”

Nine years after 9/11, candidates are still exploiting fear for their own political gain, painting non-interventionism as isolationism and pushing the debunked myth that Iran is close to developing a nuclear bomb when our own CIA said that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program back in 2003.

During his term as Vice President, Cheney ”ordered“ the media to “sell” a war with Iran to the American people, believing it needed only 35-40 percent of public support to do so. Even under the Obama administration the drumbeat to attack Iran has continued. Afraid that the American right might realize once again that the concept of pre-emptive war is not a conservative one, Cheney has thrown himself back into the picture, attempting to steer voters towards candidates who will continue the American pursuit of empire in the Middle East and Eurasia, and create new wars for his cronies to profit from.


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