Friday, November 14, 2008

Real Estate seminar: Become a New World Order agent

Real Estate marketers pitch a seminar for online salesmanship, drawing upon the concepts for a New World Order– also currently a popular practice with world leaders amidst economic turmoil.

A seminar program is now challenging the real estate agent of the future to become an ‘agent of the New World Order.’

This mindless slogan is only a buzzword, of course. But surely those working in the wiped out housing market can see the power behind the promised ‘new financial world order,’ and its no surprise that its symbolism has trickled into the thinking of everyday salesmen.

Real Estate Radio pitches a program– promoting online real estate sales as a new emerging market, drawing upon New World Order terminology– and using images from popular new-age films like the Matrix, to usher in their sales persons into a new age of real estate.

Real Estate Radio points out that "New World Order" has been used to mark significant changes in history, and the current financial climate– widely compared to destructive forces of nature like tsunamis, hurricanes and tornados– certainly qualifies as a new era of real estate marketing.

"The term new world order has been used to refer to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power," the seminar pitch puts forward.

Indeed, this is a period our world leaders tell us we are now facing– realignment of world powers in finance, politics, war and culture.

However, it is certainly doubtful that this organization has any real insider knowledge– rather those at the top who issue and control credit, the money supply and prey upon carefully manipulated economic policies to collect assets and ruin the general people are the ones who can steer the power of a new financial order.

"In the New World Order merely winning isn’t enough– competitive domination is the new objective," the website reads.

This is true enough– when consolidation of all real market power is in the hands of a few elite, the domination of all potential competition is certainly taking hold.

Such a predatory system may even enjoy a certain chic as entire markets stand to fall to the ground, and those in control of the New World Order will certainly appear powerful as they rebuild the world system on their terms. Now here’s a cultural reference to make working class people think its rulers are "cool."

That is, generally speaking, why illuminati symbolism is spread throughout society– with icons and logos dominating our societal thinking.

With the real estate market the iconic first to fall in the current economic crisis, it is no surprise to see figures in that niche using the symbols of the New World Order dominance as a symbol of their own power.

"Your competitors will fear you. They will be shaking in their boots as you learn to DOMINATE them regardless of your experience level."

All it takes is a little image control. The MSM media worldwide are now hailing the first ‘truly global’ leader Obama, while European figures like Gordon Brown, EU commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso, German Prime Minister Merkel, and Secretary of State Rice are all signalling a new financial order, and a true New World Order. With Western nations all falling into financial turmoil, the world is perhaps finally unable to resist this new order.

Is the New World Order ready for the mainstream? It is certainly in position for massive financial consolidation and economic crunch; and massive policy decisions, from Treasury Secretary Paulson to the Federal Reserve and beyond, are moving swiftly through. Those are the real agents of the New World Order.



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