Monday, July 13, 2009

Churches, Cops Team Up for “Gun Surrender”

Churches United gun surrender nets six firearms

The third gun surrender event held in conjunction between Churches United for Service and the Lynchburg Police Department exceeded the expectations of organizers Saturday afternoon.

Citizens surrendered six firearms and a pellet gun Saturday, said the Rev. James Coleman, of Churches United for Service, which more than doubled the amount of guns turned in previously.

Coleman said he estimated about 100 people turned out for the event, held at the James Crossing Apartments — a change from the group’s usual Miller Park location.

“The difference today is that we launched a neighborhood initiative,” he said.

The initiative, he explained, will be a Churches United for Service-led effort to construct a pavilion where residents can hold gatherings and events.

In attendance at Saturday’s event, among other city leaders and police personnel, were Virginia Del. Shannon Valentine, D-Lynchburg, and Lynchburg Vice Mayor Bert Dodson.



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